Retiree finds great job at ProAct serving people with disabilities

When I did my interview, they asked me if
I’d ever worked with anybody with disabilities before. And, I said, being a sheetmetal worker for
40 years, I saw it all. [laughs]
And, the clients here are much more relaxed. When I retired, I just wanted something close
to home. I work here part-time, three days a week,
and it’s probably the best job I’ve ever had. You get to know them and everybody becomes
a family. When I was in the trades, you go in and guys
would say good morning to you and walk by. Here, you say good morning to somebody and
the first thing they ask you is, How are you today? And, you can give them the long story or you
can give them the short, but they’ll listen to the whole thing. I’ve learned to do it the opposite way. If somebody comes in and they’re down in the
morning, you try to figure out, what’s going on, what do you need? And, then usually I’ll tell them kind of a
little story, and then we get into the day. And it works out really well. I really do, I love this job. They’ve made me feel at home since the day
I walked in here. The flexibility is excellent. After all that stress, this is just like going
on vacation every day to me. And, I enjoy it. [guitar music]

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