Reverse Disease with Starches and Carbs, Dr. John McDougall MD

all right everyone what's up it's Chris from Chris beat cancer and today my guest is dr. John McDougall MD and dr. mcdougal some of you know I'm some of you don't I'm really excited for those of you who don't know dr. mcdougal because I am a huge fan of him and his work and he has a long career of helping people get well with nutrition and so dr. mcdougal thank you for doing this well good it's nice to be exposed to a new audience fresh audience and hopefully many people the word diet and health do go together well I know for a lot of people they don't I'm a board certified internist I medical doctor in other words I'm not a holistic doctor I'm not a alternative medicine doctor I'm a regular just standard practicing doctor who about 40 years ago lost faith in medicine as a young doctor because my patients weren't getting well and I had the great opportunity to discover that food had something very important to do with nutrition and that was that was when I was a sugar plantation doctor back in about 1973 to 1976 I worked on the Big Island of Hawaii and I took care of first second third and fourth generation sugar plantation workers growing sugar and my first generation were very healthy they were trimmed didn't have prostate colon breast cancer they didn't have rheumatoid arthritis they had no heart disease none of them were overweight and they typically worked into their 80s and 90s now this first generation population was unique in the sense that they learned their eating habits from their native land like the Philippines Japan China Korea and they learnt he rice and vegetables and very little meat and no dairy in their diet low fat diet and then they moved to Hawaii to the Big Island married had families and their kids they got to the Western ways they went to Texas drive-in and in 1974 they started going to McDonald's and Hilo Hawaii and they got a little fatter and sicker and then the third-generation who I had a chance to take care of also became as fat and sick as anybody else so it became apparent to me as a young doctor that food had something to do with health well it's amazing to me that you made such a big transition in your practice because there must have been so many doctors like you that we're seeing these problems in their patients and drawing the same conclusions I don't think so and never changed no I don't think I don't think you know it's the kind of thing where unless you your eyes are open you can't see fortunately my eyes had been opened about in 1971 in December when I met a man named dr. Denis Burkitt yeah yeah so he opened my eyes Denis Burkitt was a surgeon from Edinburgh Scotland who traveled to Africa to Uganda Africa after his medical training and he started practicing in Uganda and soon became the head of ministries of health of Uganda Africa took care of ten million people for 17 years and what he told me at a new time conference is he saw no appendicitis no obesity no colon cancer no arthritis no multiple sclerosis and he told me is the young senior medical student this and that's really where my eyes were opened so my eyes kind of had to be open for me to see the plantation experience and yeah I think every doctor around the world can still see what I just talked about I mean that you don't even have to be a doctor just be a general a person who you watch TV and you see that people in Asia used to be all trim now they're getting fatter and sicker and the same thing with Central America and South America you know some people are old enough and certainly your parents are old enough to remember when there are no fat people living in Mexico now Mexico is the fattest city Mexico City in the world so I think everybody sees yeah I don't know how you miss what has happened in the world in the last thirty five years in terms of the number of people who look like kings and queens they see it but they they their eyes aren't open so they really don't see it and I was a unique doctor on the Big Island even though it was present for everybody to observe and made an impact on me and then after three years of delivering babies and doing brain surgery and everything else at general doctor in that area the world had to do I went back into training and I to become an internist and what I saw because my training facility is right next to the Hawaii medical library as I saw that there were thousands of articles that had been published on the cause of common diseases due to the Western diet and also on the treatment of our common diseases with a diet that's based on starch with fruits and vegetables there's a one of my mentors who I never met as a guy named Walter camera from Duke University who did the rice diet and every pretty much everything that I know he published when I by the time I was seven years old so you know the material has been there it's just a collecting dust on library shelves because it's of no value and that's the problem still today medical schools do not teach a thing about nutrition human nutrition typed up in 2011 I I was the force behind sp3 80 which is California law signed by Governor Jerry Brown which forces doctors to learn about human nutrition yet they still break the law I was like a good thing anyway III was uh my eyes were opened and by pretty much by 1977 I I knew everything I know today started practicing medicine as a typical doctor and I had to put shoes on the kids so I did some standard medicine for a while but then I got freedom from that and about about 1985 I was able to do nothing but take care of people with a dietary approach did a live in clinic and in California started in 1986 and then starting in 2002 I set up my own clinic here in Santa Rosa so I that's well you know pretty much what I do I take fat sick people who get fat sick from eating meat and oil and I put them on starches vegetables and fruits take them off their drugs and they get well most of time yeah now there's so many directions I want to go here but let me touch on one thing so rice so I was in Cambodia last year and someone tried to tell me that rice was the reason that disease rates were growing in Cambodia and you've probably heard this before I know you have and so what's your response when someone says something like that well it's contrary to the data I people eat less rice in Cambodia China lead more mean all you have to do is look at the food distribution data throughout Asia in the last twenty or thirty five years in Asian countries the amount of meat and dairy is doubled the amount of vegetable oil has doubled the amount of rice rice consumed is down so they can say whatever they want but it doesn't fit with with what the data is just like you know they have the second highest number of Tesla supercharger stations as in China you know for Tesla cars mm-hmm these people are very rich and they have taken their wealth they bought beautiful homes and beautiful cars and fast food restaurants and steaks and meals that cost thousands of dollars in the owning this is just nonsense the reason people become fat and sick in Cambodia and China and Japan and Mexico and you know every place in the world is because of fossil fuel the technology revolution that's taken place over the last hundred years that have been able to bring the richest foods known to humankind to almost every individual walking on the planet that's why people are sick once upon a time only a few people ate like kings and queens and they were fat and had the gout now even if you're on welfare even if you're in Cambodia and all you make us a few dollars you save them up to go to McDonald's you know this is no mystery folks and if you take people who are fat and sick from eating rich food you put them back on the normal natural human diet which is the diet of starch rice potatoes corn beans breads you know bread is the staff of life the Middle East which we're watching every night on TV Egypt Iran Iraq and that's the breadbasket of the world now the you say in China when you say hello you say have you had your rice today that's the good morning greedy rice is synonymous with food I mean I anybody who says makes a statement like that is uh they're just ignorant of everything everything they see all the statistics why anybody would say that I don't know it's same reason people say potatoes are fattening and they continue to get fat sick and potatoes okay an ideal food well you know it must be frustrating to see how much momentum the low-carb movement has gained and made where people are eating more meat than ever more fats and oils than ever and in demonize includes and starches well is you know and I've heard you talk about these things but what do you think's behind that ah let's see you know there's a lot of money behind it industry people like to hear good news about their bad habits so somebody tells them it's good to be bacon and I think the media is very much at fault because they will say anything to grab a headline so if somebody can put out a headline the New York Times The Wall Street Journal it says new studies new books says that all the past experts were wrong you're not supposed to be eating grains and potatoes you're supposed to be eating bacon butter and Brie so Time magazine and other newspapers are very guilty of doing anything to grab headlines I've seen it happen I've been around for 40 years I went through the time when Robert Atkins was king he recommended bacon butter and Brie and his his foundation continues they've apologized for this very very very dangerous diet is still dangerous by adding some non starchy green yellow vegetables that's somehow supposed to compensate for all the saturated fat and ecoli and you know DDT and other chemicals and garbage and senate but you know i want i want to get back to your statement of frustration the low-carb errs in addition to be wrong about health they're taking a stand that's destroying planet Earth now that's the thing that bothers me most even if they're right you know and there's always a little bit of truth to everything if you eat a diet without carbohydrate a diet that has virtually no sugar in it you go into ketosis you get sick that's it's a condition of illness and when you get sick you lose your appetite you lose weight and that's how these ketone producing diets work so you can lose some weight and as a result you're type 2 diabetes can get better your cholesterol and bad cholesterol go up you have horrible constipation you're terrible bad breath this is all published and without any question but you can fudge the figures enough and set your experiment up enough enough to well enough if you got the money to show pretty much that a low-carb diet causes you to lose weight and maybe improves the diabetes a little bit so even if they were right that it had a health benefit the impact on the animal rights issues of factory farming you know it is a horrible impact on things that every one of us who watches TV knows is wrong and the impact on the earth is just inexcusable in fact when these low-carb errs agree to talk with me or any other person in my camp part of the agreement and I won't agree to it but part of the agreement that other speakers have had to make is that the environment and the issues of animal animal abuse whatever you want to call it the horrible things done to animals it's a pre agreement that what that will not come up in its discussion because how could anybody buddy justify what's going on with the production of livestock when the production of livestock accounts for at least half the greenhouse gases immoral erosion problems throughout planet Earth it is it is the major polluter on this planet so when somebody recommends this kind of diet low carb diet they've lost their moral compass these people are you know I don't know how they can go to bed at night sleep at night in addition to the terrible harm they do to individuals who follow the diet the terrible harm they do to the planet and all of its creatures I just don't know how they can do it and if some soldier to do it lost their moral compass can you talk about how diets causes cancer hottest diet cost cants you know that's a something I've been studying for 40 years and I don't have the answer there's guy not some ideas some ideas this guy I wouldn't go back to Otto Warburg who did studies in Germany in the 30s that made normal cells anaerobic and they by depriving them of oxygen and they turned into cancer and I they got a Warburg so thoughts are good there are a lot of chemicals out there in the environment which damage our DNA and that's probably a major issue in terms of turning cells into cancer and then you know you got to initiate the cancer by chemicals I would have to guess chemicals are probably the main initiator and then once you have the cancer initiated then it needs to be promoted and there are lots of things that promote cancer there are components of food I'll tell you the answer the whole diet promotes it but scientists they're reductionists and they like to figure out what every little detail is as far as what's causing cancer we know that fat and especially vegetable fat promotes the growth of cancer in animals cholesterol acts as a co carcinogen dietary fibers have an anti-cancer effect there are some vitamins that have anti-cancer effects and minerals and certain doses but in other doses there are some minerals that have cancer promoting effects so to micro analyze the diet say it's this particular part of the diet or it's only radiation or viruses viruses by the way also cause cancer we know that and most and those viruses lurking in meat and dairy I'm not going to tell you most of it they're in meat and dairy or bovine leukemia virus and your bovine immune deficiency viruses and many types of cancer viruses are in these animal foods so as far as micro analyzing it and say which component of the rich Western diet is most dominant in initiating and promoting cancer I couldn't say but I'm pretty sure I know where it comes from I'm pretty sure I know where colon cancer comes from it's from things you put in your colon and I'm pretty sure I know where lung cancer comes from from things you smoke but it's a little more complex than that and I think anybody wanting to prevent cancer major cancers there's some obvious things to do one would be cigarette smoking another would be not to get too much radiation from any source but the food is everything you know it's everything it's it's your major contact with the world around you so I would focus on a good diet to prevent common cancers even even a lung cancer it was study done one by one of my friends Ernst winds dirt winter wi ND ER and he's been bribed dead for twenty years but he studied the rate of lung cancer in Japanese Japanese male sixty percent of them smoked at that time and he found that lung cancer in Japanese in Japan was one fourth as common as smokers in the US and he said the reason is you take this tube of poisonous stuff and you suck in your lungs if you eat an unhealthy diet like the American diet you can't defend and repair as efficiently as you should be able to and so the noxious effects the toxic effects the irritating effects of the tobacco become very dominant because of the rich Western high fat low plant food diet whereas in the Japanese when they perform the same behavior on their very low fat high starch rice based vegetable heavy diet their bodies are able to defend and repair damage from the cigarette smoke as well so diet affects all kinds of cancers is published study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in the 90s show that skin cancer rates and people who got sun exposure vary greatly on a low-fat diet yet half to six as many skin cancer to recurrence of pre skin cancers and so it even diet effect you know skin and lung cancer that you wouldn't think were related to diet and you know a a cause for both of those but diet still influences those cancers not only in the cause but the promotion and so this is a big message for all of us who want to prevent cancer but you know some people already have cancer in my February 2015 newsletter I wrote a whole article about the dietary treatment of cancer and I wrote it with two two bookends so to speak I published the first study in 1984 on the dietary treatment of breast cancer and that study is available in my February 2015 newsletter and with dr. Ruth Heydrich a part of that study she was she was one of my patients and go she's alive and well today and I see her quite often she was 48 when she got her breast cancer and I think she's 82 now right now and um you've seen she was not an anomaly correct you've seen other people I've seen others she actually from cancer with diet changes correct I have and it's been published in the scientific literature and you'll see those publications in my February 2015 newsletter I'll link to it yeah well you know that was all good and well that I published this small study in a very obscure Journal and I got no attention except for maybe behind my back I don't know what the heck I laughed but it kind of sat there and then there are a few other pieces that appeared along the way that quite a few other others and and the the information got to the point where February 13th 2015 the American Cancer Society came out and officially recommended that people who have cancer of the breast colon prostate melanoma etc already have cancer need to change to the kind of diet I recommend to increase survival to increase survival the American Cancer Society says on an organization called up to date which many doctors look to for a synthesis of correct advice that same February of 2015 came out with an official recommendation the patients with cancer should be of eyes to eat a low-fat plant food based diet it's general recommendation fact I would consider it malpractice it is malpractice you don't have to just consider its malpractice for a patient with any patient to go to the doctor not be advised correctly on diet but particularly somebody who has a dietary cause cancer like breast prostate and colon maybe it you know I be like it'd be like going to a doctor with say a breast cancer and you believe that you should remove the lump and I do believe you should remove the lump it's like a person going to a doctor with breast cancer this big tumor in the doctor forgetting to recommend any standard therapies the doctor patient walks out to the family well what the doctor recommend the patient says nothing and then they call the lawyer what the doctor recommend patients tells the lawyer nothing but the lawyer says that's malpractice we'll sue that bugger for millions of dollars well it's the same thing about not telling the patient they should change their diet you know you go into with heart disease or breast cancer type 2 diabetes or whatever and the doctor doesn't stand up on top of his or her desk and jump up and down say you know kid you need to change your diet because it's going to be the major factor in your cancer and your heart disease an item it's just it's just blatant malpractice it goes on and and so far the doctors in the hospital's been able to get away with it maybe their lawyers are richer than otherwise we can't pay it perhaps now you know I've talked to a lot of giving hundreds of cancer patients you've talked to many more than me but it's very common for them to tell me that their doctors told them to go home and we eat whatever they want so it'll be interesting to see how much of these recommendations actually make their way into practicing practices but unless unless there are a few lawsuits national headlines I don't think it will change and doctors know nothing about nutrition even after the law that I you know actually I wrote do it even after the law SB 380 in California nothing has changed and nothing changes unless it's a legal issue or a financial issue and neither one has come up here's a loaded question do standard treatments cure or cancer some do some do it you know you have to define the word cure they used to say cures five years I would say cure good definitions you let definition is you live as long as you would expect to be to live ah I think so I think we have some treatments that are very effective for leukemias and lymphomas and you remember Lance Armstrong remember testicular cancer and I think he was cured for all senses of the word I think is some childhood cancers that are cured and then you have the situation with say breast colon and prostate cancer at a very very rare situation where it's a cancer that's going to spread that hasn't you just hit that time window where you caught it that doesn't happen very often like extremely rare but I suppose you could say you cured that person but in the process you made millions of others with your treatments and on the prostate colon or breast it has either spread to the rest of the body or it's not the kind of cancer this spreads or if it does spread it spread so slowly you die of something else first like when it comes to prostate cancer over the age of 70 100 percent of men have prostate cancer over the age of 50 probably half had prostate cancer yet only about 3% you ever see in a man's lifetime unless you go looking for it you know you do PSA tests or digital rectal exams and biopsies then you find it you and then you find the cancer but if you don't look for it most men die with prostate cancer not of it same thing with women you I could make the argument that 40% of women on the Western diet in their fourth decade of life have breast cancer all the way from very early stages to Frank breast cancer 40 percent in their 40s you know all that doesn't manifest into disease same thing with colon cancer there are a lot of colon cancers out there that people die with not of so do our present-day treatments of chemotherapy radiation and surge cured cancer it's pretty hard to see you look at the new cancer statistics that were published in December of 2015 excuse me mercy yeah December 2015 for the American Cancer Society you look at what's happened over the last 40 years in terms of survival from major cancers and men and women's virtually unchanged you know this Lisa hard fact cancer since the 1970s correct since 1975 yeah so it's probably December 2014 because we haven't made it to December 2015 yet 40 yes it was today yeah yeah very little progress right and I mean there's certainly statistics that say people are living longer you know but the overall death statistic is the same or Cal is the same living longer surviving just means you're living longer with knowing you're sick yeah early detection instead of finding the disease so you're feeling your breast instead of finding it in the shower three years before you died there's some meddling business out there and with it with doctors searching your breasts diddle diligently so they find tumors really really early so you die here if you find it in shower you die you know three years you find it three years before you died but if you're doing mammograms and biopsies and all kinds of tests you die here same day but they find it here so you've lived you know be loved seven years they improve your survival well and they really do have done is turned you into an cancer victim earlier for a longer time to sell you more treatments and have you suffer with knowledge longer you know it's etcetera that's what improves survival is where mammogram is useful for who they they're a billion dollar business on yeah they're useful they put kids they but shoes on my friends kids they do terrible harm I recommend against mammograms as a screening practice so does the Cochrane Collaboration which is the most respected organization in the world for making recommendations like this Cochran says no mammograms the US Preventive Services Task Force says mammograms and women over fifty after thorough discussion with the physician about the benefits and risks and the rest our overdiagnosis if you screen 2,000 women with mammograms you'll save one life in the process you diagnosed somewhere between five and fifty women with breast cancer that would have never known they had breast cancer that had never died of it so you turn somewhere between five and fifty women to cancer victims in the process of saving one life at the same time you've caused somewhere between 600 and thousand of the 2000 women to go through further testing and treatment because of this meddling so do mammograms save lives really do they do harm always should they be done no not as a screening technique neither should PSA digital rectal exam I recommend and I hope I'm doing more good than harm I recommend that the average person on the American diet get a Bal exam between the ages of 55 and 64 but this could be a stool test for blood or a new test called Cola guard for DNA changes occur in polyps and and colon cancer it could be a sigmoid any one or all three of those I think one exam to prove you don't have a precancerous polyps it would be a good thing you know I can change my mind but I recommend that now I do recommend against a colonoscopy far too dangerous for this information with a colonoscopy they took a take a 6 foot plus tube and then you Ram it up your button he's up 7% I'm with an anesthesia with sedation I've had it done yeah and 7 percent of people that have this exam with what biopsies have major commissaries complications and about 1,000 they have a perforation of their colon and about half of these people die so what you're doing is you're saving a life with colonoscopy at the same time you're killing about the same number of people and certainly harming a lot of them that's why I don't recommend colonoscopy if you accept colonoscopy what you're saying to yourself and your family is you're willing to risk your life today for the theoretical possibility that you won't die of colon cancer in 10 20 30 years that's a pretty major bet you know but especially when you think it's a similar information as valuable information by the three things I mentioned or equal length of testing yeah well fecal blood Cola guards not innovation that sigmoids are just two to four tube with with no anesthesia virtually no adverse effects that's really interesting I've just had yeah a few few colonoscopies in my day and you know thankful there were no complications oh you know that but given the choice I'd rather hat yeah would rather do any of those other tests yeah but it's not never seen a colonoscopy heard a doctor ever well I hear you if they're happy they're happy to give my I mean I get in arguments with gas neurologists all the time but see I know the science on this as well as they do and they know what I'm saying is true yet you know they got to put shoes on the kids let's be fair I understand yeah I understand that you know I was diagnosed at 26 with colon cancer young adult cancers are on the rise I've met what's that oh yes they are there's just a big article about young young adult colon cancers a big big rise in them and screening isn't recommended in this group Peter I know it's an it's a problem it's a problem because they're right it's something that's we might have to do something desperate like have people eat different yeah let's be radical well insurance doesn't cover it till you're in your 50s I think and I know people they're like man I just you know they know me and they're like shoot I want to get mine checked right so I'm gonna put links to these other tests you know for anyone listening or watching so they can look into that because I'm sure they're less expensive and for blood just a couple of dollars : guards out new and I think it runs about 600 okay still less than a colonoscopy yes and a sigmoid which if you can get a doctor to do it there I mean that's what I did is young doctor with us I actually have a rigid tube I do this all day long in my office that's what's part of my job to find a doctor to do a signal you have to put some work into it because they're all brain question 2 : Oz could be business and there's a good article I can't I don't have it at hand for you but just recently about all the young : cancers in the house increasing in people younger than 50 which is an age where screening is not recommended so what do you do do you screen everybody you start screening kids when they go to kindergarten now what you do I mean what a sensible government what a sensible healthcare system would do it sensible people would do is fix what's cold causing colon cancer it's a food it's what you put in your calling and we know how to prevent it it's very easy to prevent maybe nothing maybe not probably a hundred percent you could probably prevent it a hundred percent because there are parts of the world like I was telling you about Denis Burkitt which care the people in Uganda you never saw colon cancer and and and since 17 years taking care of 10 main people overseeing a thousand hospitals in Uganda they never saw a single case of colon cancer so it is a hundred percent preventable disease and it's the food and I know what kind of food causes colon cancer it's the animal foods and the vegetable oils and I know what to eat to not get colon cancer you eat starches rice corn potatoes whole grains better absolutely you'd some vegetables and some fruits and you stay away from the what I call food poisons the food poisons are the animal foods and that does include your little fishies it's the animal foods and uh and it's oil it's like corn oil safflower oil olive oil these are and horrible disease promoters so anybody looking to be well you're giving out links you could go to my website and see a section I did called doctor MacDougall's color picture book on food poisoning and how to cure it by eating beans corn potatoes sweet potatoes and rice and as a color picture book it's actually 66 pages of color pictures and it's in 22 languages now so people in Korea and Japan and Turkey and various parts of the world they can they can read it even though there's probably only about 300 words in it it's called doctor MacDougall's color picture book on food poisoning and the food poisons are animal foods you know just just you want to understand it's like if you said I don't want to get diseased from tobacco poisoning or alcohol poisoning well I would tell you don't smoke cigars and cigarettes and pipes you know this is what you don't do it you say well I don't want to die of poisoning from alcohol I said well here's a little gin bottle looks like you know this is a whiskey bottle that's what you don't do so you say well I don't want to die food poisoning which is hard to see these in breast cancer colon cancer inflammatory arthritis like rheumatoid arthritis obesity diabetes that's food place you see that everybody let's just look around you all your friends our relatives happen I don't want to die of food poisoning well I say well okay what you do is you just don't eat animal foods you know that means animals that flap wings and move fins and limbs and you don't need animal foods and you don't eat oil like corn oil or safflower oil or not you don't need any of those three oils that's not food that's it that's a best of medicine at worst the serious toxin so I just took everything away that all of your viewers eat though so they say well what do I got necessarily I have some healthy of the pretty healthy viewers but I think my generalization is pretty fair yeah so I just took away all the food that their friends eat right and so now they say well what do I eat well what you eat is what you love to you always love this what you gram ate your great-grandma eaten your all your forefathers ate it it's starch you eat oatmeal and pancakes and waffles and for breakfast and for lunch you have bean soup pea soup lentil soup you have a burger made of grains for dinner you have moo shu vegetables over rice you have pasta with a marinara sauce bean burritos last night boy marry my wife my wife and I uh been together for a long time 45 years she made this unbelievable bean soup he's great utilized by these fancy beans and got some tomatoes out of the garden and so we had extremely tasty bean soup and some bread last night for dinner well that's what you eat I mean that's your food the reason when I mentioned the foods to you beans and rice and sweet potatoes and broccoli would I mention them everybody listening is saying oh I like that food you know I like it's comfortable I like mashed potatoes Master Kaiser of course one of our favorite dishes I like that food well the reason you like that food is that your food you see that's your diet so you eat starch that's most your food that those are high calorie vegetable parts like grains and beans and roots and so on and you throw in some non starchy green yellow vegetables like broccoli and kale and lettuce and those are side dishes let me say that one more time real loud side dishes the main dish is starch and you eat a few fruits and that's and that's your diet and you keep a little salt and little sugar over the top use a little bit that's okay some your favorite spices that's okay for most people and you cut your food bill from like 40 60 80 percent you cut your dr. bill out completely in your drug bill pretty much drop that one too and you just we've just been kind to the planet yes you have and you made a whole bunch of animals happy issues you haven't simply the slaughterhouse I mean there is reason out there there is a uniformity if you start looking at things from this point of view everything makes sense your your your your wishes to save the planet your disgust with factory farming you know the the problem you have every time you walk down the meat aisle a Safeway or Whole Foods you find every time you walk down that aisle you you whiff and you see your look and you get sick by the time you get to the end of the aisle you're sick to your stomach you go why I need to rationalize this somehow why is this food this raw meat chicken and beef why is it making me sick well because it's supposed to make you sick it's not your food my cat out here in Einstein that's his food see I guess I got it this cat is great cat my last animal got this great cat what if I tell you I take a baked potato some throw it on the ground in front of them doesn't know what to do with it my cat wouldn't eat it either yeah but you know I hit this the same cat which is one of the things that troubles me about this cat is uh-oh three or four times a month he brings a dead mouse or a little dead bird to my back door the big smile on his face you know how proud he is to bring me he's bringing me dinner at has to try and tell them I say Einstein that's not my food you know so the problem is these animals that you're trying to eat aren't your food the only way they can get them to you to eat them is they have to cook them thoroughly not just boil them if you won't eat boiled beef or chicken and they won't do it it's disgusting not only do they have to cook it but they have to cover it with sugar and salt and spice and sometimes grind it up because it's too hard to chew and sell it to you as meat and they can't achieve the cheese unless they put heavy loads of salt in it so these aren't your natural foods you won't you don't even less the industry disguises enough for you to get them down now Einstein you don't need a salt that needs sugar on his his chicken wing yeah or his uh his little mousy brains he likes it just like it is hey right now hey just won't eat most those sweet potatoes I keep trying to get moment so I wanna ask you a fun question if you were on a desert island and you only had one food you had you know fresh clean water and you only had one food you could eat while you were stranded on this desert island what would it be it would be a some formal potato it would be you know I like white potatoes but sweet potatoes work just fine people can live have lived on potatoes water a lot of circumstance and that's all they had and they last you for decades in great health Hades have everything it's the anti scrutiny vegetable you run into problems with scurvy if you just eat grains and legumes so you have to add you know like the British were known as the linings you know they'd go out to sea in their boats and they're perishable vegetables that had seen them they would rot in a a few days but the grains and legumes they would continue to to be fairly fresh so they could be eaten as they went out to sea but the grains and legumes have virtually no a or C in them so they developed scurvy so that British learn to bring the C vitamin along with them which was lines and so they were known as the linings well potatoes do the same thing they're the anti scurvy vegetable because they would cure scurvy also because they're loaded with C and a and so our sweep did so i would i would pick some form of potato and i would live in excellent health i would be thin i'm pretty thin now but i would probably lose another 5 pounds from now or more because it gets monotonous eating evening just these potatoes and so you need less food yeah there's a pretty famous potato diet that was published right a guy lived on potatoes sure 30 days 60 days something like we actually had him at one of our we had these uh seminars twice a year they're called advanced study weekends and we invite uh people who have important messages and he was invited I've forgotten his name but he he did he worked for the Washington potato industry came down came down gave a phenomenal presentation to our group and he lived on potatoes for thirty days with an excellent health drops his cholesterol dropped his weight there's another fellow right now that was just got in contact with me he's from great harbor spread and he's living on bread for thirty days and I just advised him to eat a bread that has some kind of fruit in it like a date bread and he'll do well hit with tremendous you lose if he has to lose weight you lose 30 pounds drops cholesterol small moments be great and after all breads the staff of life you know potatoes have been the pillars of nutrition for societies for tens of thousands of years we're talking about traditional food I like to give two examples to people effect it's in my last I think it's my last name story I think was odd August newsletter well anyway if you go to my website you'll find all kinds of newsletters that I've written but this this one newsletter did was about the diet of athletes and not in that newsletter but in a book the latest book I wrote called the starch solution it talks about the gladiators how the gladiators of two thousand years ago lived on barley and some beans they were known as the as the barley men the barley men gladiators and the reason they lived on barley and beans is because they wanted to win it was really bad form to lose in the Coliseum I mean you only you didn't get to go back if you lost so they lived on barley and beans and they were the winners anyway that was a traditional diet for a gladiator and I and the last newsletter I talked about the running Indians the tomará from Northwest Mexico who do foot races they they were in the past did foot races of 200 miles lasting several days he's ran they run that's what they do the society run all the time there are Northwest Messick's Mexico and Copper Canyon so it hits the news now because the drug cartels become a really really nasty situation down there but they live on corn beans and squash that's their diet and they just run all the time and then those of you who follow a long distance events like the marathons and triathlons you find the top winners are from places like Kenya Honolulu at marathon was won by a Kenyan so it's a Boston Marathon this year the Kenyans eat a diet mostly of corn and some root vegetables there basically start to tear and start to Wars start cheaters so you're winning you're winning athletes have discovered this that you need to live on a high carb diet carbohydrate load but more sensibly you need to eat the kind of diet that we're recommending which is a diet of starch with some fruits and vegetables that's great I ate a lot of starches I'm a big fan of all the starch as you mentioned and the big challenge for me and some people may have this this it's a little bit of a rare problem but I have a very high metabolism yeah so it's difficult for me to get enough calories maintain my weight it can be any advice yeah sure you'd eat more eat more food uh I hope the tomorrow to do it and the Kenyans do it and Carl Lewis did it he was far one of our patients remember Carlos yeah the runner Olympic athlete right hmm and we take care of many athletes you have to eat a lot of more food but then what you do in addition to get more calories is you eat some concentrated calories the first choice the athletes that we feed we give them concentrate sugar and we give it in the form of say fruit juices or dried fruit my dried fruit so you could eat no dates you could eat 2,000 calories of dates without even thinking about it so you get a lot of calories there and juices calories to them they're not as ideal for the average person as the whole fruit would be but the first step you would take would be to concentrate it simple sugars and then if you really want to add calories and fat then you go to the nuts seeds and avocados and some people need to do this or no the next step you'd go to refined starches like breads breads are easy to get count whole-grain breads no oil easy good calories uh bagels of course really easy to get calories but you go simple sugars dried fruits flour products and then the next step would be to go to your nuts and seeds and avocados and I can make you a fat vegan with nuts and seeds not recover the grip that leads me to another question so I imagine from time to time you you will have a vegetarian or a vegan come to you with health problems oh okay and so typically what do you see them doing incorrectly or doing wrong what do you see wrong with their diet it's very simple and they know it – yeah they're even vegan cheesecake and one of these uh healthy margins they put on every vegetable and they're eating handfuls of nuts and seeds and they're getting fat and they get greasy skin at the very least these are fat vegans they eat the other big category of food that vegans eat well-intentioned I mean a vegan has a lot of strength has put a lot of effort into their life they're trying to save animals on the planet and that's all good but they've heard one animal terribly that's themselves and one of the ways they do it typically is with fake fake meats and dairy products like Boca burgers and these cheeses they're 90 percent oil you know the hot dogs that are 70 percent isolated soy protein so they go into these fake meats and dairy products and and does them poorly in really poor health at high-protein isolated proteins very hard on the kidneys and bones and and liver creates calcium stones all kinds of serious problems from that concentrated isolated vegetable protein be it soya which usually is or wheat proteins you can sow these foods are quite harmful to the body and then they're all loaded with fats and the fat you ease the fat you wear so yeah they're in trouble and the problem the way I approach them I've never been offended I've never offended a person by calling them a fat vegan that I know of I've it's a title of one of the chapters in my book the starch solution it's the title of a newsletter that's very popular on website because I tell them you know I am saying this for you and your cause you want to save these animals and you want to save this planet we all must but you're telling somebody you're telling your your sister your your your best friend of this important message of animal abuse and destruction of our our only home they look at you and they can't hear you because all they see is a fat sick person so your message isn't getting across they go wow even if that's true I don't want to look like you you know so for a fat vegan an industrious well-intentioned person with great integrity that wants to do something very important for all of us I need to deliver to them the fact that they need to change their vegan diet from fake foods and nuts and seeds and oils and all that stuff to a starch based diet so that when they present themselves in front of friends and family they look and they say hey that's pretty cool and if I could look like you I'll do it now I know some people they're listening and watching I've heard what you've said and they think it's the craziest thing they've ever heard because they're saying I can't believe he said simple sugars I can't believe you said eat bread and potatoes right and so would you briefly talk about your career spans 40-plus years correct as a medical doctor would you talk about the types of diseases that you regularly see patients reverse following this type of dietary advice well we published our results you can go to the nutrition journal October 2014 you can see results on 1615 of our patients ass so we can also go to research that's being published from Oregon Health and Science University on our patients with multiple sclerosis they were studied by the neurology department there uh typically you know people come to meetings they're too fat you know they I don't want to be a diet doctor quite honestly I'm a regular medical doctor but you know the most important thing for most of us is to look good and being too fat is the biggest attraction I get people with type two diabetes I just finished a program actually a couple days ago I hunted running somebody I start another one a Friday for Whole Foods Market so you know we run around hundreds of people through programs that I run in Santa Rosa California titled the MacDougal program and what we published is that an average weight loss of over three pounds eating as much food as you can possibly stuff in your face over seven days that's in thousands of people I've shown that that people will maintain that diet and weight loss of 20 pounds for a year we showed that with OHS you are studied there so not only will they lose that weight in seven days they'll maintain a 20 pound weight loss at least over a year average rep cholesterol drops are 23 points in seven days we get 80 to 90 percent of people off all of their well let me say that again we get 80 to 90 percent of people to reduce or get off off all of their blood pressure and diabetic pills in seven days Wow and you know Bob will be start working well indigestion goes away almost everybody gets off their proton pump inhibitors like prilosec and other antacid stuff they get off their blood pressure pills the average drop in blood pressure is 804 millimeters of mercury and still they stop their blood pressure pills they feel really good you know your greasy skin goes away they color back in their face they get they get their life back in these are people who maybe 40 50 60 sometimes 20 sometimes 70 who pretty much thought that life was over they were feeling terrible there calendar was littered with appointments with doctors that you know had to check their pill box several times a day check their blood sugar several times a day these people were basically living in the medical business and when they changed their diet most of the problems went away some stay but not many they stand some pills remember I'm a real doctor I do prescribe pills I think I had to reach for my prescription pad four times last week taking care of more than 30 people but I also probably are those 30 people I probably stopped 50 drugs so you know it's just standard medicine this is nothing that every doctor shouldn't be doing I I'm just a regular medical doctor I just don't treat dietary diseases with drugs I love it I love it well dr. McDougall I think that's a great place to close and so let me ask you a couple quick questions before we close and one is besides the start solution or any books you recommend you've written a lot of bestsellers by the way yeah twelve or thirteen yeah so are there any books by other authors that you think are wonderful that there are but you know I'll let you discover them on their own on your own because uh you know III only agree with one person hundred percent so lots of people that write some other things and have valuable books but then if I recommended it might have to explain to you why they raise the discrepancy is it your scripts again Miriam my wife and I have been writing books for a long time about four decades in fact we just applied to sign a contract for a new book I shouldn't but I am I think we really should go as you should go to our website it is a prolific in the amount of information we have hundreds of videos not only by ourselves but by world experts like the head of the Cochrane Collaboration you know major professors from all over the world who we've interviewed on the website there are articles on things from high blood pressure which is coming out in this month's newsletter to articles on breast cancer and colon cancer and how you cure inflammatory arthritis with all of these scientific references there for you to look up so you see this is not some wacko doctor in Santa Rosa California that came up with this daydream this is all based on solid science published in the scientific literature it's just it's accessible to everybody thanks to the Internet it's just of no value it has no financial value and so you know nobody's interested in it – that's that's the problem yeah the the money dries everything truth and success which we have is a very small motivator except for those who need the truth and success like you did and I did and everybody else does then just not a where it's out there well we're pushing hard to to to raise the awareness of the power of nutrition and learning people find you what's your web address well my web address is dr. McDougall comm which is spelled dr MC do you g al so dr. McDougall calm or you just look up my name John McDougall pretty much prepares everywhere in Google and the things that will surprise you is the quality is the quality of the site the ease of navigation and how much is there free basically everything's free we don't let you come to our ten-day clinic free we don't take you on our vacations to a Y in Costa Rica free we give us a land come on yeah I thought we don't give you our Advanced Study weekends free but but all the information there's like probably 400 500 recipes up there for freely all the information you need to change your diet is there all the information on your diseases is there for free a great search engine and doctor MacDougall's color picture book I recommend you start with that explains everything and just sixty-six little pictures and when you need to step away from the simplicity go on it's obvious no why would anybody look at it any other way it's obvious so I'd start there let me plug one other thing that you do you touched on it and I want to make sure people know what it is but you have these 10-day retreats limit is it's a live-in it's it's basically a medical retreat right where you're changing their diets you're looking at their blood work right well yeah they get the supervision by doctors like starting Friday we have a whole group from Whole Foods Market coming and I have four doctors seeing them so it's mathematical supervised program where we take people off of their met all their medications if it's appropriate put them on medication if it's appropriate and I thought you were going to mention the webinars we do oh yeah you do a lot of great stuff feel free to talk about it then that we do is once a week I do a about 45 min a half an hour webinar that's free and you can sign up for those on our site and anyways be sitting back thinking and lots of people do I get I get emails like this all the time somebody will say you know I found your website I spent the last week looking through it trying to find the gimmick you know where's the gimmick why are you giving all this away for free where where's the catch well you know we do have to make a living to we we have books and and retreats and like you call them various things that we do to put shoes on our kids grandkids actually this day and age but Mary and I were given this great gift about 45 years ago you know we're just were given each other but we're also given this gift of knowledge and I was I was almost dead we can go into that story sometime but when I was uh since I've been 27 years old and now now 68 since I've been 27 years old I've enjoyed good health because I was able to get away from Burger King and Dairy Queen and understand what to eat same thing with my wife and all my children and grandchildren so we're giving this great gift and when you're given great gifts you know you don't turn around selling you you want to give MoIT other people and so we've given this gift away for a long time it's truly a gift there's no gimmicks it's all free it always works you know it just it's it's yours for the taking that's wonderful dr. John McDougall thank you so much the pleasure for your time I hope we can do another one soon this has been like why not you're a good interview you have great enthusiasm to to change the world and it's going to take everybody to change the world but we are what we are going to do it yes sir we are good all right okay bye-bye talk soon bye


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