1. I have parkinsons l am on a plant diet for the past year but still no improvement yet can U please give me some advice please

  2. I Am on. day 12 of the 20 in 6 week diet I can tell you I have already lost 9.6 pounds. People are noticing that I have lost weight.My education has to do with killing bacteria and microbes that cause diseases. I have come to believe that people are getting VRE And MRSA from consuming sick animals on antibiotics. Even in Canada yes with all of our regulations. By the way MRSA and VRE are antibiotic resistant bacteria like the flesh eating disease these are spread even just by contact. Also important is the term “ kills 99.9 percent of bacteria” found on hand rubs, guess what that 0.01 spores. ( VRE MRSA) big business gives sick and almost dead animals enough antibiotics to keep them alive so that those disease causing MRSA and VRE spores inside them have the right environment to thrive. Then god forbid big business should loose money we slaughter this animal and feed it to people. Because one cow alone that dies is a $4,000 value. Then we wonder why we are sick. Don’t wonder it is because economy and money is more important than you or me to big business.

  3. Beans are high in "LECTINS" and potatoes are night shade that contain "LECTINS" ,Rice also contain lectins and spike your blood sugar .If you have a hard time losing weight stay away from potatoes and white rice .Lectins are a large class of carbohydrate-binding proteins they are hard to digest (this has the effect that they can overfeed certain species of gut bacteria and lead to "gut dysbiosis" , which now linked to a variety of many health conditions),

    they can interact with the gut barrier and actually damage the cells that form the gut barrier or open up the junctions between those cells (genetic susceptibility plays a role in what extent this happens in your body), contributing to development of a leaky gut (now linked to a variety of health conditions), and they can stimulate the immune system (proportional to how much enters the body and type of lectin).

    There are really just two classes of lectins that are known to be problematic for human health and have the above properties. The first are called prolamins (gluten is an example of a prolamin), so called because of their rich proline (an amino acid) content. The second are called agglutinins (wheat germs agglutinin,…. kidney bean lectin, and soy lectin are examples of agglutinins), so called because of their strong ability to agglutinate (or make clump together) red blood cells (they also happen to be rich in proline).Lectins are a type of protein that can bind to cell membranes.

    They are sugar-binding and become the “glyco” portion of glycoconjugates on the membranes. Lectins in plants are a defence against microorganisms, pests, and insects. They may also have evolved as a way for seeds to remain intact as they passed through animals’ digestive systems, for later dispersal. Lectins are resistant to human digestion and they enter the blood unchanged.Raw kidney beans contain from 20,000 to 70,000 lectin units, while fully cooked beans usually contain between 200 and 400 units.Lectins and the intestinal wall .This GI distress happens because lectins can damage the intestinal lining.When lectins affect the gut wall, it may also cause a broader immune system response as the body’s defenses move in to attack the invaders.

    Symptoms can include skin rashes, joint pain, and general inflammation. Other chronic disorders may be correlated with leaky gut — for example, researchers have even noted that children with autism have very high rates of leaky gut and similar inflammatory GI tract diseases.

    Phytohemagglutinin, also known as kidney bean lectin.

    Both prolamins and aglutinins (there are many many proteins within each class) affect the type of bacteria that like to grow in your gut (in a negative way, typically preferentially overfeeding certain strains like E. coli). They are also very good at crossing the gut barrier .The average North American diet is highly grain-based: bread, pasta, rice, cereals, etc. are everywhere, especially in processed foods.Was the body ever equipped to deal with that type of grain onslaught?

    .I you have health problems eat a lectin free diet ; http://www.precisionnutrition.com/all-about-lectins

    If you have a weight problem stay away from tropical fruit ,wheat ,bread that spike your insulin high . If you have good pancreas that process sugar 100% and you're slim then you are one of the few that you can eat all the shit that spikes up your insulin .

    About fish oils ?

    All fish becomes unhealthy after two hours being caught .And Fish oils become "RANCID" and toxic after being steamed out of the fish , by the time the fish oils are processed and put in capsules and shipped to a warehouse the fish oil is sickly rancid and toxic for the human body to consumed ! don't take anything made in a bottle or can . All toxic and made to make billions of dollars for the supplement companies . Every one wants instant gratification in a bottle ! Don't be lazy eat healthy rel organic food .

  4. Dr, Furman advocates a nutritarian diet, mostly vegetables and fruit but also occasionally small portions of meat (credit card size). My wife and I try to follow his diet (and yes we sin every now and then), and exercise 5 times a week at a gym combining cardio and weights. Since we started about 4 years ago, my cholesterol has come down from border line to normal, and my wife blood , and pressure from borderline high to less than 120/60 (mine too) and feel healthy and full of energy, and enjoy hiking and walking long distances. Our BMI's are less than 22. No we are not young but we look younger than many people our age (over 70) and although we visit the doctor once a year, we seldom are sick or have any health problem. I encourage people to start watching their diet and exercising. Yes it is hard a the beginning but once you are n the loop it s really easy.

  5. This guy looks unhealthy and talks like a con artist – look at his website – he's out to get your money – $3,000 for what?

  6. When we use the microphone attached to the video camera we get terrible sound like
    on this video. try wearing the microphone and perhaps improve the sound considerably.

  7. Let me start by saying, I love your mission and align with your passion in regards to nutrition and lifestyles’ role in optimizing one’s state of being. I especially enjoyed reading Super Immunity. However, I disagree with the statement “animal products contain a low nutrient load”. There are several peer-reviewed journal articles that highlight the benefits of consuming animal products. This is of course 100% grass-fed animal product over its grain-fed counter-parts. After proper/ideal feeding the next issue is animal parts that are consumed. Organs as we know are higher in nutrients than that of muscle meat and the bioavailability of nutrients are often greater than some plant based nutrients such as iron, folic acid, B12, zinc and vitamin A. On the other hand, I do agree that the ratio of animal products to vegetables/plant based food in the Standard American Diet is disproportioned, organ meat or not. Organ meat 3.5oz once a week with a high intake of vegetables/plant based food can support the ideal micronutrient and controlled levels of IGF. Nonetheless, overall, I love this lecture!

  8. I Love how he leaves a little grey area but eating chicken eggs are definitely a NO NO for anyone…besides the fact they're GMO creatures(53:10) they contain known bacteria:

  9. no there is not "even more protein in beans", just a higher percentage of the total nutrients than we assume. There no magical increase in protein. The total protein remains the same.

  10. Good lecture. Really enjoyed how easy to follow your program. Will be buying your book and change my eating habits. What about sugar cravings??? Chocolate chip cookies are my main craving. Thank you so much for the great lecture. So many diet plans, so confusing. Best wishes to you.

  11. I absolutely am engrossed by this subject. The optimism gained from knowing how I can be healthy has given me so much. One big gripe is I wish he'd stop pretending he's Socrates. I just want to tune him out when the Socratic stuff is going on. Just show the facts.

  12. Check out Fuhrman's End of Dieting Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXMzWkzqkao&t=18s
    The audio and video are much better. And it's essentially the same lecture.

  13. This really mirrors The Anti-Cancer diet book that I read. As a new breast cancer survivor, I'm extremely curious about this diet. Keep this stuff coming Dr. Furhman!

  14. This was of course, an amazing talk but the audio picked up too much audience noise and the person filming, did not include any of the charts.

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