Rheumatological Diseases: Osteoarthritis (Degenerative Joint Disease)

new most illogical diseases can strike people in the prime of their lives more than just aches and pains caused by aging these are complex or two immune diseases some of these diseases can affect major organs including the joints brain and nerves heart and blood vessels lungs kidneys and skin causing serious complications that can be life-threatening rheumatological diseases are complex autoimmune diseases where the immune system attacks the body causing inflammation of effective organs rheumatological diseases often strike people when they are in the prime of their lives at times when they're still in school working or starting a family these conditions may also make basic daily routines a struggle and a challenge osteoarthritis is the commonest form of joints disease chances are then you may know someone who suffers from osteoarthritis after all it affects between ten to twenty percent of the population osteo Friday's is linked to age obesity sports injuries and it may run some family we may be associated with other form of arthritis like rheumatoid arthritis and gout the presence of knee osteoarthritis in Chinese somehow is higher than that in Caucasian treatment is targeted at pain relief weight reduction and physiotherapy to strengthen the surrounding muscles this will help to protect the joint better reducing the stress and strain exerted on joint variation improved with exercise and medicine and do not require surgery for patients with severe pain and end-stage disease knee replacement surgery may be offered I usually a constant me pain every time I what I shot this then I will have the pain even worse the longer I walk the way she becomes research is really important to look for a cure by finding a cure you will help people like me and address to have a better life in future currently there's no cure for knee osteoarthritis but with research we are confident to find new treatment and curious to improve our patients life if you are your loved one half or suspect that you might have any one of these five rheumatological diseases please see your doctor for evaluation and treatment research is the only way we can improve outcomes for patients with remote illogical diseases please consider partnering with us to accelerate discoveries and uncover cures for these patients we hope you have found this information useful thank you for watching you

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