1. Wow even in this he wouldn't accept he was an alcoholic. I read when they did his autopsy they found crystallized alcohol along his spine

  2. Richard was a fantastic actor and a voice that was beyond compare. Just wonderful. He liked a drink and it killed him prematurely…but it is not a disease. This subject is far too complex to dismiss in a few throwaway phrases. It is diverse and each case is different. Alcohol is evil and pernicious but so is life.

  3. I am an alchaholic Buit Im am 55 and single with lung disease. But if the right woman came a along willing to split the bills I would quit and devote my life to sustaining the loveliness that is her!. But at 55 its hard to find love, or seems so Anyway.

  4. It's not called the demon drink for nothing I seen people completely change personality's when they drink it's like someone or something takes them over…

  5. Many people never ever realize that they are alcoholic… and after some time it is really difficult to realize… when you have to face that you've wasted your life.

  6. Richard is right addiction is not a laughing matter..I myself have profound understanding and love for fellow addicts I myself have been there..It is a fight everyday sometimes every minute but it gets easier better and you go longer in between battles…Richard was a great actor and very smart.May he R.I.P.

  7. Postcards from hell. And dry and strong poetry from the voice of this great artist who was blessed with wit and haunted by ghosts in all his life.

  8. He was so impressively elequent and we’ll-spoken. Such a contrast to today’s monosyllabic, foul-mouthed Hollywood actors.

  9. "Some are born to sweet delight, some are born to the end of the night" – Jim Morrison

    Some people are just born broken. We all have the drive to live forever and that is good. If not taking a drink bought immortality I would be the first person to never take a drink.

  10. 1st time I've seen Burton vulnerable & humbly showing his humanity by opening up about his struggles with alcohol addiction ….

  11. I'm kind of a reverse alcoholic. I was depressed and suicidal all throughout my teens and early twenties but didn't start drinking until I was 24. It actually helped me for a while, gave me some of the only happiness I've had. Started with a handle of vodka a week, then every 5 days, now every 2/3. No friends, no job and about to run out of money and be homeless. Don't wanna be homeless so I'll just die. Hate this evil satanic system run by jew banker tyrants, purposely making everything crap because they HATE the goy. I was abused and molested in my evil family and never got off the ground. I was a nice little kid who watched barney and mr. rogers all the time, and I just got beat up and called fagot every day at school. Parents kept pushing on me to do as good as older sibling who was top of her class/prom queen. I think my situation is getting more and more common especially with white people, we're the new indians. Whole race and culture being totally wiped out by design. Wouldn't be any issue at all if we didn't have such an evil government.

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