Ripped Out: A Focusing-Oriented Therapy Demonstration

okay so hello hi so am I just kind of walking into a yes you’re walking to a session with me but you can use it any way you want well I put my hand up quickly because I’m I’m in the middle of something that’s very alive okay so it’s there for you already yeah great and that is a lot of I feel like something was ripped out of me actually okay so that’s like the name of it something was ripped out of you and allow that EPS welling up and you’re allowed that to come over that is tears or whatever something was ripped out of you it’s interesting because I was planning on telling you a phrase about the circumstance and as soon as you reflect that back to me you teams they’re totally irrelevant just the just the sense of hollowness or emptiness so they ripped out theirs late left a hollow place or an emptiness I’m having I’m noticing the emptiness in my chest yes and I’m having another line of conversation that’s I haven’t been focusing work specifically a lot but other kinds of work and I feel like I’m using the language too readily using the language yeah I got a little self-critical Akane oh oh oh I was sure oh yeah I know I’ll do another demonstration to make a good example you know this this one’s just for you I see that interrupted there but actually you were for a moment with your with here yeah and then emptiness well that’s what you called it was there something was there Mahalo yeah it’s a it’s a ripped out feeling left out is still the best word for it yeah see it’s a hollow that wasn’t the hollow before yes yes and so I feel as I explore it I feel this longing for it to be whole again and at the same time I feel like it’ll never it’s just not inevitable again I’ll say that to you back to you but very slowly so that you can just be there okay it’s like there is a longing for it to be whole again and also uh some conviction oh it will never be whole again yeah and that’s where it is right there and again if you tears come there welcome yes and it’s the part of feeling like they will never behold you know that’s the part that well suffice you know it will never fix it will never be all again and so then I want to figure out how to fix it but oh yeah what do I do what I know there’s no way to fix it yeah oh yeah oh yeah so we do part of you yes and welcome to tears if you can they’re welcome to me I don’t know if they’re to you but okay they can that’s right and it’s in that place that feels like no that’ll never fix I never feel never be able to hold again out again the right words or it will never be hold again will never be whole again that’s where that is and then part of you wants to fix it but then it seems like there is no way to fix it or there’s no way to work on it or whatever it is yeah that’s right yeah and so then so what else we do here yeah right my answer is kind of will you go around going through the motions of your day as if it was hole so you can try to give your wife up but shrekt it’s not hard no that’s not that’s true but it’s not fortune a drink it’s like yes I’ll keep my life going and yes I know how to do that but that doesn’t that’s not what this needs that’s right and then we can we can there yes and again let it let it through if you can yes very quietly we can we don’t know yet what could possibly do anything for here right what it needs nothing you can think of fits there and just to say we don’t yet know anything that that it needs sir that would help it that would make it whole we don’t know that’s interesting when you say we don’t know Louisa yeah interesting I haven’t that’s a new one for me how come I didn’t really understand how come that’s new because I feel recognized in the pain yes and I don’t feel crowded in it but I also don’t feel alone in it at the same yeah yeah I see nicely okay yes yes yes I still feel like it’s mine to be with but yes yes happy a dimension in isolation yes and it feels like that to me it feels like well you’re saying you don’t know and of course I don’t know and here we are yeah so this we don’t know right we’re working on it and it moves you in some way that you’re not alone but it is a really interesting because I I often feel like it’s sort of a core thing for me about feeling uncared about or not understood and when you say the we it’s not like I feel flooded with caring yeah it’s not that but it’s just so not not feeling here that right right I get that very well it’s like all care is this huge thing coming at me never mind it’s not that it’s just that we are working on it here as a we are together it’s just not uncared about not all of yeah that’s right yeah that’s right it’s more like not uncared about than it is cared about it above so it creates not in it it almost doesn’t create a new big feeling to deal with yeah those are understood illustrate yeah that’s not an additional thing to it’s just this that you’re not having to be uncared about them that having to be all alone in the all alone sense but it is yeah that’s right and there’s time now I would say you don’t have to say it something every minute okay you can of course but I’m just saying this time to be it’s not uncared about time to be not on care well that but I think yes I meant it boy generally good day we assumed that you’re supposed to say something next and that’s what I was trying to get out of the way I noticed in my inter-process just how I’m sitting there’s this fascinating airplane over there and I was tempted to talk about that sure and then I thought well what if I looked back inside yeah with me okay and of course said to be able to be like taking a break or something you might want mmm that’s true but there’s a acknowledging the ripped out feeling yes it’s interesting because there’s a earlier I was feeling something wrong or missing or you know pain about myself about it and in speaking it I feel more accepting of it yes like the main thing is it is here this this feeling of ripped out right and there is there isn’t this that was before some kind of self-critical or some kind of additionals that’s right different issue right there’s just more interest in it yeah yeah like not so much trying to fix it right but Melissa what oh this is here yeah more relationship hood like you’re willing to let it breathe or be or listen to it or care about it or something like that yeah that’s right that place not so I’m wanting to see if it has something to say to me yes okay okay okay that’s nice you’re giving it room in case it wants to say something to you yes of course it’s saying something along the lines of help yes okay so it is very much saying and allow that through if you can it’s very much saying I need help help help I noticed when you say allow it through because I’m fairly comfortable with crying actually good that I start to think about the fact that I have to say absolutely absolutely I love clear instructions so that was interrupting you and you were saying Oh what would it like to say to me and the first thing I wanted to say is help ends right now that’s right very now it again feels like a very lonely place yes it’s a lonely place it’s used to being a lonely place I don’t know it’s used to it or not so that’s adding something that isn’t women that’s not right just it’s a lonely place yeah it doesn’t seem to have time in it so much time is wasted by a little word I added never mind all that it’s a lonely place yeah like the help is a little it’s like a good day when it feels like it’s worth the bother you actually ask for help shout help is more relational than it usually is that’s right that’s right as I see in some way you’re glad to sing rather than just silent in the alone that’s right just like a little more hope there more yes yes yes now feeling a little self-conscious okay because that was so true or what nevermind my question I don’t know okay so we’re going to stop pretty soon but I’d like you if you would to stop sort of slowly gradually gently until it says we can stop sort of just let’s be quiet for a minute or two or three they don’t care about three minutes or two or wonder so you could because you just got there where even that it says help is a little bit more hopeful than it’s well sung complete all alone place something happened where it said help and then got a little distant from that again got scared and that’s where I got self-conscious yeah and started being aware of being new to this group and having asked the question and felt reasonably good about what people might think of me given what I asked yeah and yes now it’s not even like I don’t even care about the people there really it’s an internal like what have I done yes which takes you away of course from from here yeah that’s right that’s right I probably also have a good internal clock I probably had a sense that it was this time or something all right so then I’m just invested in that you can find that again by your so for that we didn’t just abruptly leave it that we can say and I don’t know since I might Nets here again that you would say that you can come back to that spot of course I think if I my first thought is how would I do that without somebody doing this mm-hmm which I don’t have immediately set up so as my therapist just canceled our employment form are pretty sick so but I could go home and I could write from that place and that would reconnect me that would reconnect it to it and then you did say there is not another person like I didn’t hear your therapist went off for her oh no we just had an appointment tomorrow baby sick okay doesn’t that something it’s not that good yet no okay okay all right so it feels like we can stop yeah thank you maybe I could just sort of notice people yes sir take your time I look very benign hmm

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