RIT Ambulance Celebrates 50 Years of Service

>> This year we’re celebrating 50 years of
EMS at RIT. We started off as the student safety unit. We’ve grown a long way from there. >> We’re all full-time students. We’re not getting paid, we’re doing this because
we want to be here. So we actually do a lot of training with the
fire department that have really just started in the last two years. >> This is something that we want to do to
help our campus. And a lot of us have fallen in love with emergency
medicine. >> They are so unbelievably dedicated and
passionate about what they do. RIT Ambulance really gets in their blood. And the hope is that we create young men and
women that will go out into the community, wherever their community may be, and be of
service. >> I’m hoping to go into the military as a combat
medic and I actually got interested in medicine through being an EMT here. >> I study environmental sustainability, health
and safety. And my niche in that major has become emergency
management. That’s just from volunteering here and that’s
just become one of my passions. And I really understand emergency management
and that’s kind of what I’m looking to go into after graduation. >> That time working together with others,
fixing things, learning about things, taking care of patients and your peers. That’s all an experience you can’t get anywhere
else. And I think RIT ambulance provides that. RIT ambulance was foundational for me and
I think it’s going to be foundational for hundreds and hundreds of students. >> Not only do I get a chance to grow as a
leader, but the fact that I have seen so many of my fellow students grow along side me as
a leader, it really gives people that opportunity.

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