River Got Mail! Pet First Aid Kit

Hello everyone,
Guess what? River’s got mail! This parcel arrived for River today so I am going to
open it on camera. What do you think? What do you think of your parcel? Shall we take a look? First of all we have a tick remover. There we go. And what else do you have? A first aid
kit for pets. We have some vet wrap. And the all-important first-aid book! So River is training to be an assistance dog with the help of a charity called
Dog A.I.D. and one of the things that they require me to do is to have a first aid
kit for her in case of injury to make sure I’ve got everything I need.
They don’t prescribe exactly what kit you need to have. I asked the advice of a
couple of dog trainers who recommended a company called Rhodes 2 Safety and they
are actually based near me in East Yorkshire and they run first aid courses
for people who are around dogs and want to know how to do first aid on their pet.
They also tour around the country and do courses in various different places as
well so some of you may have come across them before. So in the Rhodes 2 Safety
online shop they sell this first aid kit which is by Relivet. and it comes in a cute little canvas bag
and importantly although it is a pretty comprehensive kit in its own right it
also it has a little bit of space inside for you to add a couple of things and
the things that I have chosen to add: Vet wrap in red, because that’s River’s color, which is a flexible bandage that sticks to itself so it’s just
really really handy if you ever need to bandage your pet and I have also added a
tick remover. Fortunately, so far, River hair has never had a tick, one that we’ve
spotted, but it’s a useful thing to have particularly as we are into tick
season now. So this will also slot inside her first aid kit. This book, Rhodes 2 Recovery… doggy style! is written by the woman who
runs Rhodes 2 Safety and apparently it is written from the point of view of one
of her dogs so I’m looking forward to giving this a read. If you want to know
any more about Rhodes 2 Safety or want to have a look at their online shop I
will put a link in the description below.

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