Robot Surgeons are the Future of Medicine

RoboCop, Robodog, Robo… …doctor? Alright, medical technology is getting weirder
by the day. But I mean that in a good way. Take the iKnife for example. It's a surgical knife that actually vaporizes
tissue, and then analyzes the smoke that comes out so that a surgeon can know if she's cutting
into cancerous cells, or healthy margins. Or what about mechanical leeches? They pretty much do what medicinal leeches
do, only with less chance of a bacterial infection and a lot less… …writhing. There's only so much improvement you can do
to a tool before you eventually have to turn your attention to the hand that holds that
tool. And that's where robotic surgery comes in. So do you remember the autonomous surgery
pod in Ridley Scott's Prometheus? How far away are we from something like that? Well, not as far away as you might think. You see, robotic surgery and computer assisted
medicine are already doing amazing things right now. And the potential for what they could do in
the future could change medicine forever! One of the most common surgical robots is
the da Vinci line. Da Vinci is focused on translating a surgeon's
control movements into direct action upon a patient. So every time a human moves, the robot moves. Unless of course a T-Rex happens to be walking
by, in which case the robot actually filters out any of those little hand tremors. So that way you get pure control. No error. Another advantage of robot surgeons is the
chance for telesurgery. So lets assume that you're some sort of futuristic
penguin research scientist and you're on assignment off the coast of Antarctica, when suddenly
you need an appendectomy. But your ship is completely trapped by ice
and your ship's surgeon has been, I don't know, kidnapped by ice pirates or something. What do you do? Well essentially you Skype it in. A surgeon on the mainland sits down at a terminal
and supervises robotically assisted telesurgery via satellite uplink. Another advantage is minimally invasive procedures. Now see traditional open surgery can leave
big scars, they can take a long time to heal, and there's a lot of pain involved in recovery. But what if instead of making a four inch
incision in your stomach, we were able to do the same procedure using instruments put
through little half-inch holes. Now human doctors have been doing minimally
invasive procedures for years, but honestly there's only so much human hands can do through
these tiny holes in your skin. But robotic precision means those incisions
have gotten smaller and smaller over time. And if we continue through this miniaturization
rabbit hole, who knows? Maybe one day there'll be barely a notion
of what an in-patient procedure is. Now the future for robotic surgery is wide
open. Just take a look at what people have created
with the Raven line. This is an open-source robotic surgeon and,
sure, it looks like a couple of mechanical spider arms, but the important thing here
is research. You see it creates a common platform for people
to do experiments which will determine the future of robotic surgery. But beyond all that, instead of just talking
about robotic assisted surgeries, lets talk about their full potential. We're talking autonomous robot surgeons. Ok so, with machine learning, a robot surgeon
could potentially study all the information from successful procedures in the past and
apply that to learn how to do those procedures in the future. And if they prove to be as good or better
than human surgeons, maybe we wouldn't even go to hospitals to have surgery. Instead if you expected to have a surgery,
you might buy a robot surgeon for the home, or for the office, or for the spacecraft. Which leads me to a question for all of you
out there. Lets say that you have to have a dangerous
surgical procedure. Which would you choose? The best human surgeon alive today? Or the best robot surgeon from fifty years
in the future? Let us know what your decision is and explain
why in the comments below. And if you enjoyed this video, make sure you
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  1. Doctors are too powerful, even if the technology was there there would be way too much resistence before it could replace them

  2. Surgery as a science, as like all other scientific areas, can’t leave alone without human scientists. Robots will perform great routines in surgery, help surgeons to perform operation, manage the patient, long term screening and more. But all over them medicine is a science and always need people to study. You just can’t say let’s get appendectomy, it is not that simple at all. Medicine, engineering, law, science, finance and all other industries and areas are changing and developing rapidly. There will be not robot surgeon/ robot engineer / robot teacher / robot politician etc.

  3. This is so wrong and it will never be possible. You can program a robot to do certain tasks that don't have any influence from external factors. But operating a corpse of a human, only another human can do that because there are a lot of things that can vary depending on the corpse.

  4. Your YouTube video is shit and tells nothing and doesn't even show this monsterous machine!. YouTube should take this crap video off

  5. As far as I know, this system is not completely autonomous as doctor having a full control over it. In the future, it might upgrade its feature to completely autonomous but still it cannot do anything without instruction given by software developer. So Robot is always under controlled and cannot replace human.

  6. Surgeon because there is something called doctor patient relationship that is built on trust .
    If I trust my surgeon both humanly and technically I feel safe
    But how could I trust a cold machine with no thinking nor flexibility made purely for material benefits and can have technical issus
    I'll stick to the warm hands of a surgeon thanks

  7. Lol the surgeons right there .just he using robot machine😑😑he is controlling the robot by his it's a robot?😑😑doctor used machine before to robot

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  10. I would prefer nano-surgeons, once they're in there the vessel is bolstered against all detrimental effects, the healing, regeneration and detoxification of the body until perfect health would be assured and it would be as life-changing as it's polar opposite is to a person debilitated through illness, amputation, paralysis, etc….

  11. best human surgeon. Couple fried resistors and that robot ends up gouging my eyes out because its CPU thought 1.3v was 4.5v

  12. Someone is already trying robotic surgery using "Graphene" or Nanotubes to form a super strenght porous superstructure of ridgit carbon as a base collection point for the bodys own cells to fill in for a more perfect hip. Of course carbon won't interfear or cause reactions as we are made of carbon and water already anyway!

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