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you're listening to the Corbett report welcome ladies and gentleman welcome to another edition of the Corbett report I'm your host James Corbett of coming to you as always from the sunny climes of western Japan here on this first day of November 2013 welcome to episode 286 of the corbett report podcast Rockefeller Medicine quote the crisis in today's healthcare system is deeply rooted in the inter woven history of modern medicine and corporate capitalism the major groups and forces that shape the medical system sow the seeds of the crisis we now face the medical profession and other medical interest groups each tried to make medicine serve their own narrow economic and social interests foundations and other corporate class institutions insisted that medicine serve the needs of their corporate capitalist society the dialectic of their common efforts in their clashes and the economic and political forces set in motion by their actions shape the system as it grew out of this history emerged a medical system that poorly serves society's health needs end quote well a timely post there so what is that taken from is that a blog post by an outraged American citizen who is realizing that Obama care is now raising premiums of the average American out there by as much as five hundred and thirty nine percent or is this some sort of snapping point that one of the liberal blogs has reached in realizing that they have been duped and that health care Obama style is not manna from heaven in which government somehow magically gives people medicine from on high because they care so much about them but is in fact a fraud from top to bottom that has been designed to further plunder the wealth of the average American no actually as a matter of fact this is a section in fact the introduction to a book that was written in 1979 by E Richard Brown published by the University of California Press that's right people have been talking for decades and decades and decades now about how America's health care system is broken and is certainly not serving the needs of Americans with the highest medical rates the highest proportion of salaries in the highest proportion GDP being spent on health care in America in the entire world this is obviously a problem of well excuse the pun epidemic proportions and the question is how have we arrived at this spot well there are some obvious answers to this and some not so obvious answers and one of the not so obvious answers that is being studiously avoided in the left-right farcical phony debate about Obamacare which as always tries to spin things off into a phony left-right paradigm and a political agenda that doesn't really amount to any difference whatsoever one thing that is studiously avoided is well speeches like this by Senator Max Baucus who helped pass the Obamacare act back in 2009 and who was at that time thanking some of the people who made that act possible and I want to single out one person and that one person is sitting next to me and it was Liz Fowler Liz Fowler is the chart by Chief Health Council Liz Ballard's put I team together help health care team Liz Fowler worked for me many years ago the private sector then came back when she realized that she could be there in the creation of health care reform because she wanted to in certain sense that's beer her professional lifetime goal she put together that the white paper last November 2008 87 page document which became the basis the foundation the blueprint from which almost all healthcare measures and all bills both sides the aisle came from she's an amazing person she would liar she's a PhD she is just so decent she's always smiling she's always working so I was always available to help any center any staff and I just I thank Liz to Bob my heart in many ways she typifies she represents all the people work so hard to make this illness such an accomplishment so what you're thinking so who is this Liz Fowler anyway and why is it so important to be bringing up this well grew up gushing and rather embarrassing praise from Senator Belkis on the House floor well it's because Liz Fowler is not just someone who was formerly in private industry as he tangentially made mention of in that speech but someone who well had a very interesting history and one that we can even pick up from mainstream sources like which had a post back a few years ago fact or fiction Senate chairman has ties to big insurer quote Elizabeth Fowler now served now serving as Council des Belges on the Finance Committee worked as an executive not a lobbyist for wellpoint the largest publicly-traded commercial health benefits company from 2006 to 2008 prior to that she'd worked for Belkis committee spokesman spokeswoman Erin shields called the Fowler one of the brightest healthcare minds in the Senate and she and the Finance Committee staff have been working day and night to reach the goal of reform that lowers costs and ensures quality affordable health care coverage which is Belkis priority shields added that the only factor that influences his decisions and the decisions of his staff is whether a policy is right for his state and for the American people according to Senate records Michelle East and former chief health counsel to the Finance Committee under Belkis is lobbying for WellPoint for her firm tarplin downs and young and quote well of course that's that MSM post obviously downplays the important aspects of this the fact that Liz Fowler the person who bough 'kiss was gushing about and who was absolutely essential in bringing the Affordable Care Act to the American public was not just a lobbyist for the world for America and the world's largest publicly traded health benefits company but was in fact an executive for them and if we wanted to be even more specific which oddly and busy news calm decided not to be she was a former vice president of WellPoint so here we have someone in the very heart of the private insurance world coming into right the very Affordable Care Act which is supposed to provide all of this wonderful manna from heaven free health care to the public except for the fact that it's going to cost the average American much much much more to get insured under this new regime here it is unmasked for us all to see the point at which the media has been studiously avoiding which is that yes this is crony capitalism aka fascism aka corporatism to its core this is it for all the world to see this is what it looks like and this is exactly why health care costs in the United States are absolutely out of control and only getting worse as the government comes along to fix it and make it better with the help of their friends in wellpoint and other private health insurance companies absolutely ridiculous and the fact that most people in the audience probably don't even know this fact is outrageous considering the amount of coverage that the mainstream media has given Obamacare in recent months and recent years and by coverage of course I mean cover up well we could examine this in more detail today but I today I want to look more at the roots of this fascist corporatist system and how it developed as specifically with regards to the healthcare industry because obviously that is something of pressing importance for Americans and people around the world in this day and age and it's important to know that this did not come about through happenstance or mere chance this happened as a result of a concerted and carefully plotted plan that was laid out generations ago by people with with malice aforethought will put it that way and just for an example of how and when and why and who this plan developed and originated from we should turn back to that that book that we opened today with with reading that to that short passage from the introduction I mentioned it was by II Richard Brown it was published by University of California Press in 1979 but I did not mention the title of that book which is Rockefeller medicine men medicine and capitalism in America oh that's right folks the American healthcare system really does go back to the Rockefeller family as the legislators under Rockefellers leadership he set up the American League of Municipalities which controlled all small towns in the United States and the American Association of state governments which controlled all state governments in the United States including the legislators and he used the state legislation to draft new cleaner methods with controlling doctors and hospitals and so all hospitals and all doctors had to be licensed through state legislature which sounded wonderful if he didn't know what was going on that you had to go dear john d rockefeller to get a medical license and a hospital license wow that's that's what we're up to that's a system we have today and today we've become the situational world and most expensive medical care in the world except you never get well which seems to work out for everybody except the patients where's good for the doctors that's good for doctors mister other companies oh yeah so everybody's how fix up to four patients and whenever you go to adopted today and he prescribes the medicine for you he says you're going to have to take this medication for the rest of your life because it's against AMA principles to have a cure anybody they've actually brought many doctors up on charges of curing people and they've done some other out of the MA for their very reason because you're killing people because this might be about the right thing to do but from this ascent one it's better to keep them sick if you combine the medicine which they buy from Rockefeller drug companies and go to Rockefeller hospitals and everybody's nipping and now they have the scam with it if you can't afford it the government's going to buy the drugs from the Rockefellers immunity right well that's why they had a Medicare system because the develop Medicare you know fak or nod mumble murder by injection that for many years they and they spent many of the dollars in Congress to fight Medicare because it was called government medicine and they didn't the doctors were very independent and everyone didn't want the government to control their business when I wound up as employees the government and that's what happened and now this new drug back they're going to supply the drugs to the people that can't afford it with taxpayers money but the drug companies will still get the money they get the money yeah because a lot of the people are buying drugs today and medications like elderly people like myself they couldn't afford the drugs and so the government will train for my money that's what a racket well it shows that these people are good businessman very good yeah I'm not very ethical though I well you and I could never think of such a diabolical plan well that's right you and I never could think of such a diabolical plan but unfortunately that doesn't stop those who can and we suffer from a lack of imagination on many of these subjects which makes us perfect victims for those who would so abuse positions of power and influence in order to increase one's own profitability well that of course was a brief snippet of an interview with Eustace Mullins and of course I'll put the link into the full video and interview so you can watch that on YouTube along with of course all of the other things that I mentioned in today's episode in the show notes at but well this is a pretty grand claim to be making that the Rockefellers were absolutely essential in shaping modern American medicine and this could be cast aside as mere conspiracy theory by those who are not so familiar with the Rockefellers or their influence and for example I mean just as one example of that we could cast our minds back to the last word on snake oil a video that I produced a couple of years ago showing that the Rockefellers roots ironically enough really does go back to medicine i ka ka fake medicine take a snake oil as the progenitor of the Rockefeller dynasty John D Rockefellers father was in fact not only a bigamist in a and a shuck stir but in fact also someone who would release old snake oil attempting to cure people's cancer and building himself as a doctor when he was in fact not a doctor so the Rockefellers roots and their their first attempt at amassing a fortune really does go straight back to the idea of Wells attempting to cure people's cancer while doing nothing of the sort that's just an ironic bit of history lesson and I'll include the link into that video as well so you can go and watch the last word on snake oil which i think is still very relevant today but but again there may be some who think oh Rockefeller oh you're just coming up with these crazy conspiracy theories what did the Rockefellers have to do with medicine anyway how did working for a Nobel laureate at the Rockefeller University shape your science career so that was a pretty serendipitous event in my life I knew I wanted to come back to New York City and I was applying to postdoctoral positions in New York City and a friend of mine at the time who was in New York City said to me if you're going to go and do your postdoc there you should go to the best possible place you can go and that's the Rockefeller University and for people who aren't familiar with it the Rockefeller University is one of the most unique universities you'll ever come across it doesn't have an undergraduate program it has a graduate program and an MD ph.d program it's small it has no departments it has no silos it's unbelievably well funded it's an amazing intellectual place and I applied and got an interview in this guy Paul green guards lab I was interested in the stuff that he was doing I went on my interview gave a presentation went out to dinner with him and got the got the offer and five months later he won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or medicine and I never could have known that that was going to happen when I accepted my position in the lab and I always joked with him afterwards that it's good that he I got in before he won the Nobel Prize because after he got it the applications to the lab were skyrocketing and I always thought I would never get in and he always said yes you would still get it I still get in but that experience showed me the best of science what's it like to be in one of the most world-renowned successful laboratories what's it like to be a scientist in a lab where funding isn't you know the biggest issue like it is in most labs well oh yes I mean that Rockefeller family yes the Rockefeller Foundation the Rockefeller University yes okay well I mean the Rockefeller name is associated with medicine but but not the family I mean they haven't had anything to do with it since the the founding of the Rockefeller Foundation back in the early 20th century right well this is of course something that is not really controversial for anyone who's actually studied the literature on the subject and which continues to amass a pace in fact earlier this year there was a book released via the auspices of guanxi Normal University Press published by a Chinese scholar entitled to change China the Rockefeller Foundation's century long journey in China which notes that again the Rockefeller Foundation was absolutely absolutely essential in shaping modern Chinese medicine as well as the American medical system and just reading from a short article on this and on global times it says quote the concept of traditional Chinese medicine TCM that stood in opposition to Western medicine developed in the late 19th century before that Chinese doctors were open and flexible in their acceptance of Western treatments and ideas but as Western techniques and theories outstripped Chinese ones and cultural conflicts developed the idea that traditional Chinese treatments were either outdated or needed to be defendant developed culminating in the division of Chinese medical practitioners into Western and Chinese medicine by the 1920s in her book to change China the Rockefeller Foundation century long journey in China just published in Chinese macchu Shah at associate professor of East Asian Studies at Oberlin College holds that NGOs especially the Rockefeller Foundation contributed to this process the basis of Western modern philanthropy that had had been established and the West was moving toward modern ideals of what evidence-based medicine when the Rockefeller Foundation endowed by billionaire john d rockefeller entered China in the early 20th century with the spreading of the missionary movements Rockefeller became increasingly interested in China Foundation bought the Union Medical School and renamed it the Peking Union Medical College the foundation not just wanted to establish a first-class School of Medicine in China it also introduced the u.s. Johns Hopkins medical model to the Peking Union Medical College Hospital and viewed it as a laboratory of their social ideas which reflects the Foundation's ambition to change China and quote I'll let you continue reading on on that subject and reading the book if you are so inclined but that's just one indication of the massive global reach that the Rockefeller family and the Rockefeller Foundation had very much so in the early 20th century and which continues to shape the societal and and educational and medical and all sorts of other institutional practices and institutions themselves to this very day as reflected by the previous clip that we just watched but again it's not a conspiracy and it's very much documented history how the Rockefeller Foundation in cooperation with some of the other corporate foundations that developed via the auspices of the robber barons of the 19th century had a profound effect on shaping American medical discourse in the late 19th early 20th century and again this has been documented many times many ways in many places by many people so let's take a look at just one example of that that goes towards explaining how the modern system of allopathic medicine as opposed to homeopathic medicine developed as a result of the Rockefellers in their influence the answer to this question may be found in some historic events that took place almost a century ago when official medicine finally managed to gain the upper hand on the so called empirical doctors who cured patients with herbs and natural remedies in the 1800's Society sanctioned both approaches to healing patience had a choice of using either doctors called allopaths or natural healers called empirics or homeopathy the two groups waged a bitter philosophical debate the allopathic doctors called their approach heroic medicine they believed the physician must aggressively drive disease from the body they based their practice on what they considered scientific theory the allopaths used three main techniques they bled the body to drain out the bad humors they gave huge doses of toxic minerals like mercury and led to displace the original disease they also used surgery but it was a brutal procedure before anesthesia and infection control few patients were willing to have surgery most patients feared allopathic methods altogether satirist of the day remarked that with allopathic treatment the patient died of the cure competing with the doctors were the empiric healers contrary to the doctors they believed in stimulating the body's own defenses to heal itself instead of poisonous minerals they used vegetable products and non-toxic substances in small quantities they especially favored herbs learn from Native American and old European traditions the empirics said they based their remedies not on theory but on observation and experience satirist of the day added that within Pyrrhic treatment the patient died of the disease not the cure and the balance of medical power remained equal until the turn of the century then new medical treatments emerged that were potentially very profitable the AMA joined with strong financial forces to transform medicine into an industry the fortunes of Carnegie Morgan and Rockefeller financed surgery radiation and synthetic drugs they were to become the economic foundations of the new medical economy the takeover of the medical industry was accomplished by a takeover of the medical schools well the people that were talking about Rockefeller and Carnegie in particular came to the picture and said we will put up money they offered tremendous amounts of money to the schools that would agree to cooperate with them the donor said to the schools we're giving you all this money now would it be too much to ask if we could put some of our people on your board of directors to see that our money is being spent wisely almost overnight all of the major universities received large grants from these sources and also accepted one two or three of these people that I mentioned on their board of directors and the schools literally were taken over by the financial interests that put up the money now what happened as a result of that is that the schools did receive an infusion of money they were able to build new buildings they were able to add expensive equipment to their laboratories they were able to hire top-notch teachers but at the same time as doing that they skewed the whole thing in the direction of pharmaceutical drugs that was the efficiency in philanthropy the doctors from that point forward in history would be taught pharmaceutical drugs all of the great teaching institutions in America were captured by the pharmaceutical interests in this fashion and it's amazing how little money it really took to do it surgery became viable with anesthesia and infection control and doctors advocated expensive radical operations these in turn produced the need for a large lucrative hospital system radium fever swept medicine the price of radium rose 1000% almost overnight another costly technological industry entered the hospital system a drug industry grew out of the booming patent medicine business the doctors changed educational standards and licensing regulations to exclude the empirics soon only AMA approved doctors could legally practice medicine in a brief twenty years the AMA came to dominate medical practice organized medicine launched a media campaign to associate the empirics with quacks the code word for competition was quackery so now the average doctor goes through school he gets a great education he has to be really smart to get through it he learns all about drugs he doesn't know too much about basic nutrition I found that the average wife of these physicians knows more about nutrition than he does but they sure know their drugs and if you go to your typical doctor today I don't care what it is chances are you going to walk out of there with a prescription why because that's what he has been trained to do we can see from all of this I think the bare threads of this argument and how it the Rockefeller Foundation really was influential in shaping the modern American medical system and what it has become where the Obama care actually forces people to buy into the private health insurance industry which of course only further inflates the rates of health care and makes it even less accessible for people who are struggling to make ends meet as it is well the very richest of the very top the not one percent but the point zero zero zero one percent the Rockefellers and others at the very very top who own the banks that print the money continue to expand and expand and expand their wealth even as the lowest people the lowest the people on the lowest rung economic rung of American society continued to fall ever downwards again this is a ridiculous system that could not have developed in any other way but through the careful masa nations of an institution like the Rockefeller Foundation and the people who were steering it at the time not necessarily the Rockefeller family so much as people like Frederick Gates who is an interesting character who we will have more to say about in future episodes this podcast but but people like that very much helped to shape this idea of philanthropy as a tool for social control and this is a point that is so fundamental it needs to be made again and again and to point out that when free lunches occur they are never really free and this is something we all understand intuitively and yet that thinking goes out the window for many people when they see a free government program oh the government's going to provide free health care well not really free but it's it's basically like they're providing health care to the people because they care so much think again and well let's start fleshing this out and let's start taking a look at the motivations behind a family like the Rockefellers and why they would Institute's the system like what we have in this day and age what is it that compels and motivates these people to do what they are doing the first and bassists and most easily understandable way that we can parse what is happening is of course to look at the profit motive because make no mistake about it there is a profit motive a very obvious one for a family that made its fortune in the petrochemical industry in oil specifically to find other uses for their petrochemicals including the manufacture of modern medicines which do rely to a large extent on petrochemicals a how look at that suddenly the dominant theme of Western medicine becomes how can we give people more petrochemical based medicines which we can jack up and inflate the price this is something that I think should be pretty easy to understand and the way that this was deliberately engineered into society can again be documented by people like Eustace Mullins see we were listening to earlier in this podcast and we'll listen to a clip from a different interview one that goes back even further a couple of decades now to to talk more about the process by which the Rockefellers did implement this system and Eustace Mullins is someone who should know having researched this topic carefully for one of his books murder by injection the story of the medical conspiracy against America which does go on to documents how the Rockefellers have important board board members on basically every major pharmaceutical company and and insurance company in America at least at the time of the writing of Mullins Bork every single board included at least two or three rockefeller company men basically Rockefeller associates who were associated with the Rockefeller bank or the Rockefeller Foundation or some Rockefeller institution or other so it should be no surprise there and it should be no no great mystery how all of this comes together to create a system that benefits people like the Rockefellers financially the greatest achievement of the modern drug trust was the invention of the thousand-dollar pill they have now they have one pill which costs a thousand dollars which used in cancer and various things and nature unfortunately has never learned how to make a thousand-dollar pill so obviously nature is no good as far as the medical monopoly is concerned but tell us a little bit just before we get into that also there's a difference between homeopathic medicine and allopathic and that's part of what we're discussing also tell us a little bit about that if you would used to smell it well what you're talking about is a historic situation in the nineteenth century most Americans thrived on what is called homeopathic medicine which is mostly naturopathic remedies available through nature in abundance at low cost well the medical monopoly which was born in 1847 as the American Medical Association they didn't like this they thought how are doctors going to get rich and how are we going to control the people through the medical monopoly when they can go to these homeopathic people and get these remedies at very low cost so the first point of the AMA was we will never allow any homeopathic physician to become a member of the AMA and they never helped so but AMA was still in the minority so around the turn of the century john d rockefeller realized there were great potentialities of profit in the medical industry and so he took over the medical profession now you say how could anybody take over the medical profession well first you have to have a lot of money and second you have a lot of power well he had both and he did so he revamped the entire medical system of treatment of the people of the United States which had been homeopathic he switched it over to allopathic medicine which is a different type of practice originating in Germany and the great attraction of allopathic medicine is it relies on radical surgery I mean if you can't cure it cut it off and the heavy use of drugs because when you have your limbs cut off you need a lot of drugs because it's so very disturbing and lengthy hospital stays none of which fee are features of homeopathic medicines entirely the reverse so by taking over the medical industry in 1910 through studies which he made through the Carnegie Foundation john d rockefeller emerged as the kingpin of the medical monopoly in the united states and he now presided over an allopathic system of medicine controlled through every legislature by accreditation of hospitals control of physicians control of medications and which is essentially what we have today so from 1910 when this change was effected right to the present day the cost of healthcare has multiplied astronomically in the United States to the point where it is no longer available to most American citizens so how did they counteract this when they got us to the point where the average working man could not afford hospital care or the allopathic system of treatment they set up an insurance industry medical insurance and through this they were able to spread out the costs among everybody and health insurance today is simply another tax on the American people in fact it functions through the Social Security system as a tax on the recipients of Social Security they say well now you've reached your senior citizens thank you have Social Security coming in so then they jerk back a good portion of it for as Medicare costs which they raise every year and so eventually probably Social Security and Medicare will be equal so you'll get a church a check every month which will be zero zero zero they say well here's your Social Security check but we've deducted your Medicare costs and so now you get zero and it's connell Din to the Rockefeller styled monopoly whoever is involved in it all of the all of the money from the health industry goes into the medical monopoly and the drug trust interestingly enough there are close control every major drug company in the world and now when I say control I mean directly they have among the directors and officials of each of the 18 largest drug companies in the world they have men from Chase Manhattan Bank from the Exxon oil company and so forth so they're right there the names I have all the names in my book murder by ejection and with this kind of control and monopoly they have been jacking up the health costs on the American people a monthly not yearly but monthly I think all of this is easy enough to understand and easy enough to follow from A to B to C to C how a Rockefeller family and john d rockefeller with an almost incalculable fortune back at the turn of the century was able to parlay that fortune into a founded tax-exempt foundation let's not forget that was able to invest its resources in a philanthropic concerns quote-unquote that even helped to parlay that fortune even further so that hid Rockefellers heirs are even more substantially wealthy although not if you read Forbes wealthiest men in the world list but do you really trust that list but it suffice it to say I think it is easy enough to understand how the Rockefeller Foundation has been used to further Rockefeller cartel interests and we've seen that in previous editions of this podcast for example the truth about the gene revolution where we looked at how the Green Revolution and then the gene revolution both Rockefeller funded and supported endeavors have gone on to serve Rockefeller cartel interests in the monopolization of the food supply well in the precise same way we can document and and look at how the monopolization of health care services in the United States has again furthered the Rockefeller cartel interests this time in the Rockefeller drug Empire and the pharmaceutical industry that is related to it but I think we also have to understand that there is something deeper behind this an agenda that goes beyond the mere profit motive because it is something of a truism that once we get into the rarefied part of the the economic atmost Rattus fear in that the Rockefellers and Rothschilds and the other point zero zero zero one percent of the elite reside in where they not only have access to unlimited amounts of wealth but access to the processes by which that wealth is created and/or destroyed ie the banks themselves that create the money out of thin air I think we understand that profit isn't in and of itself a motivating driving factor for the David Rockefellers and others of the world there has to be something more fundamental at base and as I've made the point many many times on this podcast and in the interviews that I do I think that the at the end of the day this is not about money this is about power and money can be parlayed and used as a type of currency to buy and purchase power but ultimately it is the power itself that is the important factor in this equation and this power is being wielded for a specific purpose the driving motivating ideology of these cartel families and one that has motivated them demonstrably for generations which is to say eugenics and depopulation in 1952 John D the third founded the population council an organization dedicated to promoting the now debunked fear that overpopulation would ravage the earth and cause mass death by the year 2000 Rockefeller appointed Fredrick Osborn the leader of the American eugenics society as its first president in the 60s the Rockefellers funded a w-h-o administered Task Force on vaccines for fertility regulation developed 80 fertility vaccines a taskforce that eventually succeeded in developing an anti HCG vaccine that caused spontaneous abortions in vaccinated women in the 90s w-h-o administered tetanus vaccine programs in multiple countries were wracked with scandal when it was discovered that vaccines were laced with HCG and causing spontaneous abortions in the third-world populations who were being unknowingly injected with them David Rockefeller continues to promulgate the same overpopulation fear mongering always framing the problem so as deposit the United Nations as the only solution without noting that the UN was built on land donated by his family on the ashes of the League of Nations an organization founded by Rockefellers and their family allies last year David Rockefeller hosted a meeting of billionaires including Ted Turner George Soros Bill Gates and others at which they concluded that overpopulation was the world's most pressing problem the Rockefeller Foundation gives grants to Planned Parenthood the population council and others you can see here in 1997 they did a study actually giving fertility control agents to people in in in India here is the research grant in action and if you remember just a minute ago I talked about the population council these people are getting money from the Rockefeller Foundation they said mass use of fertility control agent by government to regulate births at an acceptable level this is actually here once again public information by the population council from 1969 the overall Rockefeller goal well they say in part quote science would eventually come to control the fundamental processes of biology they literally want to control the entire cycle of life from birth to death everything in between they want to control hormones they want to control glands they want to control genes they have no limit to what they intend to accomplish and all their funding towards genetic research and more has been part of this goal it was part of their ultimate means of social control and social engineering eugenics ironically however the very innovations that are making possible dramatic improvements in human wellbeing are also creating new problems which raise the specter of an alarming and possibly catastrophic disaster to the biosphere we live in and herein lies the dilemma that we all face let me illustrate improved public health has caused the world's infant mortality rate to decline by 60 percent over the last 40 years in the same period the world's average life expectancy has increased from forty six years in 1950s to sixty-three years today this is a development which as individuals we can only applaud however the result of these positive measures is a world population that has risen during the same short period of time geometrically to almost 6 billion people and could easily exceed 16 8 billion by the year 2020 the negative impact of population growth on all of our planetary ecosystems is becoming appallingly evident there is a guiding motivating driving ideology behind these 0.0001% economic elites the powers that shouldn't be it is the desire to get rid of you and me and the people around us from the gene pool so that they and their progeny can survive into the future well that is a pretty dark note on which to leave things but unfortunately this is the real underlying reality behind the modern American health care system and the problems that we see developing out of it and it's not problems that are going to be fixed by some manna from heaven Affordable Care Act or anything that is launched or initiated or spearheaded by the bought and paid for executive branch or the bought and paid for legislature or upheld in the Supreme Court by the bought and paid for judicial branch of the US government once again the answer is not going to come from the US government or it's bought and paid for corporate cronies because this is of course the system that has been engineered carefully over the course of generations and shaped by the Rockefeller Foundation and other very special interests who literally control the access to resources on the planet this is a point that we've talked about in previous episodes we will continue to elaborate in future episodes and we will continue to talk about healthcare and the ways that modern and Western medicine is not 100% evil that would be cartoonish and too simplistic it does certainly provide some benefits but it is the poison pills that they are able to insert sometimes literally poison pills that they're able to insert into that mix which is the insidious part of all of this and I think there's a lot more to be said about eugenics and depopulation and how this figures into it but as I say we will leave that for further explorations in further episodes of today's of this podcast but today I'm going to leave all of you out there with the dual task this week not only of continuing this research for yourself as always and informing me of what you find through the contact form at but perhaps more importantly spreading the information we've looked at today to others as they as the Obamacare Fiasco makes this a talking point in an American society at any rate at the moment this is a prime opportunity to inform others about the real roots of the modern American healthcare system and how we arrived at this spot in the first place it is not just happenstance it's not just one of those things you shrug your shoulders and say well I wonder how America became the most expensive healthcare system in the world it has been engineered that way carefully through through methodical planning over the course of generations by people with almost unthinkable amounts of wealth and access the resources to make that happen so I will once again leave you today with that humble task of attempting to spread this to others and inserting some truth into the conversations that are happening right now about Obamacare and on that note I am thanking you once again for joining me for addition of the podcast and asking you to join me again next week for another edition the Corbett report is brought to you by the Corbett report subscriber a weekly newsletter featuring James Corbett's international forecaster editorial recommended reading and viewing discounts on Corbett report DVDs and once a month a subscriber only video sign up today to start receiving your copy at slash support


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    Tragically and despite Trump being in office, Obama is not done raping us.

  4. Psychiatry is our Gulag Archipelago. Please see Thomas Szasz, Coercion as cure : a critical history of psychiatry.

  5. Kraft Foods & Chemical and MK ULTRA, Rockefeller Medicine; S.W.A.T.: Soviet Women Assault Teams, This belongs to Them…… Lenin Medicine & Trotsky Medical…. Nurses….. AMA Asshole Mensheviks Assaultters…. Rockefellers from Spain Turks….. Monsanto's Tucks(Turks)…. Pharicees=Necronomicon Satan Jews.. Sigmen Freiud; The Head of MK ULTRA…

  6. This took it too far. CT and surgery villified! Cmon now!! Next broken bone you have, good luck fixing it with your ginko biloba…

  7. Profit and Healthcare should NEVER go together…. In Capitalism it does, thus it creates a criminal disaster.

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