Ron Paul: Saving The American Health Care System Part 1

Oh what do you view as the most pressing health care problem in the United States well it's the fact that the system that we have today isn't working and nobody's happy so if changes have to come the United States slipped to number 37 in the world's healthcare systems it's true 37 is the ranking according to the world health organization's latest data on 191 countries it's based on general health level patient satisfaction access and how it's paid for the direction that we're going in if we don't change it the system will not be sustainable because we can't afford it we all know that health care costs have been increasing if you look between 1960 and today health care costs more than tripled as a share of the economy from under five percent of GDP or gross domestic product in 1962 more than fifteen percent today i'll talk about health care in general but i just like to acknowledge that the anxiety everybody's feeling is warranted this is a big problem and it's going to require some serious focus both socially and politically and i will add parenthetically economically it is the kind of problem if it's left unchecked could erode this the solvency of a great economy it is the scale of a problem that could undermine prosperity it is already redefining our nation's macroeconomic equation we're seeing substantially less money I believe that going into education and things like innovation rd investment in other areas because of the flow of funds and and economic value into healthcare I would argue that the most serious threat to the United States is not someone hiding in a cave in Afghanistan or Pakistan but our own fiscal irresponsibility is come for General of the United States he runs the Government Accountability Office the GAO which audits the government's books and serves as the investigative arm of the US Congress I'm going to show you some numbers they're all big and they're all bad so bad that Walker has given up on elected officials and taken his message directly to taxpayers and opinion-makers Dave Walker how r I could see it hoping to shape the debate in the next presidential election you know the American people I tell you we've been to 13 cities outside of Washington siska wake up toward they are absolutely starved for two things the truth and leadership in terms of overall health care spending after the share of health care spending in the economy more than tripled between 1960 and today we projected it would more than double again between today and 2035 rising two more than thirty percent by that year in terms of Medicare and Medicaid we project that spending today which is four percent of the economy would more than triple by 2050 reaching twelve percent of the economy by that year and almost nineteen percent of the economy or roughly nineteen percent of the economy by the end of the projection window beginning next year and for twenty years thereafter 78 million Americans will become pensioners and medical dependence of the US taxpayer the first baby boomer will reach 62 and be eligible for early retirement or Social Security January 1 2008 they'll be eligible for Medicare just three years later and when those boomers start retiring in mass then that will be a tsunami of spending that could swamp our ship of state if we don't get serious we have been largely misdiagnosing the nation's fiscal problem and I am guilty of this as are many of my former colleagues in the think tank community and elsewhere in the media the nation's long-term fiscal problem is typically described as being driven mostly by the coming retirement of the baby boomers that the tidal wave of aging and while that is a factor it is not even close to the most important factor this chart shows you the fact the pure effect of the aging distribution of the population so that is that the population is growing older in that dark blue line or the dark blue area the light blue area is the effect of cost growth above and beyond aging and above and beyond GDP growth I think it's pretty obvious from the graph that while aging is there or the effect of the aging population is present it's not the dominant force and in fact by 20 by the end of the projection window the aging pod distribution or they sorry the aging of the population distribution accounts for only about ten percent of the projected increase in Medicare and Medicaid costs so that is not where the money is the money is in the light blue area and we are paying far too little attention to what could help bend that curve in the light blue area and far too much attention to in effect the impact of that dark blue area the real problem steve is health care costs our health care problem is much more significant than Social Security what do you mean by that by that I mean that the Medicare problem is five times greater than the social security problem the problem with Medicare Walker says is people keep living longer and medical costs keep rising at twice the rate of inflation but instead of dealing with the problem he says the president and the Congress made things much worse just three years ago when they expanded the Medicare program to include prescription drug coverage the prescription drug bill was probably the most fiscally irresponsible piece of legislation since the 1960s the unbalanced well because we've promised way more that we can afford to keep a trillion-dollar added to what was already a 15 to 20 trillion dollar underfunding we're not being realistic we can't afford the promises we've already made much less to be able to piling on top of them with one stroke of the pen Walker says the federal government increased existing Medicare obligations nearly forty percent over the next 75 years we'd have to have eight trillion dollars today invested at Treasury rates to deliver on that promise and how much do we have zip Walker says we have promised almost unlimited health care to senior citizens who never see the bills and the government is already borrowing money to pay them he says the system is unsustainable it's the number one fiscal challenge for the federal government it's the number one fiscal challenge for state government and it's the number one competitiveness challenge for American business we're going to have to dramatically and fundamental reform our health care system in installments over the next 20 years and if we don't and if we don't it could bankrupt America you're probably expecting to hear from someone who disagrees with the Comptroller generals numbers projections and analysis but hardly anyone does he is accompanied on the wake up tour by economists from the conservative Heritage Foundation left-leaning brookings institution and the nonpartisan Concord Coalition let's go the only dissenter seemed to be a small minority of economists who believe either that the US can grow its way out of the problem or that Walker is overstating it unfortunately they don't get it I don't know anybody who has done their homework has researched history and who's good at math who would tell you that we can grow our way out of this problem economic growth alone is unlikely to solve the nation's impending fiscal problems Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke validated much of Walker's take on the situation at Congressional hearings this year and so did ranking Republicans and Democrats on the Senate Budget Committee this is not just about numbers we are mortgaging the future of our children and grandchildren at record rates and that is not only an issue of fiscal irresponsibility it's an issue of immorality


  1. Im sorry, but this is an outside view from a non american, but i cant see how a country developed as much as the USA cant have a socialised health care system, when every other developed country does, its a basic right of life, the UN even outlines it in the Humanitarian guidelines for basic human right which USA helped to create. Just makes no sense to me

  2. In my view there are some things,perhaps very difficult to understand, that create difficulties in US healthcare system
    a)the absence of a powerful general practitioner who can stop the unuseful expenditures by knowing the patient since many years b)the diffuse practise of "defensive medicine" that forces doctors to prescribe dozens of examinations clinically not rilevant. They are not useful, but very expensive
    c)the high level of debt of Doctors, who loose the indipendence

  3. bush did the same thing they are all the same. Ron Paul seems like the only one
    who stands up for his beliefs and not the party

  4. " Money is what makes the world go round ". Only a rich snob would believe that because they can afford anything. I don't believe it either, money is evil. It controls everyone's decisions making nowadays. If money never existed but we've found a better way for the world go round, it would be a much happier place. It would probably be the same as Heaven.

  5. to all american and others who want to see a very good documentary about american healthcare with michael more.

  6. Thinking of the bureaucratic overlay needed to run a national healthcare system, for a diverse population of some 300 million Americans, well, the mind boggles. A disentangling of govt. meddling in the healthcare and insurance system, with a concomitant reassertion of a self-regulating, and competitive free-market, will foster greater choice for the consumer, as well as lower costs of healthcare and insurance. Americans spend more on healthcare because it is effectively a govt. cartel.

  7. I have lost so much of the respect I once had for the American Government. Borrow money for college and it`s like paying back loan sharks. The sell and resell your loans for higher interest rates. Lose your job and you have no healthcare. We pay for criminals to have free everything including cable tv and then we have to pay for women who have six children by six different men. When does it stop. When does the tax payer get something back from the taxes the pay in? fed up.

  8. If the free market were given a chance to thrive, it would trump any socialized healthcare. It's unlikely that it will get a chance as everything gets lost in the bureaucracy of our broken government.

  9. Why is it that so many Americans seem incapable of having any sort of discussion about anything very much without resorting to abusive language and generally bad grammar and spelling? I can only think that this is as a result of a poor education. Most civilised countries think that Health Care is a fundamental human right.

  10. Because a lot of Americans feel that providing health care for all citizens, no matter how admirable, is not a proper role for government. There is another, very different and much more sustainable way of improving the U.S health system, through very different means, such as the policies presented here.

  11. Goodness I am glad I live in Europe. Our NHS is the best thing that we have. My parents were looked after wonderfully and I am proud to live in a country that cares for all its people. Americans why on earth are you not demanding something similar?

  12. in a socialized system, those people abusive about their health gets a care they want without paying any money…those who don't abuse have to line on cue with the same people who are abusive because that's how the system works. so if you are sick although not abusive of your health, but needs urgent attention because it's a matter of life and death may end up dead just because one has to wait in the waiting list which is the reality in free healthcare system.

  13. Squire You are one dumb fuck I don't know why I am responding to your utterly retarded post. No it's not a right, you have to PAY for health care, just like FOOD, SHELTER, and CLOTHING. At least for now in this country you do, until it goes communist, you have to still pay for shit in a capitalist country.

    Now go beat off to your Fidel Castro pictures.

  14. jackolini….Make up your mind 'it isnt a right' – is it all charity then ? Look you already made yourself look foolish enough – your not likely to let anything like the truth get in the way of that crayon infested logic. For those who dont have any crayons there – just have a browse and find the websites for NHS UK and read Wikepedia too – everyone except jackolini will find it at least interesting or hopefully enlightening.

  15. Health care isn't a right dipshit. And nobody, not even illegal aliens in this country get turned away from health care.

    Now go beat off to your Fidel Castro pictures.

  16. So I guess the other 34 million can go fuck themselves then as far as you care ? I wonder what your day will be like when you lose your job and health insurance ? Or maybe your IN the health Insurance business – well that would explain all the crap you spout !

  17. I see you also forgot to mention how the US hospitals are now 'DUMPING' their expired Insurance patients on the local charity hospitals by TAXI ? When you ever manage to get the crayon from your brain I think you'll begin to understand that 'some' people care about others and not just their own selves – something so many of you countryman have done naturally for a LONG time – just not YOU !

  18. When you get beyond the age of playing video games you might – just MIGHT start to find some intelligent thinking inside your 'crayon infested' brain. The point that was made is that NOBODY – even in Cuba is TURNED AWAY BECAUSE THEY DONT HAVE INSURANCE. I have no doubt at all that many people DO die in the streets in the US but far more die at home because they DONT HAVE HEALTH CARE !
    I do note you completely IGNORED all the other relevant points in the film-FRANCE,UK etc etc – why's that ???

  19. LOL squaire you are a complete idiot. Yeah people don't get treated in the United States, the uninsured are dying in the streets every day. That is news to me.

    Michael Moore's sicko showed Cuba's health care system for the ELITE, NOT THE AVERAGE CUBAN OFF THE STREET. I suppose you think that if you are an average cuban citizen, driving a car from the 1950s, isn't going to have to be placed on a waiting list for a major illness, THEN YOU ARE FUCKING DELUSIONAL.

  20. Just in case it still escapes your comprehension – if a smaller proportion of people get treated then the survivors become a higher proportion. And I may add that Britains health service is no longer anywhere near the best in Europe either and yet still far better than the gamble US citizens have to take with their insurance which is fine until you get ILL !

  21. NO you get your facts straight DIPSHIT ! Remember your US figures ONLY apply to those who get treated – NOT those who cant afford it – they are not considered -EVERYONE gets treated in Europe – FACT. As for Cuba – DESPITE the US embargo which has lasted almost 50 YEARS it can STILL treat people for FREE ! When the day comes you need healthcare and your insurance is either declined or runs out (you know – when your get older than 26) I bet you scream about how UNFAIR it is then !

  22. Yeah Europe's health care is so great. That's why Britian has an 18% higher morality rate of surviving a major illness than in the United States. You are more likely to survive 12 out the 15 major cancers in the United States then anywhere else in the world.

    Get your facts straight before you post dipshit.

  23. You have to be high as fuck right now if you think Cuba has a better health care system than the United States.

    If Cuba, it's government, and health care system are so great, then why the fuck do people every day risk their lives floating over here on janky rafts?

    And health care isn't only for the wealthy, it's for the people who WORK for a living, contribute something to society. Of the 46 million uninsured, 12 million are illegal aliens who don't belong here in the first place.

  24. Please remember the quality of the health care 'available' to most Americans will be limited to their Insurance. When that runs out – you DIE ! Throughout europe you will find the highest quality health care available in the world – but it just may not include cable TV(although most do) and 24 hour room service at $5K a day. Please dont take offence but its stunning how little Americans know of the world outside their borders-its almost like the old USSR !!!

  25. ermmm-I'm really not quite sure what your disagreeing with?So socialised health is cheaper than private then so its not fair to compare it?Then you says it doesnt regard the 'quality' of that care even though the highest quality of such care is only available to very few Americans who can afford?Who is telling you this rubbish about poor quality health care outside the US-yes Insurance companies etc?I suggest you watch "SICKO" BY Michael Moore for the TRUTH! You'll find even CUBA have better!

  26. The 37th ranking is complete bullshit. You should see the criteria used for that ranking. 25% of it's ranking is financial fairness which basically favors socialized medical care. Since we are still a somewhat free marker country, guess where we rank in that area?

    The ranking is biased because it is basically about the overall fairness of health care, not the quality.

  27. It may also be of interest for you to know that where a pioneering treament IS available in the US or ANYWHERE. Many countries with 'SOCIAL HEALTH PROGRAMS' send their patients FREE OF CHARGE' to those as well ! No country in the world can offer EVERY treatment YET !

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