Ron Paul: Saving the American Health Care System Part 2

Oh what do you view as the most pressing health care problem in the United States well it's the fact that the system that we have today isn't working and nobody's happy so if changes have to come do you think the unhappiness comes from the cost the lack of coverage the quality of care which is it yes all three all three I mean it just isn't working the cost is going up the delivery service is bad the doctors are unhappy the patients are unhappy and there's some people involved for financial reasons I the care has been taken away from the doctor-patient relationship and delivered to corporations so it's a Wall Street event who invented the system how did this all begin where did the HMO start thanks to the wonders of magnetic tape we know and the reason that he could the reason he can do it I had a good pleasure come in time and optics and I want to do it sunday all the incentives are for less medical care way I am proposing today a new national health strategy the purpose of this program is simply this Iowa America to have the finest health care in the world and I want every American to be able to have that care when he needs it at the same time we've created a corporate run medical system which means that the laws in the early 70s 35 years ago the laws were changed to encourage tax benefits to corporations and then mandates on these corporations on providing medical services such an such a you know precise manner and this is done one thing the most important thing it did was push the prices higher the inflation gravitated you know of course to met it to medical care and so this has failed the costs have gone up the prophets have gone to the HMOs the ppos the hospital management companies to the drug companies and on and on and it's undermined the doctor-patient relationship it's made the doctors upset they're dropping out of say a social social security medicare and medicaid they won't take it and they generally don't like to take care of the military just because too much government involvement and so the doctors are unhappy the patients are unhappy the corporation's as long as they're making a lot of profits they seem to be satisfied when the prescription drug program came along another another big entitlement increased by those conservative Republicans the lobbyist for the drug companies they came and spent millions tens of millions of dollars lobbying for that bill so I reject that system the country has to make a decision on whether we go toward a freer market approach or whether we go toward more socialized medicine because we're we're in the middle now we have corporate medicine and I don't think it's a good system at all and as you know there is this great philosophical divide that you just described between investing the power of healthcare in government versus the private sector some of your opponent's among Republicans and certainly among the Democrats favor more government involvement you fall on the other end why well and how because because every service I believe you know from a philosophic viewpoint that all services and goods are best delivered in the marketplace under a free system if you want cell phones you don't ask FEMA to set up a bureaucracy and say we want to deliver cell phones at the maximum effort you know most people give them to them the most people possible at the cheapest rate know the market did that prices keep going on whether it's computers or televisions or cell phones those prices go down in spite of inflation we have in constant installation in medicine although there's more technology available to us prices keep going up so unless we recognize that we will go in the wrong wrong direction and there's ways we can go in the directions of delivering healthcare in a free market system is through health savings accounts letting patients have more control make sure they can pick their doctors make sure that if they want holistic medicine they can i'm also an advocate of a lot freer entry into the marketplace because physicians and health professionals have always liked to protect their industry through licensures so there are some things that a nurse could do every bit as well as i can do but by lightened by the law they can't do it and they can't prescribe so you need more competition so there's a lot of reasons why the free market could do a much better job at a lot less cost


  1. @geewhiz7, European systems are "trained" to work with little resources because the motto is: an uncomplete therapy is better than no therapy at all. with this premise,and without the right to promote legal trials by patients, it is possible to guarantee a "fine" healthcare for all citizens. in USA it is impossible to work without huge expenditures,because doctors always want the best -and often the most unesuful – technology

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