1. This poor baby girl and her sister is a bitch and her husband murdered that little girl made justice be for her baby belong behind bars

  2. Jennifer was probably beating that poor little girl as she was lying there somebody needs to beat that bitch with the same thing she was beaten those kids with who does that

  3. For the husband he needs to be put in jail to for life how dare him just sit there and watch her beat those poor little girls piece of shit pussy

  4. How can somebody defend to monsters beating children she needs to shut her mouth so my needs to beat her

  5. So the defense is saying what?? The FPs were performing CPR & the Heimlich so inaccurately that their hands were up by her neck & on her bum? Had they also been doing both for a number of days leading up to the baby "choking" & that caused various stages of bruising & an arm fracture that was potentially healing for several weeks? Sounds to me like the defense has absolutely NOTHING valid to defend these A-holes with so they are grasping at straws.

    I was a case manager for DCF in Florida for years & part of the licensing procedure for foster home licensing was & still is CPR/First Aid cert training…

  6. God, bless me with a handsome doctor with a southern accent like mine. He can save my life anytime! Don't care about the money, love a smart, driven, confident man. Looking like Ray LIOTTA doesn't hurt either. Yum yum.

  7. Omg! That stupid defense attorney!! Wanna ask about well nourished 🙄 when the baby literally DIED!! Broken bones and all!!

  8. Def lawyer has no companion for these little girls just like Jennifer & Joseph specially only about their nutrition

  9. Def lawyer has no companion for these little girls just like Jennifer & Joseph specially only about their nutrition

  10. He doesn't sound happy the condition that poor little was in when she died u can hear the anger in his voice

  11. This doctor said that in over 100,000 emergency patients, he had never seen diffuse bruising from CPR or the Heimlich, before Laila. Bruising on her pelvis and the small of her back that couldn't be from falls. I have never been as angry watching videos, as I have been watching this trial. Ever.

  12. Heart goes out to this handsome doctor. Such a sad situation and thankfully there's doctors like him out tgere.

  13. Defense attorney is a dumb ass…as was stated below, someone fed her, BUT someone fractured her arm and killed her…and that would be assholes sitting at her table.

  14. There's no airs or graces about the doctor, all those poor medical staff must struggle seeing children of abuse and not wanting to punch someone out

  15. Hes giving the perps the death glances love Dr dreamy here hate those baby killers I am pretty sure they gonna get theirs!

  16. Does the defense plan to share “how she did cpr. How she did the Heimlich maneuver?” Inquiring minds would love to know the excuses.

  17. They had an AGENDA!!!!! Why? It is her personal reason. She needs help in coming to the realization of the physical & emotional pain she has inflicted upon small children with a RESULT of death on smallest/youngest Victim! She needs to be told of the pain she has inflicted on EVERYONE!!!! This is just not hurting the biological family, but the community and everyone else that is now realizing what other types of predators are out there since 2015 being prosecuted in 2019. Jennifer why? Are you a narcissist? Or just plain evil?

  18. Those little girls must have been so fightened permanently for 4 months!!! That def attorney is prob gonna claim that the baby arrived at the foster home with a broken arm!! That Jennifer must've enjoyed torturing those children!!! I hope they kick shit outta her in prison!!

  19. Would this kind of fracture be painful? Are you fkn kidding me what kind of question is that!! I had a hairline frature in my wrist i was crying and screaming in pain . So can only imagine the pain that baby felt.

  20. It completely broke my heart when he did the pose regarding the nightstick fracture…i can’t get that image out of my head of that poor baby trying to defend herself 😔

  21. Please tell me that this defense attorney isn't trying to pass the bruising, abrasions, and internal organ injuries on this baby's body, off as being caused by CPR and/or the hiemlich! This oxymoron, is going to help convict her own clients, for sure!

  22. This dr was not happy seeing the injuries on this child. Got the little girl x-rayed from top to bottom. He was disgusted & upset with the injuries on 2yr old Laila

  23. You can tell by the pic they show his face turns red. He is pissed, his heart is hurting, he feels a loss as if she was his own. Sad.

  24. I couldn't be a defense attorney and defend parents like these who are just worthless evil monsters. I hope they are tortured every day of their miserable lives.

  25. Why why why do they need this court reporter talking into that stupid device.. cant they just tape it and transcribe it? That is the most stupid looking thing ever, along with the huge cones people stuck in their ears to hear better.

  26. That was a stupid objection on defense side cause the perimedic had to explain what they did in ambulance. It has to be reported to the doctor when arriving there what was she afraid of

  27. The big evil bitch broke that little baby! I'm ellited that she got just what she deserve!! She is a stone killer!!!!!!!!

  28. I was watching the doctor when testifying glancing over at Jennifer & Joseph with disgust I just noticed it when defense attorney was asking questions

  29. Ohhhhh I hope the two of them live in HELL every single day for the rest of their lives… only a coward abuses a child. So sorry sweet girl so many people let u down!!! 😢🙏

  30. Every adult involved in the welfare of these children should be prosecuted to the fullest extent. How scary it is that THIS IS THE UNITED STATES FOSTER CARE SYSTEM.

  31. That poor little baby girl . After years and years of taking care of ppl , this doctor is obviously deeply saddened and disheartened at the thought of someone purposely harming this sweet baby. So sad.

  32. Why couldn’t the biological grandmother ( not great grandmother) have taken those babies in so they never would have been in the care of that monster she looks evil I got a chill just looking at her eyes of a picture of her

  33. What malnutrition got to do with broken bones bruises all over her little body. This dr is not stupid the CPR would not cause this type of bruising that's why he got x-rays done

  34. That jennifer woman is a monster . Drug addict or not if they left that baby with her real mother she would still be alive and treated alot better than that monster treated her .

  35. Omg she's trying alking to a doctor not just someone she picked off the street. CPR & hymican would not cause broken bones and bruises all over their little bodies even if the person didn't know how to do it some of the bruises were old ones plus the broken arm I did hear Jennifer got the broken arm checked when it happened

  36. Love the fact that this dr basically made a paper trail by ordering a full body scan to show old fractures bc he knew this angel were being abused by those demons !!! Praise God for placing his angels in the right places. He did his part by speaking up for those babies and making sure those guilty of hurting them would get what they deserved and they would get justice !! Rest In Peace sweet babies! May you be seated at his feet in his kingdom and NEVER HURT, be SCARED, worried ever again but only feel love and peace !!!

  37. this is so sad, cant believe it how someone can be so evil, she needs that done to her and locked up for good so she cannot do this again to some poor innocent child

  38. There's a difference between new and old bruising, and if those bruises were made during an attempted heimlich remover, then wouldn't the doctors know?

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