RRCC Physician Assistant Program, F.A.Q.

Thank you for your interest in the Red Rocks
Community College Physician Assistant Program. This brief informational session will address
the questions of the applicant that is applying to this program. For more information about the PA profession,
please visit aapa.org or attend one of our live info sessions. The dates are posted on the left banner of
the RRCC PA website. Most of the answers to the applicant questions
we receive can be found on our website, so please be sure to read our website carefully,
including the Frequently Asked Questions tab, as we publish the most up-to-date information
here. The mission of our program is to prepare Physician
Assistants to practice and promote empathetic primary care focused medicine that serves
the community. The admissions committee’s goal is to identify
candidates who will most closely fit the mission of our program. Our curriculum emphasizes the primary care
aspects of medical specialties. All students will have clinical experiences
with underserved populations including rural communities. The RRCC PA Program is a 27-month Master’s
Degree program. PA Students at RRCC spend approximately 36
to 40 hours per week in the classroom, and 36 to 70 hours per week in supervised clinical
practice experiences. PA education must be considered a full-time
job. We strongly discourage students from working
during the program. On our website, you will find the Prerequisite
Courses tab. Here you will find detailed information regarding
all prerequisites for the program. Please note, no substitutions are allowed
for any prerequisite. These requirements are there to ensure you
have the base knowledge needed to be successful in the program. All prerequisites must be met by the deadlines
posted in order for your application to be reviewed by the admissions committee. Only applications that meet all prerequisites
and all deadlines will be reviewed. Successful applicants are chosen out of hundreds
if not thousands of applicants. As you can see from this illustration, we
have many more qualified applicants than we can admit into the program. Some are excellent applicants, but may be
a better fit for another program. Additionally, many of our current students
have applied more than once to the program. If you are not admitted to a PA program on
your first attempt, we encourage you to look at your application for areas of improvement. Could your GPA be improved? Could you improve your grades in prerequisite
courses? Could you learn more about the PA profession? Could you diversify your healthcare relevant
experience? However, many times, the program just does
not have the capacity for all qualified applicants. Finally, I’d like to address some frequently
asked questions. Do I need Cell Biology and Genetics? Yes, a 200 level, also known as sophomore
level, Cell Biology course and Genetics course are required. Will a 100 level Genetics count? No. Please note there is a Genetics offered through
the Colorado Community College System that is not 200-level and does not meet the program’s
prerequisite for Genetics. Both Genetics and Cell Biology must be at
least the 200 level or higher. What Physics do I need? The program’s Physics requirement is for an
Algebra-based Physics or higher. This includes Calculus-based. Astronomy Physics does not meet the program’s
prerequisites for Physics. Is there a minimum GPA requirement? Yes, applicants must achieve a minimum cumulative
GPA of 3.0 in prerequisite courses. Is the GRE required? Yes, however there is no minimum score requirement
for the GRE. Many applicants ask about the healthcare relevant
experience requirement. The program requires 2000 hours of paid healthcare
relevant experience within the last five year. Many of our students have experience as an
MA, EMT, respiratory therapist, or scribe just to name a few. However, the admissions committee has admitted
those with research, veterinary, or dental experience. It is up to each applicant to explain to the
committee in the application how your healthcare relevant experience has prepared you for the
PA profession. No pay stubs or timesheets are required in
the documentation of the 2000 hours. The hours are documented in your CASPA application. The admissions committee considers the hours
you have indicated on your CASPA application at the time of your application review. The committee does not project hours or assume
you have continued to work at the time of review. International applicants can apply with a
bachelor’s degree or higher from a foreign institution. Please see our website for the professional
transcript service verifying foreign degrees. Although your degree may come from a foreign
institution, all prerequisite courses must be taken at an accredited U.S. institution. I again encourage you to reference the Frequently
Asked Questions section of our website for further detailed questions and answers. Best wishes to you in your pursuit of one
of the best careers in America!

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