Russell Brand On Having Social Anxiety!

social anxiety do you suffer from the old social anxiety I think I do a bit you know you might be going somewhere what is he a gathering or bad dinner party or a party of any description I didn't used to really acknowledge the anxiety and nervousness because I was on drugs and what that did is it created a nice fuzzy wall of drugs between me and the social situation I was scared of course then there are negative consequences to the drugs you have to stop that now back to the nervousness I don't go out that much to tell the truth once you're happily married and you don't take drugs or drink anymore they're less reasons to go out but we are social animals at least we do need to communicate and cooperate successfully with other humans I'm analyzed my own social anxiety he won't be astonished to learn and I realized that at the root of it was my unaddressed sense that there was something for me to gain that could be as subtle as approval or as obvious as perhaps you know sexual congress or some money or a job or something you know and once I let go of all of those ideas due to the realization that there's nothing to gain and nothing material will ever fill me up merely distract me it's taken a lot of the pressure off now when I go into a situation social and I still feel this sort of a residual or echoing anxiety from a previous time I think is there anyone in this social situation that I can be helpful to and when I'm engaged in a social interaction I try not to get I think there's nothing for me to get from this just try to be nice this person but there is what about when people just have nowhere or an asshole what do you do about that something that happens an alarming amount is it people just say to me are you saying this you could there's no point retaliate and there's no point having a roller dick of quips comebacks and epithets or stabbing little bloody or don't call them it at the grounds is not the right thing to say but cause that won't get you anywhere just accept really that was awaiting and if someone said something fuck – fuck bug strangle you oh yeah obviously I didn't it was a wedding and I don't really go out strangling a magician actually they all knowing already like don't be annoying on top of being a magician for Christ's sake anyway look and my friend was there and he went actually really I think people maybe as well when you're famous people maybe it amplifies it basically what I'm saying is is there's a reasonably socially anxious because our safety and success as human beings is somewhat contingent upon the cooperation of other people you can't rely on the cooperation of other people so as a spiritual exercise before going anywhere recognize there's nothing to get from the situation and get all of the nutrition sucker and salvation you need from your own spiritual practice and sense of inner connection hello I'm doing these new videos more frequently now please hit the notification button at the end of this video cuz then you'll get a like a little bell when there I post a new video and I'd like you to get a little bill when I post the video then I can I don't know be buzzing away in your pocket sounds like I'd be like a little pocket mosquito anyway subscribe click the bell to want more people to watch their YouTube videos you specifically


  1. Only child vibes! I am singĺe and cannot go out anywhere without drink! Socially anxious! I am 47 now and have stopped drinking! I stay in now, as I don't have the urge to go out anywhere and sober!

  2. Come off it Russell; this defines the self-help industry: narcissistic individuals who make money and gain kudos from the vulnerable (they "help" themselves). What happened to you Russell; are you now St. Augustine, he who filled his boots and then preaches double-standards. I don't believe you've ever really suffered social anxiety… I miss Russell Brand the activist from the "Emperor's New Clothes" era; you've now withdrawn into the caves with the gurus. Shame.

  3. Having quit alcohol 2 years ago, I have been finding that my anxiety has been getting worse. Could my anxiety been hidden within a bottle for 20+ years? I'm on my 4th week off work because of it. I have been doing some research about being in the moment and such…but I need some help finding proper information. Know what I mean?

  4. Love this! Thank you for sharing. You can see how far you have come. I guess we will always react to others. It's not necessarily a bad thing to voice your opinions on someone else's behaviour/ views but doing so in a calm/ compassionate/ neutral way? Easier said than done perhaps?!

  5. Nope, famous or not, being a Arshole seems to be part of the landscape these days, Seems to me the internet is breeding a certain type of behaviour where people think they can say what they want without consequence as they hide behind a screen. They forget how in real life, a smack in the mouth is gunna hurt…. Which is why social anxiety is growing as people forget how to interact in a respectful way in person.

  6. I was very alone…for years.
    Then I stopped eating legume based meals…and you can all get FAAARRRRKED….

  7. Soo i didn't used to have social anxiety. Now at 35 yrs old, for sime reasons i do have it now. But i think its because i just also dont trust anyone anymore either. I dunno. But kinda goes hand in hand

  8. if there is something to "gain" I think depends on the people of the social gathering. if you have the chance meeting open and intelligent people with great insights is always worth it to leave the nest… but true, it happens really rarely, such a gathering

  9. Thanks Russell, I was thinking the other day how selfish my mind was every time I was in a social situation. Because I was selfish, I was nervous. Nervous for approval or an opportunity for something(fantasy mind bs). I have realized the last few times I’ve been in social situations that my nervousness is much less because I am not looking to gain anything. I am simply there as me at that moment, nothing else.

  10. I still get a little bit of social anxiety now and then, though I think it stems more from mild agoraphobia and the fear that something bad will happen. I often say very awkward things and people just fall silent. But, I used to be much worse and much more shy. I took drama in highschool to get over my stage fright and help build my confidence. Then, when I was 21, I started doing karaoke, which I still get nervous to do when I start a song, but that helped a little bit more. But, my biggest help came in grade 11, when I fell off a chair and everyone started laughing. In the past, I would have cried and run to the bathroom. But then I just laughed and realised that if you laugh too, they are now laughing with you and not at you and it stops almost immediately. From these experiences I can reasonably say that learning to find humour in your own self-deprecation, taking up some or other form of having to speak/do things in front of a group and generally not beating yourself up over stupid things you do or say, are great ways to alleviate a great deal of social anxiety. And if you bear in mind that the absolute worst thing that can happen to you is dying in a horrible, painful way, then talking to a group of people at a party seems rather mundane.

  11. You have to just not give a shit … it’s hard to explain . I had my breakthrough when I was dreaming and when I woke up I felt this complete sensation that it was ok .. just accept it once it looses it’s fear it no longer has power .. but it will always be there in the back round but it’s 100% possible to beat

  12. I am ex-military and since leaving this started to develop and for the past few years I've cut off the world and stayed inside my bedroom pretty much for over a year, lost all my friends and find it extremely difficult to have a sustained conversation with people, let alone leave my house now.

  13. So enriching, especially your answer at the end. Don't expect any social nurturing and equip yourself in your spiritual practices, but appreciate the acceptance when its there. Thank you!

  14. Is social phobia the same as the social anxiety? When i go out..i feel paranoid? That people know who I am and paranoid theyre judging me. If anyone walks near me worse still behind me..i will stand still and turn around… that person I feel is too close to me I will stare at them like i want to challenge them…why are they following me? Yes its weird to others who dont feel this way. On worse days..if I see anyone I know I will go out my way to get away from them so not to engage any communication. I pretend I havent seen them. I wonder if some of this from when I was severely stalked? I lived in total fear… police finally caught him and arrested him. Police promised he will go away..but he made me look stupid (police advised me not to go to court) he said "oh I never meant to hurt her" and the judge believed him…i didnt..and only got a fine. Afterwards..he started to stalk police had to personally get involved and moved me out of the county. I walked around with a police radio for the first yr i was moved..with a panic button. That was 1996…i still look around thinking hes there… evil man. But i get so scared of pepple around me so i spend most of my time at home.

  15. Figure this out. I do NOT suffer social anxiety, but I do suffer extremely severe agoraphobia. I’ll give you $100 if you can tell me why.

  16. I tend to be a very shy person. As a man, that used to live in a Western culture, this simply was not tolerated. If you are this way in the West, you will simply be persecuted and abused any time you go out in public. This trait is so despised that it is labeled a "mental disease," for men, in the West. Everything is Darwinism/social Darwinism and aggression over there. Social engineering and human animalism are nightmares…and are good reasons to fear society.

  17. You've been a grate help mate.
    You advice has really help me overcome alot of my struggles in life cheers.

  18. Nice video Russel. It's good to see that you have a channel. I like the way you think and where you are now from where you once was is amazing. 👍✌

  19. For me it’s not that there’s something to gain it’s more the feeling that I don’t fit in or that I’m weird or I’ll embarrass myself and that people can actually see this and as I’ve got older and drink less etc it’s gotten worse I have a wedding that I have to go to I mean I have too and I almost feel suicidal about it I’m totaly lost

  20. Russell, you are a true inspirational human being. Thank you for existing and please donate your DNA. World needs more of Russells like you to be cloned. ♥♥♥♥♥

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