Ryerson Therapy Dogs

RU therapy dogs is the therapy dog
program at Ryerson whereby we have three to five dogs that come from St. John’s Ambulance therapy dog program to Ryerson every week. They spend an hour with students in the gym and anyone in any program is welcome to attend and hang out with our dogs I understand students, particularly at
mid-terms, are very stressed and so it seems to change their focus and they forget
about their exams and just focus and relax. Often they had dogs have their own
at home and they really miss their dog so to pat and stroke another dog is very
familiar to them. There’s a lot of benefits, a lot of
scientific research has gone into the benefits of socializing with dogs
for anyone from students to the elderly to children. There’s all kinds of stress
relief benefits physiological benefits like reduction in stress hormone and
just an overall feeling of relaxation. It just makes everybody happy.

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