S. Korea attracting more and more foreign patients with quality medical services, hospitality

now South Korea has emerged as a popular
medical tourism destination in recent years with a number of foreign patients
in local hospitals jumping more than six fold over the past ten years the city of
Seoul Nam on the outskirts of Seoul is aiming to become the country’s leader in
medical tourism our Oh Sooyoung reports eight-year-old alley from the United
Arab Emirates is learning how to use his legs for the first time in South Korea
born with infantile paralysis Ali hasn’t been able to walk due to severe muscle
weakness in his legs but now after three operations at this hospital in song them
he has started rehabilitation therapy Ali is one of the growing number
foreigners visiting Korea for medical treatment we heard about the high
quality of medical care in Korea we’re very happy with the successful
operations and also how the hospital services tend to our needs here like a
family away from home according to the house ministry the number of
international patients has grown roughly 22% every year over the past decade from
around 60,000 and 2009 to more than 380,000 last year the patients came from
190 countries with the most visitors coming from China followed by the US
Japan and Russia a survey in 2018 found Korea was the world’s third most popular
medical tourism destination behind the US and Germany due to its advanced
medical skills equipment and services we don’t simply examine the conspicious
symptoms the patients come with we do a full checkup before the diagnosis which
helps identify related or hidden conditions after treatment we advise
them on aftercare and answer all their questions even after they return to
their home countries we call to check that they’re making progress
International Medical Center’s offer specialized services such as Airport
pickups and interpretation as well as accommodation and customized options for
every budget on top of the medical care itself Hong Lam City offers ho is the
country’s second largest medical attraction for foreign visitors last
year the number of foreign M patients grew 105 percent on-year topping 10,000
going beyond our medical gadgets treatments and rehabilitation we dream
of setting a global example by expanding our capacity to address long-term stays
tourism education food for patients as well as medical exchanges with other
countries to showcase its diverse medical services and state-of-the-art
devices the city is holding a three-day convention which is expected to attract
some 20,000 visitors osteon arirang news’ Hungnam

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  1. What the Bullshit she says Japanese people come for health service as well in Korea ?? What ??? we have much better Health care system in Japan then you .

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