S6 Edge or S6?

but the same but different the same but different What’s up guys Lew here back with another video and today. We’re going to take a closer look at the Galaxy S6 Edge. In my previous video I unboxed the standard S6 So I’ll also be doing a comparison in this video here. You can check out the differences in form Factor otherwise, you’re looking at a fairly similar device. Yes, the edge does have some extra functionality, But it’s not too much. We’ll go ahead and get inside the box and I’ll give you guys a closer look and let you know exactly what I’m talking about. So the first thing you’ll notice as you crack open the lid is The device itself and its striking appearance as it curves around each Edge. One of the few hardware differences between the S6 Edge and the S6 Besides the Edge, is the battery it’s a little bit bigger in the edge version But that’s not going to make much of a difference in Battery life. performance wise you’re dealing with the same octa-core processor as the Standard S6. You’re essentially paying a little bit more money here for the design if you are a big fan [of] this very slim side here and possibly the notification improvements that come through having this Edge lit portion But the weird thing about that improvement if you want to call it that is that you need to have your display facing down on the table to take advantage of the notification bar that illuminates the Edge of the device and therefore the table But who places their phone face down on a table moving around the device [you] can see you have your power? Locks which in this location right [here] on the other side you have your volume Buttons up and down on [the] bottom you have your headphone Jack Microusb Speaker and microphone and on the top in this case is where you’re going to have your sim card tray Unlike the S6 which puts that on the side as well as that ir blaster So once again this can work as a remote control if you want to use [it] that way now I’m going to go ahead and grab the standard S6 here and put them beside each other so you can see just How much slimmer the Edge version looks now? It’s actually not that much dinner This is more of a visual trick as this thing sort of slim’s out towards the Edge edge How many times I’m going to say Edge in this video think? I just took a picture by the way. [I] took two pictures I’m taking pictures on the s6 right now with any Samsung flagship phone. You should expect to see Performance that’s on the high end of the spectrum These octa core processors are no joke these have fantastic cameras as well Low-light performance for the cameras has been improved significantly you have a much bigger aperture on this lens Which is also going to provide a shallow depth of field that you may or may not be looking for other items in the box Fairly predictable here you have your uSB Cable your power brick capable of that quick charging which I will be testing in an upcoming video You’ve also got your nice little headset there, and that pretty much wraps it up one thing. I want to mention right now I’m going to go on a little bit of a mini, rant my version of the S6. Edge as well as the S6 are Unbranded on the back as well as the front. How nice is that no? Yucky logo from the telco this device is going to cost you more money And it’ll essentially perform exactly the same way as the stAndard Galaxy S6 But if you find this appearance to be compelling, then who knows maybe you’ll gravitate Towards the Edge the fingerprint sensor is much improved I showed that off in my s6 unboxing video now this edge portion here allows you to put your favorite contacts in this location So you can have easy access to the people you communicate with most other than that you’ve just got some extra Notification capabilities as I talked about earlier in the video now I think a big conversation with both of these devices is Gonna is going to be around battery life They don’t look like fantastic battery performers so far [s] 5 battery numbers are showing significantly better performance than the battery numbers on These I’ll be testing that over the next little period And I’ll get back to you guys on Twitter and let you know What my findings are my Twitter handle as you’d expect is at Unbox therapy now since the S6 Edge is completely covered in glass Just like the standard at six you might want to think about throwing a skin on your device and the pre S6 video I showed you a leather-like skin from [D]. Brand but they do other options as well check out this carbon fiber one Which is actually one of my favorites on the S6. Edge right here if you want to check it out for yourself I’ll drop a link down in the description. There’s one more thing. I want to mention about both of these devices Samsung has actually pulled back and toned down Touchwiz quite a bit which I’m a fan of Those of you who have been following me for a while you know my preference is stock Android so when a manufacturer goes crazy on the skin kind of gets under my Goes crazy on the skin it gets under my skin it gets under my skin When they get crazy with their skins that’s what gets under my skin Before I take off from this video. I want to mention real quick– I’ve been doing live broadcasts on a new app called periscope if you haven’t seen those or heard about them you should definitely check out the app and check out my broadcasts add me I’ll put all the details down in the description If you are an Android user you’re probably upset because there is no app for Android yet But if you follow me on Twitter, you won’t miss a live broadcast because you can actually watch them via the web browser So even if you’re on Android you should be okay, just follow me on Twitter, and you’ll see a tweet Go out whenever it. Is that I go live let me know in the comments Which do you prefer which would it be for you would it be the standard S6, or the S6 Edge and quick teaser? Which one bends easier?


  1. I believe 2015 was a horrible year for Samsung flagships. 2014 Note 4 was amazing (typing this on one). S6, S6E, S6E+ and Note 5 all had a short life, as I know from my friends' experiences.

  2. I am only commenting to make fun of all the people who say "who is watching in blank" so uhhh yeah who is watching in 2019

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