Sadhguru- pursuing sex or avoiding sex

[Music] you the existence happens in two different dimensions one is the non-dual oneness of the existence on one level and the many manifestations of the Durrell all the manifestations the various types of manifestations that you see as life today fundamentally rooted in the duality because there is two there is many if there was one there would have been only one when I say to the duality is like light and darkness male and female life and death because the two is there all the games are happening if there was only one there wouldn’t be any game there will be just existence the many manifestations as I said are fundamentally rooted the duality once duality comes sex comes when I say sex probably in most people’s mind the man is thinking of a woman the woman is thinking of a man it’s not like that the birds are blooming it is sex because what you call it sex is the duality is trying to meet and in the process of the duality meeting there are also certain functions that the nature wants to fulfill like procreation and survival of the that species always the duality is trying to meet because what was one has manifested itself as two now there is a longing to become one all the time this longing to become one finds expression in many ways when you’re young and your intelligence is hijacked by your hormones sex will be the way physical sex will be the way when you become middle-aged when your intelligence is higher hijacked by your emotion then love is the way when you transcend all this then if you seek the same Union in a much higher level of awareness then we say it’s yoga or the divine there are many names now these two energies which in the human race we are calling as male and female it’s in every way we are referring to the same way always constantly trying to come together at the same time except for this longing to be together there is nothing common between them they’re lovers and enemies at the same time constantly this is going on because they’re opposites if they look for similarities there is no way no common ground but the attraction of the opposite is always there what you call is opposite is always a relative thing the whole process of what we are referring to as sex is just two opposites making an attempt to become one the intention of sex is good but the method is hopeless never are you going to be really become one the intention is fine that you want to become one but the method is quite hopeless isn’t pleasure is involved so it draws people but oneness never really came so we are trying to meet in other areas of emotion and intellect trying to find some common ground we like the same things we like the same kind of ice cream we like the same color like these people are trying to find a common ground but actually there is no common ground unless you understand that there is no common ground it is just that you learn to enjoy the opposite it just becomes a hopeless thing to make a simple physical act beautiful we have invented all kinds of decorations around it without those decorations most people would be unwilling to get into this physical act a lot of people cannot simply face the basic physical act as it is because unless it’s decorated they will feel obscene they will feel like an animal they will feel so basic and physical which is the reality in some way we are trying to cloud our vision of reality with lots of decorations we always are add emotion to it because without emotion it would be ugly today in the modern world the sex is a natural thing sexuality is invented by you to understand sex is a natural thing it’s physical it’s dead in the body but sexuality is something that you invented you created it’s psychological there is no such thing it is something created by you today this is sweeping the world it is no more healthy in so many ways it’s become sick because if sex is in the body it’s fine it’s beautiful the moment it enters your mind it becomes a perversion it has no business with your mind it has something to do with your body if it’s in the body it will just fall into its natural place where it belongs it is a small aspect of you but today it has become a huge aspect it has just become life itself if you look at the modern societies now I would say probably 90% of human energy is being spent either pursuing sex or avoiding sex whichever way yes sir whichever way that has become a huge aspect it is just a small thing if you look at a man and a woman physiologically it is just a small difference like somebody said a that the pocket is inner the pocket is out with one the equipment is inbuilt with one another the equipment is hanging out you made such a big issue out of it this simple physical process we are trying to make it so many things which it is not it is just nature strict to reproduce because if this attraction was not there you wouldn’t reproduce the species would end right now but now we made such a distinction between man and woman as if there are two separate species we are going about treating everything man and woman separately as if there are two separate species they are not the same species no other creature on the planet has this kind of problem with their sexes as man has isn’t it when they have it in their body they have it otherwise they’re free from it but with humans it is on their mind all the time endlessly one big reason why this has happened is somewhere in the past especially your religions especially in the West it is not so much in the East especially in the West your religions went about denying a simple physical process to such an extent that they even have to make it so ugly that they could not accept the simple biology of a human being see religion means liberation isn’t it yes religion means freedom how can there be liberation how can there be freedom when you cannot even accept the biology of a human being they could not even accept the simple biology of a human being so we went on saying that instead of looking beyond the limitations of the biological process we try to deny the biological process we went about saying if somebody is holy if somebody is really sacred he cannot be born out of it he is born without it now once you do not accept the simple biological processes that is where the bondage began that is where in so many ways once you could not accept the simple biological differences between a man and a woman and what happens that is where the whole exploitation of the woman started if we had nose problem with the biology then we would know we would not make a distinction between who is who everybody would be known for what they’re worth isn’t it now whether somebody was now born to your virgin or a prostitute what’s your problem what the man is worth is all that it matters isn’t it so whether somebody is a man or woman what’s your problem what that person is worth that’s all that should matter to you only because you could not accept the simple biological processes that’s where the distinction that’s where all the exploitation started and unfortunately these few religions always denied a simple biology of life you don’t have to make the biology sacred nor do you have to make it filthy it is simply there it’s life it is true that that you exist it is neither filthy nor is it sacred it’s just life if you know how to live it without decorating it or without making it ugly it has a beauty of its own now the biological process which you’re referring to n sex is simply fundamentally to reproductive but if there was no sexual difference if there was no sexual attraction between man and woman I want you to know this by now man would have killed all the women on the planet not one would have existed they would be extinct by now only because there is a deep need he’s kept her alive the physical strength of the man gives him the power to physically destroy the woman if he had no need he would have destroyed her long ago yes sir no definitely it would have happened only because there is a deep need within him even though see anything that is physically weaker than him he’s gone about destroying isn’t it yes or no anything that is physically weaker than him he’s gone about destroying the same would have happened to the woman only because there is a need the survival has happened now this need between the sexes this need between the two biological entities of the same species is fine as a survival process but if you’re seeking anything beyond survival it’ll never be enough even people who are into this process are even though this process is active in people in different levels without the decorations of emotion they were not willing to go through it if you discover in a certain relationship a sex based relationship now unfortunately in the Western countries it has happened this way if you utter the word relationship they’d simply think it has to be sex based yes nothing else is a relationship only man woman are whatever some sex based relationship is the only relationship this is unfortunate this has happened because your identification with the body has become so strong as you get more and more identified with the body sex or sexuality becomes more and more important as you become less and less identified with the body you will see the sex recedes you see in your own societies somebody becomes very intellectually active he becomes identified with the intellectual process do you see the need for sex recedes in that man somebody who is physically identified with his body in him the needs are very heavy it’s always so where you are identified it is through that everything functions in you so in any relationship sex based relationship if you discover one day that actually in the other person there is no emotion it is simply physical suddenly you feel that you’re being used yes is it so after all it is sex it is physical that’s all it can be but without the decorations of emotion you will feel that it’s not good enough it’s an abuse in sex based relationships what is usually passing off as love is just a mutual benefit scheme you give me this I’ll give you that if you don’t give me that I won’t give you this it’s like this one day Shankaran Pillai went to the park Shankaran Pillai means it’s a common name in Indian went to the park there on one of the stone benches a pretty woman was sitting he also went and settled down the same bench after a few minutes he mowed closer she mowed little away again him more closer she moved little away again he moved closer she moved little away now she’s at the end of the bench the only choice she has is either she has to get up and go or she has to do something else again he more closer now she pushed him away Shankaran Pillai waited for a few moments it was evening Sun was setting you know when the Sun is setting the Twilight those are the times you can say things and make people believe yes when the Sun is up there nobody’s going to believe you so Shankaran Pillai went down on his knees and told her I love you I love you like I have never loved anybody in my life the woman is always a fool for love she melted nature took over things happened then it is becoming 7:45 she got up in a hurry and he said I need to go I need to go what you’re going you said you loved me in her understanding the moment he utters the word I love you they have become one he said no no I need to go my wife would be waiting eight o’clock is dinnertime at home so I love you is a mantra when a person transcends the limitations of his duality the struggle of the duality is gone in him only then the divine manifest itself what you’re referring to as the divine it’s a much abused word I know but what you’re referring to as the divine if there is something divine that should it be or where can it be it’s a question I just want to help you to look at things not just you know I am NOT propelling any theory or philosophy I know so many philosophies are being profound adjust to supports people’s sexuality I don’t see why you need a philosophy to have sex it’s just biology you don’t need a philosophy isn’t it but people are always propounding philosophies to have sex so no philosophy just be with me and look I want you to look at it don’t make a theory out of it first thing you make something which is so simple and basic right and wrong then you want to find a philosophy to support the wrong and I still have it it’s unnecessary all these complications if you just see the simplicity of what it is it’ll take it’ll become a simple part of your life if you make it complex it becomes an unnecessarily large part of your life you know now if there is divine where can it be where can it be yes if there is something that you can refer to as the divine it has to be a prevail isn’t it if it’s just with the new one just within me or just in my temple and just in your temple it’s no good isn’t if there is something that you can refer to as divine it has to be everywhere if something is everywhere what faculty do you have to know it yes what faculty do you have to experience something which is ever Tibet because right now the only faculties of experience within you are the five senses the five sense organs cannot experience anything if there is no perspective or if there is no comparison see only because there is darkness you know what is light if there was no darkness you wouldn’t know what is light isn’t it this is the way your eyes are made only because there is silence now you know what is sound otherwise your ears wouldn’t be able to perceive your sense organs always perceive everything in comparison always in bits and pieces it does not perceive anything in its totality always it perceives just one side of everything please see is it so right now if I show you my palm if you see this you can’t see this if you see this you cannot see this this is the way your eyes are made isn’t once there was a philosopher fish what a fish the philosopher yes is that anybody who is not a philosopher everybody has a philosophy for whatever they’re doing isn’t it if you want you just go to the drunkard on the street ask him why are you drinking like this he has a solid philosophy as to why he’s drinking yes sir you stop a thief and ask him why are you a thief he’s got a solid philosophy as to why he’s a thief you gon ask the six manniac why he’s like that he’s got a solid philosophy too for whatever nonsense that anybody is doing they have the support of a philosophy of their own without a philosophy you cannot continue to do stupid things all your life your intelligence will not allow you to do it if you have a philosophy you can go on doing the same thing every day not thinking about anything especially if you get guard stamp on your philosophy you don’t have to turn back and look you can just go on doing the same stupid things endlessly yes yes sir the moment you get God’s stamp on your philosophy you are through you don’t have to use your intelligence anymore you don’t have to wonder what nonsense are you doing with your life you are just clear do you see the clarity on such people spaces this is so with anybody it doesn’t matter which religion which nonsense you belong to the moment you get guard stamp on what you believe in that’s it you don’t have to apply your intelligence and see what are you doing with life you can just go on so even a Fisher philosopher one day this philosopher fish is in great misery sitting in one corner and thinking badly I I see that a lot of people are into lots of thinking here endless thinking he thought flying around here the other thoughts so into deep thinking and misery another fish came by and yes Oh philosopher why are you so miserable what has happened to you they all know I am in deep trouble what’s the trouble said wherever I go people are talking about the ocean I wanted to see this ocean so I went every which way I could go but I don’t see the ocean where is it everybody’s talking about it now the problem is he’s in the ocean he is part of the ocean he is ocean in so many ways no no way to perceive it if you are outside you could see this is the ocean this is not but when you’re in it you don’t know how right now the same situation is with the divine when there is nothing to compare ok this is divine this is something else you could recognize but now if divine as you said if divine is everywhere how will you recognize it how will you experience it because the only way you can experience life right now is through five sense organs yes is it so so that which is everywhere how to experience that how to know that within the limitations of the five sense organs there is no possibility now seeking the divine is not something that you have to start as a project now from the moment of your birth the seeking is happening but unconsciously it is just that the choice that you have is a that you can seek it unconsciously or you can seek it consciously if you seek it unconsciously we can call it sex one expression of unconscious seeking of the divine is call sex one expression of it if it becomes a conscious expression if you’re seeking finds a conscious expression then we call it a spiritual process generally if it is looked at as a science then we say it’s yoghurt and you know probably in your mind yoga means twisting your body this way or that way now the word yoga means to become one that’s what love means that’s what sex means whether you’re seeking it physically or emotionally or truly seeking oneness beyond all these limitations if you are seeking it beyond all the limitations of your body emotion and thought then we call it yoga if you’re seeking it with the physical body physical bodies will always remain – no matter what you do it’s all kinds of weird things people are trying to do in the name of sex because somewhere they want to find some unity but it won’t happen a few moments of fake unity will come and then people fall apart it is bound to happen isn’t it physical entities can never become one it doesn’t matter how much they try unless you transcend the physical there is no question of oneness now I don’t want anyone Ness I’m just seeking pleasure that is also okay but it is just that you will see it’s not enough I am NOT saying there’s anything wrong with it it is just that this human being will not be satisfied with it it wants something more isn’t it so yes just the physical pleasure is not enough it wants something more what is that something more something more than what this little person has become physical body means a bondage because in this vast existence this little body is a separate entity if you are identifying only with this little body then there is a sense of insecurity there’s a sense of feeling lost I would say at least 60% of the sex in the world is happening out of insecurity and nothing else not out of love not out of anything else not even for pleasure it is insecurity two bodies coming together feels little secure for at least a few moments do you see most relationships sex based relationships are made because otherwise people are lost by themselves isn’t it so by themselves they’re totally lost they don’t know how to be by themselves it’s not for love it’s not for joy because there’s some sense of security in two bodies coming together one thing I see is it is say with all the effluence for example here on the streets what I’m seeing is it all disciplines with all the comfort that has come to the Western societies compared to other parts of the world you see so much more insecurity in people’s faces than anywhere else in the world this is the reality if you are not traveled around this is actually the reality here on the streets of a metropolis like Paris you see so much more insecurity in people’s faces then a beggar on the street in the Eastern countries it is so this has happened simply because slowly the cultures took on too much of physical identity too much identified with their own physical body the more and more you get identified with your physical body the more and more insecure you become because this body is never safe next moment it may be anything isn’t it once your identification is limited to the physical body then insecurity is the natural way and naturally the need for sex will increase dramatically when people are insecure now seeking a spiritual process does not mean going to the temple does not mean believing what your father said does not mean believing what your priest said does not mean believing what your book said whatever the so-called sacred books of the world it simply means that you are seeking to to go beyond the limitations of $0.05 perceptions and experience something more than the physical that’s what spiritual process means


  1. sex also takes place in the mind…if you don't believe me try having sex with a fat old man and see…the mind builds up the hormones and the desire to be with that certain person..and many can't orgasm unless they put their minds into it…think of a lemon and your mouth will salivate..the thoughts of sex prepares us the same way…it's not bad..

  2. Birds do it, bees do it, we do it. What is more enjoyable. Yoga does not preclude physical sex. Yoga is sex with the totality, up and down the octaves.

  3. I don't understand. ..even if it's so simplified. …for everyone's different upbringings they are different in thoughts. …I can't think of a casual sex act. .cz I find it so basic. ..if a simple I love u can flare up my emotions then I'm a great fool. ..ok then if the person is going I'll feel insecured cz he gave me security for at least once or twice in act of intimacy? This is natural and organic as biology. ..but being human is rather complex. …it makes us questioning continuously cz there are loads of norms about relationships loaded on us. I feel personally if you find that ground to be builded make effort. ..honest effort to solidify a bond. .cz good and kind ppl on earth are rare. …then biology is naturally gonna happen. …..any animal can do that. But that spcl bond is vital.

  4. Exploring oneness with the opposite sex after more then 6 years on my own for me waaay transcends being on my own meditating in temples, feeling tremendously connected and at one with everything, spending time in deep jungles in contrast with busy cities. For as long as we both lose our identity completely. It's like magic, and everything in life and all around us flows. People around us enjoy being in this love vibration that we create together in the trinity with Spirit. There is nothing better.
    Or you can choose to sit on a chair and share some wisdom, but that's overdone. 😀

  5. Religion does NOT mean libetation! Nor is it its intent!!! Religion means ¨TO BIND¨in Latun, which it does.¨¨


  7. Mind Blowing and super and Hyper clarity on the things that any human being on this planet perceive or understand or realize by no means.SALUTE you are Greatest philosopher.A super Genius..

  8. This is something I feel like I needed to hear, it was thought provoking,… I never thought of things that way before but it’s good to open your mind and observe deeper perspectives…especially if it reveals possible truths about why we may seek things out… and so many other things in the speech to think about.

  9. It's funny how he said that people believe anything you say in the sunset yet this video has a sunset as a background image 😀



  12. Don't utilize people's weakness when they are scared about thought process and build up other scenario… It's only u fighting against your past unwanted experienced had.

  13. Don't believe in all those non sense theory of abstinence(esp. women).. Unless you get into sex you can never come out of it…All the enlightened personalitie like Buddha, Krishna, shiva etc…had multiple wives… you cannot be enlightened unless you have a clarity on sex. It's a gift given by god …so please use it to the fullest and enjoy it ..

  14. When you have sex your concious mind is enter into subconscious and super conscious …these gurus don't want you to enter into those parts of mind… simply because they will have no job… don't believe in all these non sense told by gurus(I'm not against anyone).. please enjoy sex to the fullest, one condition is it has to be mutual …you can attain enlightenment through sex (No one will talk about it.. there's a bigger reason for this..if you want me to explain…I need three full pages)…all I can say have mutual sex…learn the best technique.. it's available every where…god or divine is not a fool to give you those organs… please trust me is possible to get enlightenment through sex…

  15. This is so profound…. It just simplifies everything. I'm glad you found enlightenment Sadguru and are kind enough to share with others. Your consciousness and vastness of your knowledge is so inspirational. Thank you so much.

  16. Dear holy wise,

    the affirmation of as opposites the male and the female, man and woman, it's not true enough to let flow the very very very precious blessing of Divine Love healing.

    For give an example, the sincere and honorable courtship between engaged true lovers, or between two single ones having honest feelings that maybe one day will result into become in engagement betwixt true lovers.

    It's a very very very precious inner healing process,

    where the blessed ones can reciprocally remember and integrate again the complimentary aspects left in heavens, hence can appreciate their life journey on our beloved The Living Earth and in the same time brightening their Souls.

    Bright Blessings dears!

    Prem Kalki Avatara

    P.S.: True lovers wisdom reach its brightest goal, when sensuality and sexuality are committed to heal residual Souls wounds and enlighten the physical bodies of both true lovers.

  17. Thank you Sadguru. This is the dimension that could clear so much of confusion and clutter. Now I have few more questions. Will continue seeing your videos and seeking ways to avoid that clutter. These questions are sometimes evolving and that I why I do not want to ask you until the question is completely formed.

  18. Great confusion going on in the minds here. Well that's how the mind is for almost all – Confused, ignorant, doubtful, opinionated, speculative, clouded and delusioned. Blindfolded with the defilements and we all have nothing but the minds like this. Love and Sex is that all left to discuss in Spirituality??? Well here is the reality check – You love only the people who agree to you and help in fulfilling your desires, wishes. You hate almost immediately the ones who do not agree or do not fulfill your desires or do as you wish. The only affection there is of parents to child or mother to child. Rest the Love you call love is nothing but your defilements camouflaging the LUST. We only love ourselves and our desires, our cravings and we cling to all of it – The Body, The Mind – Feeling, perceptions/memories, thoughts and Consciousness. Never seeing the fact that these groups are continuously arising and passing away – They are impermanent/inconstant, Unsatisfactory and Not Self. (In Short the mass of Dukkha) We just crave for these Groups of mind and body and cling to them and that's what we call as LOVE. We don't love anyone out there but to our own self, our desires. These desires and cravings are like bucket without a base, that can never be filled . But we have to justify our incompetence and compulsiveness to our Lust and other defilments so we name it as LOVE. Fooling our selves and others. This is the way of the world – the Sansara.

    And then you say Intention to Sex is good?? do you know even what intentions are?? Intentions are your Kamma (pali word) meaning your – Karma actions and they carry results). As you sow so shall you reap.

    Method is hopeless??? This is all ignorance, well if you don't have a solution then this kind of answers are to follow and people are debating here what method is better to express your LUST (Love). Its a Pity, its pathetic state to be in!! Just the way of the world nothing but suffering.

    However, What will the speaker do he will have to speak what people like and will twist and intellectualize and shape things as per the taste and liking of the people. But that's a bigger problem. Giving silent or expressed consent to Lust and Ignorance and defilements.

    That's why one has to rely on a teacher like the Buddha himself, The Fully self Awakened one, The perfectly Enlightened one, The Exalted one, The Un-excelled trainer of men, The Unsurpassed one, The most Intelligent one, The wise, The master of the three worlds, who shows you not only what the real issues are, as they are, but lays down a complete and easy to understand path to end of all suffering and path leading to Supreme Happiness – Nibanna in here and now. Realized by many still in this era. Sab Pappasya Ae karnam, Kuslashya Upsampada, SaChitte Pariyodapnam, etan Buddhan Sasanam – Train to stop doing all the unskillful and unwholesome actions, Doing only that is skillful and wholesome, To cleanse the entire mind without a trace of any impurities of defilements and Ignorance, This is the teachings of all the Buddhas!

    Svakhato Bhagvata Dhammo, Sandithiko, Akaliko, Ehipassiko, Upaneiko, paccatamm Vidhitabu Vinhitti.
    Meaning – Well expounded is the Exalted One's Dhamma, To be seen here and now, Not limited in Time, Inviting one to come and see, leading inwards, to be seen by each wise man for himself.

    I don't undermine the Worldly wisdom of our wise Sadhguru and I respect him immensely his wisdom is quite helpful for the outside worldly affairs. However, what the need of the hour is the complete, pure and timeless Dhamma, the pure wisdom of the reality of how things are. And that will only enable us to end the suffering we are subjected to for billions and billions of years. At the end the suffering we experience is our own doing, it is self inflicted and we are causing it to self under the influence of ignorance and its Army. This is what need to see clearly inside our hearts.

    Unless we see it clearly, we need to cultivate the skillfulness of the mind. If the mind is defiled then it is defiled at least we know the truth and accept it. If there is lust in the mind we accept it yes there is Lust and it makes me miserable. That is a good start. There is hope then that we can work to eliminate this or that defilement. However, if we keep them hidden, not talk about them, because they are too oppressive and demanding then how would we get rid of them. We got to bring them all – Greed, Anger, Delusion, Lust in light and deal with them head on otherwise we will always be oppressed. A person who knows that he has been foolish up to that extent he is wise and from there he can become wiser by going in the company of a wise master with integrity, practicing and gaining experience and insights and gradually accumulate wisdom that will free him from this bondage.

    The Path starts from Generosity, (giving – to give to needy is a symbol of the ability to let go and leads one to let go of all the defilements eventually) Respect, Gratitude, Virtue, Right Concentration and Right Views (Wisdom). Also known as the Middle way free from extremes and polarity of Sensual indulgence (for example -sex etc) and self mortification (inflicting pain on body).

    This Noble Path of the Buddha is peaceful in the beginning, Peaceful in the middle and peaceful in the End, where it ends in supreme happiness of Nibanna. Free from any sort of suffering and need to feed. (We are constantly feeding on the Body and the mind through the 6 sense doors as the mind is hungry, insecure and ignorant, deep in sleep all the time and that's why it grabs holds of everything that comes in contact through those doors.) The path eliminates and cures this very reason – The Craving and Clinging (Grasping) of our suffering from its roots leading to our true well-being.

    The path uses this very Body and Mind skillfully that is conditioned to reach the State of Unconditioned the Nibanna and that is the genius of the Buddha!! Choice is ours!

    Thanks for Reading!

  19. When sex enters mind it gets defiled and perverted; sex and sexuality becomes a big issue in cultures where there is a strong identificantion with physical body; perception depends on seeing/sensing contrast…

  20. "We wouldn't reproduce if this attraction wasn't there." But what do we reproduce: we reproduce adulterous sin, because of what our parents did. And sin brings forth death. So we reproduce death in the end. Joseph and Maria had a child without having sex. From the gospel of Philip:
    Adam came from two virgins, the spirit and the virgin earth. Christ was born of a virgin to correct the fall that occurred in the beginning.

  21. I am 26 years old and still virgin If violence comes to my mind against women I stop that.. Because beating a lady or any one is a sin.. If man can't love her at least don't hurt her even she is
    human and have heart..

  22. It's all in mind. If a person wants to live alone and be one with divine they can. But now we feel so lonely that we look for company. Mentally and physically dependent. There is emotional impact.

  23. Never trust people who are obsessed with sex whether they are for or against it. It is people like this that screw with everyone's heads and created the prudish Victorian era that ended with everyone's baby boy getting part of his penis chopped off! ENOUGH OF THIS SICK NONSENSE.

  24. Is only biology thing???🤔🤔🤔🤔 believe me it is more than that
    So, if it is so, only biology, can have it with your mom, your sister…..🤔🤔🤔😲😲😲😉 I listen to sadhguru. But don't agree with all he said, have my own understanding, but I like to listen to people different than me.

  25. If I successfully think and feel that I am something beyond my body and mind, haven't I successfully hypnotised myself into a delusion?
    I am comfortable being my body and mind without any guilt or regret. I am relaxed.

  26. The illusion is a strong thing it feels real since 90% is pursuing it. I know My porn addiction is an unfulfilling hell yet I can't stop. 5 years ago I was with woman but I'm tricking myself most nights with the screen.


  28. I watch his speeches a lot and I mean NO OFFENCE. Is that not true if men went on killing women (for them being weak), they become superstrong and protect themselves?

  29. 'without a philosophy you cannot continue doing all the stupid things in your life' … what a clear statement ! … I am sure lot of us know this within our hearts but we never come out honestly in our social surroundings … only Sadhguru provides us the mirror to reflect on the truth!

  30. woman or man sex is a gift, if you demand it than you are a plasure seeker in quest for domination and greed-proove yourself that you are beyond being an animal.Get a human heart.

  31. Sex is one of the most beautiful physical expressions of love. It should only occur as a result of love; when you appreciate the one you love for everything they are and desire to activate the spirit within them. It is part of why we came here… the Spirit wants to experience itself in this way. (copied from Amanda Khan) Thank you Amanda very nicely said

  32. Dharma, Artha, Kaama and Moksha are all important. Tantra uses sex for Moksha. So, we should not trivialize sex like Christians, which will lead to perversion. Sadhguru is good in everything, except regarding sex which he trivializes. Without sex, there would be no life.

  33. ನಮ್ಮ ಸಂಸ್ಕೃತಿಯಲ್ಲಿ ಧರ್ಮ, ಅರ್ಥ, ಕಾಮ, ಮೋಕ್ಷ, ನಾಲ್ಕು ಪುರುಷಾರ್ಥಗಳಲ್ಲವೇ?

  34. The daily life is gonna be boring if you lose touch with sex. But it is one more step into hell if you can't help yourself.

  35. Sadguru I am not interested to become Avtar or god , I have convinced Ashwini and I have many things to do in my life you can any other students.

  36. Sex gives temporary pleasure. Celibacy gives permanent happiness only if it's done with self-introspection.

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