SaeboFlex Therapy restores arm movement years post stroke.

Therapist: So we’re going to use the Saebo
device on Damaris who’s, this is her fourth
treatment or fifth treatment may be the fifth treatment. She is post two year’s
stroke and was here for therapy a year ago and because of lack of motor control
was unable to use her right dominant arm and now is using her, she has limited
forward flexion of the shoulder. Come reach forward, reach towards my hand
there’s her shoulder motion. Bring your hand up to your mouth, and up to her
mouth, bring it down good and then she has no use of her hand because of the
tone without the Saebo device. So she started back to therapy and tried the Saebo
and she’s able to have gross grasp and release using the Saebo. So here you
go I’m going to take the ball and squeeze it and squeeze squeeze, squeeze,
squeeze, squeeze, got it, good bring it down relax, sit up tall. And with this we’re
just going to keep doing repetitions. High repetition. Want the ball, ready and
squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, good bring it down, try to relax
your mouth, elbow down. Good, okay. Squeeze, go, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze,
squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, good bring it down, relax perfect.
So now instead of just dropping it, we are going to try to really aim for putting it
into the bin, ok. Oops, sorry, get that hand out of there. And squeeze it. Now Damaris is standing which makes
the task more complex because just to deal with her dynamic standing balance
as well as reaching. I’m going to reach forward and squeeze it, squeeze, squeeze,
squeeze, squeeze, drop it down and then release. Bring it down, good. And squeeze it
there you go, good, ok. So now we’re going to use a medicine
bottle which is smaller, easy, it’s because she has flexion to grasp. Grasp
it, hold on to it, it has weights in it, so that when she brings it down,
the weights going to help her release it. Open it, the bottle is smaller so
hopefully help her with the release because she has too much tone,
flexor tone kicking in to release and the bottle is smaller with the weight.


  1. I think the hand is doing good but what happens with all of the compensatory movement with the affected shoulder?

  2. I have got a stroke and my right arm feeling weak and I do therapy for last 7 months but no improvement after the stroke

  3. Will any of the saebo devices work for someone who has NO voluntary control of the affected arm? The patients hand is in typical flexion bias position.

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