Safe and reliable: Pharmaceutical and Health care label solutions by UPM Raflatac

There’s no way around it. Nowhere else does safety and consistency play a more critical role than in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Labeling makes no exception. Very few industries have as large a variety of self-adhesive label applications as the pharmaceutical industry. And very few industries place as strict requirements on the label performance. We at UPM Raflatac recognise the responsibility we have. Our global offering of label materials has evolved to meet the specific needs of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry meeting all regulatory requirements. It starts with our market and regulatory understanding, innovation-driven R&D, thorough testing and quality control and a pharma-compliant production process. In UPM Raflatac’s comprehensive pharma range, you’ll find the right products for highly demanding end-use applications. We have labelling solutions for challenging small diameter containers including test tubes, vials, syringes, ampoules, and blown-fill and seal containers, cartridges and pens. Our migration safe products are perfect for all types of plastic containers, and they meet the rigorous requirements set by the FDA and EMA for pharmaceutical packaging. Our unique solutions for cold and cryogenic pharmaceutical labelling are based on adhesives specially formulated to withstand multiple thawing and freezing cycles and extremely cold storage conditions with long-term reliability. We have label materials that can also take the heat. Our labels used for single-use sterilization wraps with surgical instruments in hospitals stand up to the extremes of sterilization by steam autoclaving. UPM Raflatac’s tamper-evident labeling solutions are the perfect way to protect the integrity of pharmaceutical packages. And to secure patient safety. Our products for blood bag labelling fulfill all regulatory requirements and withstand the extreme conditions associated with blood storage and processing. UPM Raflatac’s label materials are designed to withstand the entire process of printing, applying, handling and storage perfectly intact. Making sure that the readability of the critical information printed on the label is never compromised. The information they hold must be as clear at the end as when first printed. Our worldwide presence and time-proven supply networks guarantee consistent global availability of our products and technical support. We provide secure transactions and short response times. Moreover, our change management standards guarantee a high level of consistency and predictability. We guarantee a minimum of 36 months rolling availability of unchanged materials, and at least a 12 months notice in the case of product changes. UPM Raflatac’s dedicated pharmaceutical labeling experts have a thorough understanding of all the parameters involved in pharmaceuticals and healthcare labeling. Your questions, enquiries and challenges are always welcome. We are here to solve them!

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