SAFE STEPS First Aid: Broken Bones

Hi my name is Marshello and I’m a lifeguard
in Kuta Beach Bali In my line of work first aid can be the difference
between life and death But you don’t have to be a professional
to save a life So if you find yourself in an emergency situation
follow these SAFE STEPS In the case of a broken bone, call the emergency
services and don’t move the injured person unless absolutely necessary Keep the injured area still and supported Don’t try to manipulate or realign the bone To alleviate pain and swelling, apply ice,
wrapping the cloth without moving the affected Don’t place the ice directly on the skin Keep the victim calm and in a comfortable
position until help arrives If you find yourself in the right place at
the right time, be prepared to save a life and follow these SAFE STEPS For more life-saving advice visit

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