SAFE STEPS First Aid: Choking

Hi my name is Wee Chee and I’m a paramedic In my line of work first aid can be the difference
between life and death But you don’t have to be a professional
to save a life So if you find yourself in an emergency situation
follow these SAFE STEPS If you see someone choking, act quickly Ask someone to call the emergency services Stand the person up and begin the 5 & 5 process First give five sharp back blows between the
shoulder blades with the heel of your hand Keep checking to see if the blockage has cleared If not, then apply five abdominal thrusts Stand behind them and wrap your arms around
their waist Make a fist with one hand and grab it with
the other Then perform with five quick inward and upward
thrusts Repeat the 5 & 5 process until the blockage
has been relieved If you find yourself in the right place at
the right time be prepared to save a life follow these SAFE STEPS For more life-saving advice visit

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