Hi my name is Marshello and I’m a lifeguard
in Kuta Beach Bali In my line of work first aid can be the difference
between life and death But you don’t have to be a professional
to save a life So if you find yourself in an emergency situation
follow these SAFE STEPS CPR is a technique used when someone’s breathing
or heartbeat has stopped The first 10 minutes are critical Call the emergency services and begin hands-only
CPR First, lay the person with their face up,
tilt their head back and check if they are breathing If they are not, place one hand over the other
in the center of their chest Keep your elbows straight and position your
shoulders above the heel of your hands Using your upper body weight, push down hard 2 pumps a second – 2 inches deep For children use one hand only Don’t perform mouth-to-mouth unless properly
trained If you find yourself in the right place at
the right time be prepared to save a life and follow these SAFE STEPS For more life-saving advice visit


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