Saint Louis University School of Medicine White Coat Ceremony

In my world being a doctor means empowering other people to be their best selves to do that physically and spiritually and mentally So many of us have spent so many years thinking about this day. They tell you got into SLU med And then this is the white coat day. I thought I could do this for a long time But putting the white coat is them saying we also think that you can do this. Getting your white coat is a pivotal moment Your goal was to become a physician. This is the biggest first step towards it. You’ve gotten a coat you’re in school and now you can see patients and you can learn the tools and techniques that you need to be the the physician that you really Want to be the person that’s gonna be able to provide care for others. We had the white coat ceremony be the last part of orientation so that way we can emphasize just how impactful wearing the coat is right before you jump into things. You get your white coat You say the oath with your classmates, and then you realize that wow I’m actually a medical student now. I chose SLU partially because of its Jesuit identity It really provides this unique environment to learn and grow in and that just wasn’t something that I saw other schools. the white coat represents an identity that I’m taking on it means a lot not just to you but to the people who will be taken care of. The white coat represents a symbol of honesty and leadership as well as service to the community. It’s like my first piece of clothing that like, I’m really excited to own I think I’ve probably been wanting to be a physician since I was about seven years old So this is like a childhood dream come true for me. One of the other reasons why I chose SLU because it seemed like there was a really great community of students who were there to support one another. I went to SLU for undergrad as well and it was kind of a no-brainer when I got in this SLU Med I was like this is the place for me It’s such a community where people promote each other and everyone here It just seems like has a purpose. I have been surprised how quickly it kind of feels like your community and not only the students either the faculty and staff are the same way in the upperclassmen that I’ve talked to you. Not just the university but the city itself. It feels like a small town of everyone’s kind of ready to get to know everyone’s ready to introduce themselves to you Today when I walked in and saw everyone around me with with them on I was like wow like we’re all gonna be doctors So it kind of made it hit a lot harder you feel welcomed into you know, the medical community It is one of the most emotional things ever and for me, it’s really special because my dad is actually a physician So today he’s giving me my white coat It’s something I’ve wanted academically for a long time, but it also means a lot for my family It’s been really setting in that. This is some extreme responsibility. I’m confident that SLU will prepare me well to do my job This is it. This is the moment. I’ve been waiting for for years This is the start of everything. You see the support and the love of All the family members in the friends who’ve been with us on our journey and you realized we’ve actually made it We’re one step closer to exactly who we wanna be

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