Salem Health medical provider Shwetha Gurram, MD

Hello my name is Swetha Gurram. I am a
family physician for Salem Health Medical Group at 12 Street so I was born
and raised in India where I finished my medical school I completed my residency
at Penn State held in State College Pennsylvania the human body and its many
mysteries was what initially attracted me towards a career in medicine and they
loved human interaction so here I am I enjoy working with kids and women’s
health is one of my other areas of interest I like to be active in the
community and I would like to advocate and be a voice for the vulnerable. I
think when a patient first comes to see me I wanted them to find me approachable
somebody they can trust talk to and be heard. So outside the clinic I like to
cook, explore the cuisines of the world, I like
to travel and spend quality time with my family.
I think there’s a great team here in Salem health and they have a great
support system I really like their care team model I feel like it’s like a
one-stop shop for all the comprehensive needs for the patient.

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