Samantha Moery, DO – Physician Philosophy of Care

All through childhood I can’t remember
wanting to be anything else except a physician. One of the things I enjoy
about family medicine is getting to see generations of families. In our clinic we
get to see everyone from the newborn to the great-grandmother and not only does
it help provide extra health history to the situation but I get to see how
they’re related and how that family functions and it’s a very interesting
perspective and I enjoy it a lot. If you listen, the patient’s going to let you
know what’s going on. Sometimes you have to piece it together in the correct
order but for the most part if you just listen the answer is going to be there.
Our service area is quite large and I think we’re very lucky to have a
hospital like St. Mary’s with so many service lines, so many physicians and
good quality care.

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