Samsung Galaxy S8 Review

We’re back, cause I’m not done talking about, the Galaxy S8! Now I know, I put that video together, alright, Galaxy S8, does it suck? A lot of people got all fired up. How dare he even, put that combination of words together, in the title, in the headline, Galaxy S8 and the word suck, well they kind of, you see they miss the “does it” part. And then they also miss the end part. In which I say that it doesn’t, suck, at all. In fact it does the opposite Funny how that works, human hearing, and comprehension Remember that, when you’re in school, the report card Jack got a very good. No he didn’t. Failing grade I kinda open that video, talking about, a few of the things that were bugging me about the phone towards the end, I got to some of the things that I liked You know, people were getting fired up, rightfully so, I don’t mind, to be honest One thing that came across to me, from the audience is that the audience wanted more you wanted something, comprehensive You know, sometimes I forget that I’m in this position here, where, you’re kind of relying on me! Maybe you want to sit down with a bowl of cereal for half an hour and listen to me dive deeply, into this device So, what did I do, I put on, is this blue? I put on a blue sweatshirt. I love this device, that was what I trying to get across to you guys just maybe, I didn’t cover all those little nuances. So today’s the day, maybe this the start of something new, in which, you and, and me we spend, even more time together in a video It becomes an experience, we get intimate All because, of the Galaxy S8. So take another bite of cereal, sit back, relax. Here is the good, the bad and the ugly, when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy S8 *Music* Number 1, in the good category, in the good column, we’re talking about this display You don’t need me to tell you how beautiful this display is, you’ve heard it everywhere and if you’ve ever used a Samsung display before certainly in the last few generations, then you know these guys are setting the standard You have an AMOLED panel here, from a contrast perspective whether its in a phone or in that TV over there the ratio between, dark sections of the screen and light sections of the screen. Let me, I just want to bring up, so you can truly appreciate whats going on. But generally, to the average person, a pleasing image has a ton of range between the dark portions on the display and the bright ones When it comes to colour, you’re looking for this kind of vibrance, this, this saturation and so on. Now I’ve mentioned before, this is an unusual aspect ratio and its an unusual curvature to the glass, Of course they are calling it the Infinity display. This is going to give you a sense of immersion into the content that goes beyond the bezel. And its not just the fact that its AMOLED, but its super high resolution. By default, coming out of the box, its not going to be in maximum resolution. But, that’s going to provide you with some extended battery life. Nonetheless, if you want it twenty nine sixty by fourteen forty, in a six point two inch display here. Or on the regular S8, five point eight inch. But it doesn’t really stop there because, there are a lot of options here for configuration . Now in the first video I think a lot of you guys looked at the way I was talking about it in a really negative light, assuming that what I was saying, was that this was somehow disingenuous Maybe there is an element there where I think Samsung probably could have delivered the max capacity out the box. But it wasn’t all negative, for certain users, myself included, having the option to go in there and makes those tweaks and configurations. For a power user like myself possibly a lot of you in the audience you like this ability to dive into the settings and create your own viewing experience But it doesn’t stop with brightness and resolution, it also dives into this blue light filter. Which I think is one of the best implementations I’ve seen So you’ve probably heard about this in the past where you can kind of shift the colour temperature to something that is pleasing to you, or you can even have it shift throughout the day to help you go to bed at night what you can do here is you could turn it on manually and get this warmer colour tone or you can schedule it, so it comes on at a certain time at night when you’re trying to relax and you’re trying to see these warm tones, so that your brain doesn’t think that you’re looking at sunlight and it refuses to shut off. Now there’s, this goes a lot deeper into the investigation, into human circadian rhythms and all this other stuff but essentially a warmer tone should help you relax, should help you fall asleep at night. This is especially important on a Samsung display because its got this kind of cool tone to it and I gonna max up the brightness as well. but I’ve also got this video enhancer enabled as well which is supposed to enhance the image quality of various apps that play back video –I mean, I did a little bit of research here and it-it’s hard to know EXACTLY what it’s doing essentially you’re seeing a bump in the appearance of contrast and a slight bump in saturation as well. It exists in youtube, it’ll also function in netflix, google play movies, things like that Now what you’ll notice, i am putting side by side window on my pixel XL which I will also have at full brightness. it is very well lit environment so it might be hard to tell But you can see here, this is A more warm tone, it’s got a kind of


  1. With regard to the screen aspect ratio, we just need a forehead and a chin with some decent speakers in them and some bezels to protect the edge of the screen and it would be perfect. I am sort of serious. The Note 4 screen to forehead ratio were perfect and it was a helluvalot more durable than the stupidass infinity screen which everyone is either covering up with an Otterbox Defender or they're having replaced.

  2. The reason it does not have dual speakers is because of the headphone jack and i dont know about you but i would like to have just one speaker and a headphone jack instead of no headphone jack.

  3. Hey should I buy A regular S8 or a S8 plus
    I like more display but not so big that dosen't keep in my hand
    Also that I am a power user
    Is the battery so big that I can run with it through a day?

  4. Ha. S8+ 2-28-19. It's still snappy fast and GREAT! NOTE 12 will be my next upgrade. I love my s8+! Such a fast no lag phone. To this day. I hope they do away with s10 hole punch by the 12. No punch for me. Peace!

  5. This video is the reason i got the s8+ but i was a galaxy fanboi so i got the iphone x, kept it for a year, and i am not trading it in for a galaxy s10 lol what a time for smartphones

    the title is "Samsung Galaxy S8 Review" but in the description you call it s8 plus.
    then you go back and between S8 and S8 plus.

    Love your channel and content but this is your worst video ever.
    I know you can do better then this crap.

  7. just got my g5 traded in for one of these bad boys, im eating cereal. legit. i have some real issues with fruity pebbles, they always get super mushy

  8. This is the first I'm comment on one of all your video's I watch but I must say I love this review 👍 looking forward to see more videos like this exact one good,not so good otherwise known as ugly 😎😂

  9. Im using Samsung S8 while watching this and using the AKG earbuds too and the best part! I can hear the bass in your voice with the earbuds👍

  10. Watching this video on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8. That is very similar to the Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung is my favorite brand.

  11. I mean if u have had a larger phone like a iPhone 7s you learn hand movements to reach the top of the screen and well most of the phones today are mostly just screens so guess don’t need a larger phone

  12. 23:46 The Moto G7 Power has a 5,000 mAh battery, I'd love to see you review that.

    An another hand, I have a Moto X4 and plan on upgrading within another year, and IDK if I should go with the G7 Power or the S8 (I'm trying to stay below $450). The reason I like the SD specs wise is because it's far more powerful than what I have now, has Samsung Pay as well as wireless charging. However, the G7 Power has the 5,000 mAh battery, is only $250, and y'know, I use my phone a LOT and oftentimes the battery dies before the day I'd done. It sounds like I should get decent battery life on the S8's battery saving mode, but I would like that higher resolution for when I'm watching video content. Also, I am a fan of cropping to compensate for display ratios but I'm worried not all apps will support the cropping on the S8.

    IDK if you're interested in doing a comparison video of the S8 and the G7 Power, or reviewing the G7 Power, but if you would do that I would appreciate it.

  13. That speaker comparison WREAKED of bias. You didn't even cover the iPhone speaker ONE TIME!

  14. When you've been watching unbox therapy for 30 minutes,
    while eating a bowl of cereal
    AND wearing a blue sweatshirt:

    Covers camera

  15. I love the ability to change the resolution settings in my S8 as this allows me to go from power mode- watching 4K content at home, to then make a custom power saving mode profile and set the resolution to the lowest HD setting if I want and giving me the pixel density of an iPhone 8 😂this then gives me like a day and a half of regular daily social networking, some gaming and photography

  16. holy shit im getting pissed because everyone is complaining about the fingerprint sensor
    Edit: after buying the s8 I found out that it's not that bad and after putting a case on it it's perfectly normal

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