Say Yes to Pediatrics: The Benefits of a Pediatric Residency

>> One of the great things about CHOP is just
it opens all the doors that you could ever hope to have opened. >> Being at CHOP really taught me a number
of things that makes me the pediatrician that I am today. >> I’m inspired by my patients, because it
makes me think that if they can keep going after everything they’ve been through, then
I can certainly keep going and working on their behalf. >> We’re fortunate to be in an institution
that has so many mentors of such a wide breadth. It’s an amazing group of people. β™ͺβ™ͺ >> Our residency training program has been
ranked the top training program in the country in pediatrics. And I feel great pride in being
able to say that. And I think many across the institution
share that same feeling of pride. We have a remarkably talented group of residents. They’re talented as pediatricians. They’re talented as people. And there’s an impressive
chemistry that exists among them. >> CHOP residents are really a family. I think that we all realize that
these three years are tough. We work long hours. We see difficult things. We deal with a lot of emotions from patients
and families, and CHOP residents really look out for each other. >> Yeah this is definitely a team sport. There’s absolutely no way around it. We have a fantastic team of people. And I think that’s one of the things
that sets CHOP apart from other institutions is that our
teamwork is just amazing. >> The hospital is interested in ensuring
that we remain the top residency training program in the country. The hospital recognizes how important the
residents are to the care that we deliver to patients day in and day out, and they also
appreciate that the residents are our future. Many of our faculty were residents here at
CHOP or fellows here at CHOP. >> Being at CHOP was a tremendous preparation
for being a physician and a pediatrician. We see everything here
in terms of clinical diagnoses. Everything under the sun. And clinical entities that other people just
dream of or read about in textbooks we would see here. So our clinical experience is tremendous. >> The training that you get here and the
people that guide you through it are really the best in the world, and they’re
internationally renowned. Yet you would never know it from your interactions
with them, because they’re some of the most humble people that I’ve had a chance to run
into, and they’re just passing on all this wisdom to you. It’s a really great experience. >> We’re very interested in attracting
a diverse group of residents. Diverse in terms of background and diverse
in terms of career interests. We feel that diversity is really critical
in terms of creating an environment that’s rich for learning pediatrics,
rich for deliveringpediatric care. >> The diversity here at CHOP spans everything. You name it, we’ve got it here. We embraced it before people
required us to embrace that. >> CHOP is where I learned to be
a pediatrician in the first place. CHOP is where I learned to be an educator. There’s an impressive range of opportunities
in pediatrics, which is part of the appeal of the field to me. An individual could be a general pediatrician,
a primary care pediatrician, a subspecialist. >> One of the reasons I chose CHOP was
definitely the global health track. There’s a hospitalist track. There’s a primary care track. >> We work in our emergency department. We work in outpatient clinics. We also work in our N/IICU and our pediatric
ICU, on our oncology units. >> It was exhilarating to walk around these
halls every day and interact with people from different disciplines who are asking all kinds
of interesting and different questions, and all doing it because they care about kids
and want to make their lives better. >> There is a reward every day, kind of when
you leave every room, and there’s definitely the challenges, but the rewards
greatly outweigh them. >> I’m humbled by how impressive this institution
is and the work that it does to influence patient care and child health more broadly. And I feel very lucky to be a part of the
institution and to have the responsibilities that I do.


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  2. I work in KSA and I can’t leave Mum and Dad . Can I come every six month and do rounds for two weeks . Or can I watch you on line or anything, I really want to be a Pediatric Pharmacist 😊

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