Schizophrenia Recovery without Medication—Hearing Voices

a 38 year old woman that I currently work with in psychotherapy came in with command hallucinations telling her to kill I worked with her for a while and at one point she was living with her parents and she wanted me to see her mother who was pushing her to come in because she had various things to tell me so what I did is I told my patient I would see her mother for half a session and then I would see her and we would talk about it the mother came in and she was one of the most obnoxious horrific women I have ever met I contained myself I retained my composure I had a discussion with her I was polite and nice to her when when her part of the session was over I squirted or out and thank them for coming and then I sat down with my patient and I said to her look I have to be honest with you there was several times while I was talking to your mother that I felt like wrapping my fingers around her throat and squeezing till our eyeballs popped at that point my patient looked at me startled and she said oh my god I know what the voice is it's my own voice and it's telling me to kill my mother and I looked at her and said I can understand that well what happened after that is her command hallucinations went away I did not plan that I did not understand before I said what I said what the nature of her command hallucinations were or where they came from but once that happened it was obvious what she was doing is she was experiencing horrific murderous thoughts toward her mother and she wasn't able to accept them so what she did is she projected them outside of her and those thoughts became a voice telling her what to them therefore she wasn't responsible for them she's been voice free now for about a year she's not on any medication prior to that before she came to me she was on three different kinds of medication she had read about the medications and she really didn't want to be on medication but every time she tried to come off she would wind up back in the hospital after she saw me she came off the medication over a period of six months several times she started to feel symptoms and the covering physician would raise the medication slightly leave it at that for awhile and then we would start to decrease again again she's medication free she's hallucination free and she's functioning did she start out with a diagnosis of schizophrenia she started out with a diagnosis of schizophrenia from childhood which he still qualified for that day you know the time she was an adolescent not really not really so how Universal would you say that's the story of this woman you work with this if you if you were to take everyone diagnosed the schizophrenic and put them in a situation where they could explore and look at the issues of where those symptoms were coming from and get to the bottom of them the issues would melt the issues would slowly go away now keep in mind I got very lucky with this patient I had no clue that that was going to happen I just told her the truth about the way I felt but I could accept my feelings and she never had permission to and my telling her the way I felt gave her permission to feel and she did and once she did she didn't need that's that symptom anymore she didn't need to defend herself in that way you


  1. I wish there were none of these "special effects" on this video. To me it makes it appear less credible, kind of cheap and creepy.

  2. This is so cool! I'm a 28 year old schizophrenic, I wish I could get more coping strategy rather than relying on medication so much. I'm on 5 meds a day right now, Invega, Rexulti, Lexapro, Wellbutrin, and Guanfacine. I would like to decrease my medication, but Everytime I try to I end up hurting myself due to too many voices or severe depression.

  3. that was not schizophrenia. you can see difference with brain scans on real untreated schizo patients and untreated schizophrenia is horrible. i have never heard of someone who wanted to go off medication. it is just so helpful for real patients but stupid psychiatrist study for years and cant tell the difference between "i think i hear voices" and actual schizophrenia

  4. Talk therapy can work for symptoms manifesting because of something environmental. However, for symptoms manifesting because of something inside the patient's body, talk therapy will not remove the symptoms although it can help a patient accept that there are and probably will be symptoms.

  5. Many times the medications are causing the voices. A bunch of these psychiatric medications block B12 absorption and cause a condition called Pernicious anemia. When the B12 gets extremely low it causes voices, paranoia, depression, anxiety and other things.

  6. every mental illness is nothing more then a response to extremely unhealthy environments – the patient is never the REAL patient. People who believe they are transgender is again nothing more then a response to extremely abusive environments – you get schools teaching small kids how to behave like a sexual pervert expect kids to develop insane behaviors – again it's the insane teachers kids are responding to. I've been listed with just about every major mental illness – thank God I'm a pretty good research and needed to scientifically prove it's not me crazy but rather the doctors judging me.

    great video – doctors are usually not the best people to see for health problems, they are only good pushing drugs and CAUSING illnes. I've been healthier since I stay away from them.

  7. I have been dealing with 3 for quite some time now and seeing things that aren’t really there for a whole lot longer than I had realized.

  8. I didn't know that there were logical triggers for Schizophrenia. I thought it was just something that certain people were afflicted with due to their physiology.

  9. You are all warriors, please join another group of warriors. Will you join my facebook group. We are a group of warriors paving the way to make the world a better place to be by reducing stigma attached to mental illness and more.

  10. The correlation with schitzoid patients of varying degrees and unexplainable physic ability is still medically unexplained.a few here attribute it to uncontrolled phycic power, and though crazy sounding how else is such a disappropriate accuracy explained.

  11. Hello, dear i was in hallucination one year ago but it scizophrenia . Can i cure from it. I cant overcome my negetive and false thoughts. Please replay me sir!!

  12. Drugs can kill you.
    Do some honest research. These people are professional materialists/liars. Not care givers. They don't even know the cause of psychosis. I self recovered from it all by myself. They stress meds but care less about respect. Social stress alone can be a cause. Conduct is more important than function. Lying is normal. Truth telling is abnormal. Purified isolation is a virtue. Psychiatry is bigotry. Some or many doctors have no facts/honesty.
    Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji'un. Audhu billah.

  13. I didn't finish college but I enjoyed the few semesters of classes I took. I'm very grateful for the psychology class I took my first year because of the most important idea I was exposed to in that class was that the onset of schizophrenia is usually late teens early 20s.

    This piece of information helped me know & face something by myself later. It gave me awareness.

    It was when I was 19 that I started hearing voices at night and this persisted into my early 20s, (after awhile, only occasionally, because I started self-medicating at night with beer before bed & then I wouldn't hear anything). I never told anyone about it until more than 10 years later because I already understood the rejection & stigma I would face AND that it would be VERY difficult to find a compassionate, gentle, intuitive therapist.

  14. My own mother, as in my biological mother, has had a very negative effect on me throughout my whole life.

    She had admitted to never wanting me and she has also said that she is happy that she had me.

    She fell pregnant to my biological father and she married him after I was born. She did the best that she could with me however, she did not leave my father when he was being physically abusive with me.

    He not only physically abused me but he physically abused her. He is dead now. He had to go to war because he was in the army. I was told that he died in the war. So, that is good news because he was physically abusive.

    He was so physically abusive that he used to hit my mother’s head against a block of wood that is used to chop wood for winter.

    My mother said that he used to throw me on the bed when I was baby. I am not sure because I cannot remember that far back. I do have flash backs of him hitting me, swearing at me and abusing me in more ways.

    My mother remarried after my biological father passed away and this man that she married was also physically abusive.

    He abused her and he abused me. I should mention that this is 2018 and my mother has been married four times to date. She has four daughters to three different men.

    One to her first marriage, two to her second marriage and one to her third marriage. She does not have any biological children to her fourth marriage.

    Because I did not know how to cope in life very well because of the environment and the circumstances that I was put in, I did whatever (well, not whatever – just what I thought was okay to do) in order to cope with life.

    Because of the physical abuse that I endured along with many other forms of abuse I turned to many different outlets to deal with my pain, sorrow, emotional instability and helplessness.

    Throughout my life I have been told that I have schizophrenia and that I hear voices in my head. However, I do not think that this is the case. My mother has tried to save me and help me many times but her choices in life did impact me very much.

    I am in my 30’s now and I am doing my best to cope. I am thankful to not be on drugs, medication, an alcoholic or a gambler. I am thankful to have a roof over my head (for now it is all that I can afford but I will get a better place and my own place very soon) and that I have clothing and food. It had been hard to cope with my life because I feel like I raised myself. There were times of poverty in my life where I had no food and I had nothing to eat for a few days. I have even been hospitalised for mental health issues and I have even attempted to commit suicide on a few occasions.

    In my life I have had to deal with physical abuse, emotional abuse, mental abuse, bullying, near homelessness, loss of job and more. My mother would call me up and complain a lot. Even when I was doing my best to cope, to live, to survive, to put a roof over my head and to put food on my table.

    I had to do whatever I could to live and to not end up on the street. I am thankful that I did not end up addicted to drugs or in gaol. I did the necessary things to get myself a place to live and to make money.

    My relationships failed because I did not know how to conduct them. I am not 100% to blame for the failure of them however I think part of the failure was because I did not grow up in a functional, normal, stable home with love, support, kindness, joy, laughter and all the things that a child needs to turn into a normal, happy, well adjusted, healthy and sane functioning adult.

    My father, I think, was very abusive because he drank a lot and his father (my grandfather) drank a lot too. I am speaking about alcohol here. According to my mother and my father, my grandfather was very physically abusive. Not only towards my grandmother but my uncles and aunties (my father’s brothers and sisters).

    (Just writing about this, makes me feel better).

    I am carrying the scars on my wrists still to date because I am the person that put razors to my wrists and attempted to kill myself when I was in high school.

    I am carrying the physical, emotional, mental scars with me still. I will not let them ruin me though and I will not end up in a worse of situation. I am going to do whatever I can to end up in a better situation.

    I know that right now I am not in the best financial situation and that I am not doing that well but I am hopeful and willing to do what is necessary to get myself into a better situation.

    As I write this, it is the 29th August 2018 and I am still alive. I am not in any abusive relationship with any man (as in I am not romantically involved). Thank goodness for that.

    Even though I have tinnitus and I have financial problems, I am doing okay. I am thankful not not be on the street. I am thankful that I am not being hit, spat on, in a war zone or in a worse situation.

    Of course I have some regrets and of course I have some sadness in my mind, heart and soul but I am doing the best that I can. I know that many of you out there have dealt with many issues as well.

    Some of you are better off and some of you are worse off.

    My mother, who I guess has done the best that she can in life, given her circumstances, is still around. She is on medication, she smokes, she swears, she bullies people on Facebook, she makes fun of all sorts of people and she complains. She also gives me money, she tries to help me, she does what she can when I need her. She is good and she is bad. She tries to control me and she whinges and she whines.

    Also, I miss one of my ex-boyfriends but only for the reason that he was kind to me at times in our relationship. He and I had ups and down but in the end it did not work out for various reasons.

    Please forgive me if some of this is repetitive and scattered. I am just trying to organise my thoughts as best I can. Because of my tinnitus and the constant buzzing, whooshing, pinging, etc., it can be hard to focus.

    I am not sure what to do to make it go away. I have been to the doctor but I think that it becomes very loud when I am under a great deal of stress.

    For now, I am doing the best that I can. You too can do your best and get out of your situation. If you are experiencing a bad situation. Stay strong, ignore the haters, ignore the people that try to drag you down. Do worry about the people that are trying to poison you with their pain, abuse, trauma and other forms of bullying.

    I have survived a war, physical abuse, mental abuse, emotional abuse, mental hospitals, near homelessness, starvation, debt, bad relationships, fake friends, bullies, abusive family members, horrible bosses and more.

    I am not playing the victim here, I am just doing my best to live and to survive at the moment. I am shedding some light on the situation for you as to how life can be and how you can do better. As I type this, I pray that you are okay, that you can relate to this somehow and that you can become a better person and live in a better life. Stay strong. Namaste.

  15. I am glad that you are listening so deeply to understand the source of the problem, verses further duping people to continue suppressing their genuine feelings towards legitimate agitation with meds.

  16. A nice story, but a gross oversimplification of schizophrenia. Have you ever met a patient so psychotic you can’t even have an intelligible conversation with them? You can’t even give those types of people psychotherapy because they’re so ill.

  17. Well how about that… talk to and treat a person like a person and they start to feel better.
    WHY IS THIS NEWS? Haven't we learned our lesson from when they used to drill holes in our heads?

  18. all government workers agencies bodies institutions are corporations are businesses. all government workers public servants have been processed through the legal system education system or processed. legally processed to contract to operate for the purposes of commerce.
    please see legalese the legal deception on youtube.

    all government workers are agents. this must stop. Stanley milgrams agentic theory. phil zimbardos stanford prison experiment. society is a lie.

    legalese and birth certificate fraud go hand in hand. please research it.

  19. 30 PERCENT

  20. yes this is it ..the truth…not a finite label…but getting it………to pill pill or not to pill pill that is not the question…where is the will ,to know,understand…consciousness to know & understand love & well being mikkayla

  21. NATURAL CURE TO MENTAL ILLNESS: I’m so appreciative for this type of platform, it gives us all opportunity to openly share our experiences without fear of shame. It is no longer a news that there is permanent cure to schizophrenia. My daughter was diagnosed of schizophrenia 15 years ago, over those time, I spent more time in hospital than out of hospital without much improvement. It was difficult and humbling, she had a major breakthrough only with CONSUMMO treatment. we're so proud that we've done it all to save her, She now think more clearly. She has grown as a person in all facets of life. She more compassionate, intelligent, wise, sociable, and actionable! For more detail on Consummo, kindly visit this blog:, And if you have used this medicine, I will advice you create an awareness to help others, because, every family that has a mentally ill patient needs help. Thank you

  22. IF YOU HEAR VOICES, YOU ARE NOT CRAZY! Many TI's are labeled 'schizophrenic' when in reality they are not mentally ill, the voices and the things that they say are not a symptom of a mental illness, there is an intelligence behind those voices, it's those fucking perpetrators using V2K to degrade you, torture you, and make you hear things. Many TI's claim that even family, neighbors, and people can sometimes hear the voices and everything they say, but they lie and pretend that they don't hear anything, because they are 'in on it', and that society is involved in their harassment and torture. Sometimes other people around you can hear it too, but they don't care if you are being harassed and tortured, and they even know who these perpetrators are, but they won't tell you anything because they are playing along with them. This is why many targeted individuals become shooters, because they want to take it out on the society that did this to them. It's a perverse conspiracy, and I don't use the word 'diabolical' because I don't think even Satan would be that low. It's sick. I just watched the video that Myron May (targeted individual who shot people in a school to create awareness) posted on YouTube (My experience as a targeted individual) and I am sure that TI's who commit suicide or those who are tortured, pushed and forced to shoot people, will be given a place in heaven, because God takes everything into consideration. No one can endure this torture 24/7, and God knows that.

  23. This case seems to be an exception to schizophrenia. Ordinary schizophrenia doesn't have a single cause or an instant cure, other than ignoring the hallucinations, which takes some time.

  24. How do I talk to someone with schizophrenia? I do I get them to understand where I’m coming from instead of shutting me down every chance I get? I do I get them to understand that their beliefs come in conflict with reality, and that the way they think and live isn’t healthy?

  25. Her mother sounds like the cause … mine is my family bullying and plp who were jealous of an inheritance. I found this very interesting. I was robbed by some guy always some guy was looking for me to be the provider or use me.

  26. Voices this people talking about you .they mentally ill like you the voices hear voices last week the voices enemies shot 5 people in a car wash and one black cop he died yesterday. They voices mad at golden corral they want to sit close to me and they have trouble and the voices get very mad.

  27. The spirit is weaker than the mind here. I was diagnosed with severe schizophrenia and what I've learned is that in every religion. Schizophrenia is basically hearing voices. What they don't tell you is that if you travel to places that don't speak your language you will hear the dialect that is spoken by the people in the place you've traveled to. Schizophrenia is not hearing voices. It is more complex than that. It is more or less telepathy that hasn't been mastered by the conduit capable of doing it. I've been practicing my faith. I'm an omnist. I see all religions as equal in their end goal, empowering those that believe it. So I've connected all of them in some way or another and seen the truth of it. The phone "or door," people hear the voices speak of are just their way of explaining something that they themselves can't truly understand. It's a vibe. If you focus hard enough on your own vibe and strengthen your faith in yourself be it spiritually or simply just mentally. Subconsciously you'll get into the habit of seeing it as a door or window that you seem to close through belief and faith alone. Don't be discouraged when seeing that it hasn't worked just yet. You have to look at it as, " I can do this. If I can't close the door entirely yet, I can quiet them by the way I "hear" or rather perceive them (because realistically if you blast your head phones in your ear and still hear them, is it truly your ears? Or is it your brain that perceived another's thought as audio, just like the voice you use in your head when not reading aloud) schizophrenia is what doctors call telepathy that hasn't been controlled simply for the money that it brings both them and big pharma (the pharmaceutical companies producing the multiple drugs given to schizophrenia patients that most barely take anyways.) Be pacient, focus on ignoring them till you realize that the volume is lower until they are eventually gone and you have mastered what most of modern science cannot and what most religions have already known and preached. You don't hear ancestors for they are with you in silence but you hear the mind of a distant soul, god did not forsake you but merely gave you a psychic ability that you can't control just yet because he knew you'd be strong enough to handle the battle and win, and if you believe in nothing? Believe in yourself and your ability to be hyper aware of the thoughts around you not convayed through speech , just like getting licked by a dog and knowing that it's doing it because it wants to show affection, how a kiss from your guardian or lover as if to say I love you, beyond words. Believe in whatever you must but know one thing, no one one is normal because nobody lives the exact same way, everyone is crazy because we use the 4th dimension without knowing nearly half of the things about it such as telepathy (thought) and what we don't know makes us fear it it by human nature yet we don't fear all thought. Life is crazy but only as difficult as you make it. And sometimes the unexplainable is something that we already knew in some light. Be healthy and keep faithful in your progress because as we speak hear less and less daily nearly nothing at all.

  28. I have 2 voices, always have….one is sad and weak and is scared to do anything and the other one is angry and has really bad ideas. I am 38 and been on and off meds since I was 16. This year I lost it! They took over like never before. …I quit working, I didn't leave my house. Within a month I was put on 9 different meds……I don't really know how but I had a conversation with these two in my head. …and I got to know them, and figured out how to use and volume button, details sound too crazy to write about but, after 3 months I stopped all meds, went back to work and I've never felt more in control. They are still there and probably always will be but I am in control now. Hopefully it stays this way!!

  29. The psychiatrists are criminals.They mutilate people with their psychiatric "medecines".The psychiatrists are at same time police informants.The use of psychotropic "medecines" is a crime against humanity because they cause neuro-endocrine disorders,sexual impotence and lost of libido and orgasm.I know it very well because I was tortured and mutilated exactly with psychiatric "medecines" for 5 months in 2014-2015 by the Russian secret services (the FSB,the former KGB) and police because of my arguing against their superpower in Russia.They made me in practice sexually disabled.

  30. I'm suffering with that fucking illness.. its almost 1yr ago…
    I'm always feels alone…
    coz they don't want to be my friend..
    i tried to kill my self coz I'm useless.. everyone always laugh at me..
    and now I'm facing with my fear…
    and starting getting well,and my parents says your ready to have a job..
    but i feel I'm not yet ready to work..
    what should i do?

  31. I think some situations are probably more complicated. However I found this really useful. I was 18 when it started and i think subconsciously i wanted to leave home get a girlfriend but forced myself to stay to look after my mum who was alone. Also my life wasn't following the normal pattern of moving onto university as quickly as I should of done. Not having a girlfriend and no friends at the time as well as other shit I done (drugs) or abuse I received triggered the voices. It's been 20 years and I still hear the same voices my life is still very stressful.

  32. i dont think i can live without medication. when off my meds i could not function well enough to read a book or paperwork.

  33. Im sure the Majority of people watching this video have some form of mental illness. When you put text like Kill kill Kill in the video it might be a trigger to some peoples paranoia

  34. Can somebody who has gone through schizophrenia, or is currently suffering from it but is not too far gone (sorry), please send me a message? My brother is believed to have schizophrenia but he doesn't believe it and he is really hard to talk to. Please message me to help him!

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