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Hello and welcome to today’s web help
talk. My name is Josh Clark. Let me start by
saying, if you’re expecting glitz or glamour you won’t find it here. I’m not
an entertainer and certainly not an actor.
I recorded this webinar as a resource, designed to educate people on health and
nutrition. This information could potentially change your life, and I say
‘change your life’ because that’s exactly what it did for our family 22 years ago.
You see as a child I watched my mother suffer from major health problems due to
missing organs from an accident as a teenager. After years of kidney trouble,
low immune system, extreme fatigue and having seven children, she was very sick.
We were eating what we thought was a perfect diet. We were grinding our own
wheat, making our own bread, fresh eggs and raw milk and organic produce from
our small farm, with absolutely zero processed foods or sugar in our home. But
my mother was still very sick. Then 22 years ago when I was 14 years old
thankfully everything changed. I’ll never forget the day. I was sitting at the
table my parents and a friend who had started when the largest organic food
co-ops, attempted to share the same information with us. At first my parents
were skeptical. But after months of research into the products they finally
decided to give it a try. And to our surprise, after applying the information
you’ll hear about in the next few minutes,
her health began to improve. She went on to have three more children for a total
of ten. And today in her 60s she is the absolute picture of health, even jogging 3
to 6 miles a day, several days a week. After hearing my mother’s story I think
you can understand why I’m so passionate about sharing this information with
other families. Speaking of family, before we get started please allow me to
introduce my beautiful wife Chelsea and our six children. I am blessed. So let’s
get started and take a look at the state of our health. According to Time magazine
the sorry state of our health; it says despite advances in medicine, Americans
are less healthy than we used to be. And the next generation may even be worse
off. So let’s look at how do we reverse this trend before it’s too late. As we
look at the subject of health we can boil it down to three areas: diet, weight
management, and physical activity. Today though we’re going to focus on diet which
also affects weight management. So what should our diet look like? I think we’ll
all agree that according to this USDA food wellness pyramid guide
that we learned about in school, we need more whole grains, colorful fruits and
vegetables, lean sources of protein like omega-3 rich fish, and very little sugar.
But sadly, this is how we really eat isn’t it! We’re consuming plenty of
processed foods, soft drinks, and the food wellness guide gets turned upside down.
92% of adults don’t even eat three servings of whole grains. 88% of adults
don’t even consume five servings of fruits and vegetables.
80% don’t consume even two servings of omega-3 rich fish per week. Now what are
we getting lots of? You guessed it! The average American consumes a hundred and
fifty pounds of sugar per year! Now compare this to 10 pounds per year prior to the
20th century and as you can see we have a problem! So what is the direct effect
of the standard American diet? Well, the U.S. is number three in health care
spending, yet life expectancy is forty second among developed nations. And it’s
not that we’re not getting enough prescription meds. After all, seventy
percent of Americans are on prescription medications. Yet the number one killer in
the U.S. is still cardiovascular disease. According to health professionals, eighty
percent is preventable through lifestyle change. The number two cause of death is
cancer, with over 40% of the population getting cancer in their lifetime. Scary
isn’t it! But experts say two-thirds of that can be prevented with healthy lifestyle
choices. And over two thirds of adults are overweight or obese according to the
CDC. Diabetes is now the seventh leading cause of death. It’s become an absolute
epidemic! But 92% of type two Diabetes cases are preventable. As a former state
representative or state congressman I served on both the Health Committee and
the Diabetes caucus at the Georgia State Capitol. I can tell you from experience
that governments are worried about the epidemic growth of diabetes because of
its potential to bankrupt health care systems around the world. While it’s one
of the most painful and debilitating, not to mention costly diseases, the good news
is that there’s much we can do to manage and even prevent it with healthy
lifestyle choices. So to summarize: according to the World
Health Organization and CDC, three out of four deaths by 2020 will be caused by
heart disease diabetes or cancer. This is absolutely
unacceptable! But there is good news! According to this front-page article in
Time magazine which says: “The Real Power of Vitamins”, new research shows they may
help fight cancer heart disease and the ravages of aging. I think though, that
most would agree that our modern diets are deficient. But the big question is:
“Who can we trust?” and “What do we take to fill these gaps?” In a very unregulated
supplement industry, in February of 2015 the Washington Post headlines read GNC,
Target, Walmart, Walgreens – accused of selling contaminated herbals. A few months later NBC News reported that Harvard
scientists had alerted the public they had found a “Speed-like” ingredient (which is
chemically related to amphetamines) in eleven dietary supplements available at
national health food stores, including the Vitamin Shoppe. And then in October of
2015 GNC, one of the world’s largest retailers
of supposedly all natural dietary supplements, was accused by Oregon’s
Attorney General of knowingly selling drug spiked dietary supplements. So let
me introduce you to NeoLife, a name that you can trust! A company that my family
has trusted now for 23 years! Neo life has been providing clinically
proven health solutions that are based in nature and backed by science since
1958. For well over half a century now we’ve
maintained a spotless reputation in this industry. We have a pharmaceutical
license for manufacturing our own products right here in California. We’re
established in over 50 countries around the world and were known in industry and
academic circles as a pioneer in the field of nutrition. We have the most
respected scientific research and development team which has resulted in
dozens of technical achievements and industry first throughout the decades. So
let’s take a quick look at our distinguished Scientific Advisory Board.
These men and women are some of the most respected and world-renowned scientists
doctors and professionals in their field. Dr. Arthur Furst, at the top, is credited
with having established our Scientific Advisory Board many decades ago. He was a
world-renowned toxicologist and cancer researcher. In fact, a number of years ago
he was on the front page cover of the University of San Francisco, where it
said: “Dr. Furst, a pioneer in the war on cancer.” And all of this has led to
world-class research and strategic partnerships with some of
the most highly respected organizations, and research published in top peer-reviewed
scientific journals around the world. Now, over the next few minutes, as we look at
solutions to the nutrient gaps in our diet, I want to invite you to judge
everything I share with you by this standard: Is it whole food or simply just
‘natural’ – because anyone can argue that the products are ‘natural’. After all, you
know algae is natural but I’m trying to clean that out of my pool and toilets
right! Pine bark is natural, ephedra, fungus, coal tar, cocaine! But I want you to judge
us by this standard: “Is it whole food?” Does it fill the gaps in our diet such
as true whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and wild salmon. And NeoLife’s products use only GMO free ingredients. Now, before I share the
solutions to our nutritional gaps I want to first say: the products you’ll hear
about are not intended to prevent, treat, or cure any disease. You’ll hear stories
of people who have experienced tremendous results with our products, which may even
seem miraculous. But I want to emphasize: the miraculous part is a human body and
its god-given ability to heal itself when we take care of it and give it the
nutrition it needs. Our family, and so many others around the world, have been
blessed by having found a solution to our nutritional needs through the
supplements and products you’re about to hear about. NeoLife solution to our
nutritional gap is the Pro Vitality. Let’s take a look at each of the four
products that are contained in this one product: Pro Vitality. The little green
capsule in the Pro Vitality provides our solution to the whole grain gap that
should form the foundation of the food pyramid; which is Tre-en-en grain
concentrates which contains the essential fatty acids or phytolipids
and phytosterols from whole grains with – and you’ll be
happy to hear this – less gluten than a bowl of gluten-free cereal. It was developed
for a hospital research study on chronic fatigue in Los Angeles and the patients
had incredible results. It promotes cellular energy and efficiency. So how
does Tre-en-en work? Well, I think we all know that good nutrition begins, where? At
the cellular level! After all, our bodies are made up of roughly 73 to 75
trillion cells. And it’s the health of those cells that determines how we look
and feel. Here’s a simple diagram of an unhealthy cell on the left.
As you can see, over time, without enough of these essential fatty acids in our
diet, which by the way, your body CANNOT manufacture, your cell membranes start to
become hard and leathery. And nutrients aren’t able to get in and waste products
aren’t able to get out as effectively. What do you think begins to happen?
That’s right, you begin to feel sick, tired, and disease is able to set in more
easily. Imagine if your car was not getting enough fuel and in and exhaust
out! Someone recently said to me: “You’d be walking!” That’s right!
Tre-en-en is a solution to the number one complaint that doctors hear: “I’m tired of
feeling tired!” Tre-en-en helps your body work more
efficiently. It helps your cells get more value from the food and supplements you
eat every day. And it’s not just NeoLife telling you this. Here’s the health
section of Time Magazine; and it quotes research from a medical journal in
statements from Dr. Siguel and his colleagues at the Boston University
Medical Center. They said: “Food manufacturers generally remove
these spoilage prone compounds such as essential fatty acids from pasta, bread, and
breakfast cereal in order to lengthen the shelf-life of their product. Which is
why Dr. Siguel went on to say: “Essential fatty acid deficiency
is perhaps the most important health problem in America today.” So it’s no
surprise that Texas A&M University study found that with Tre-en-ens, subjects
experienced a substantial increase in nutrient utilization. Imagine having a
fuel additive they gave you up to 50% greater gas mileage. Would you use it? Of
course! But before we move on, let’s hear from Dr. Ventrella a medical doctor and
a Naturopathic doctor from New Jersey. “My name is Dr. Susan Ventrella. I have 17
years experience as a family practitioner, and further training as a
Naturopathic Doctor. I learned about NeoLife products approximately three years
ago. Their quality as a whole food product line far surpassed what I was
taking at that time. After seeing the science behind NeoLife’s products,
including third-party clinical trials, I decided to start the Tre-en-en. Within two
months the tiny lumps on my upper arms, a condition called ‘Keratosis Pilaris’ were
gone. My menopausal symptoms also improved. The scientist within me
wanted further proof. So I stopped the Tre-en-en and watched what happened to me.
Within one month the Keratosis Pilaris was back, and so were the
menopausal symptoms. Obviously, I did the smart thing and restarted them, and
stayed on them. I now recommend NeoLife to any patient who wishes to improve and
protect their health.” Let’s move on now to the second area of the Wellness food
pyramid guide which is fruits and vegetables. The NeoLife solution is
carotenoid complex. As we saw earlier, most of us aren’t getting a broad
spectrum of colorful fruits and vegetables. So this product provides a
carotenoid power of 80 plus pounds of raw fruits and vegetables in every box.
The USDA and CDC researchers independently proved this effect
showing that it boosted people’s immunity by 37 percent in just 20 days.
The results were then published in medical journals around the world,
including the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, and presented before
the New York Academy of Sciences. In fact it was so unique that it was patented.
Now let’s take a look at another simple cell diagram to understand how it works.
Every cell takes roughly 10,000 ‘hits’ a day from free radicals. So they need
protection. Here’s an unprotected cell being bombarded from the toxins and the
food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe, from our daily diets and
what we call ‘life’. And here’s a protected cell with plenty of antioxidants helping
prevent oxidative damage (one of the two ‘evil twins’ of aging, associated with
free radicals. For any Star Wars fans out there, think of carotenoid complex as
being better than a Star Wars missile defense shield. A human clinical trial
conducted by researchers from the United States Department of Agriculture and the
Center for Disease Control proved that carotenoid complex boosted immunity 37
percent in just 20 days, and even promoted heart health – but that’s a topic
for another day. For now, let’s hear Daniel’s story from
California whose life has been changed thanks to the power of this product. “Hi!
My name is Daniel. I’m a 30 year old father of five. At 14 years old I
experienced a health challenge that caused me to go bald.
I was also experiencing frequent, debilitating headaches, depression and
overall declining health. I spent nearly two
years suffering through various painful treatments to stimulate hair growth. I
also tried other supplements as well, but with no effect. A friend introduced me to
NeoLife and I began feeling better within the first two weeks. After three
months my headaches were gone; after six months I noticed my hair starting to
regrow. I’ve been using NeoLife for 14 years now and I have a thick head of
hair and I feel amazing.” Now let’s move on to the third area of the food pyramid,
The protein section we should be getting more pure omega-3 rich fish. NeoLife’s
solution is Salmon Oil Plus. It’s the world’s first and only complete Omega-3
supplement. It provides all eight omega-3s, not just EPA and DHA which is
very unique. It’s also tested for over 200 different contaminants with an
allowable detection limit of zero! It’s from pure Atlantic cold-pressed fish and
it’s been clinically proven in clinical trials to reduce inflammatory index by
68%! We’ll come back to that in just a moment. So let’s take another look at a
simple cell diagram to understand why omega-3s are so important. Inflammation
is the second ‘evil twin’ of aging, which begins at the cellular leve. Here’s a
picture of an inflamed cell and finally a protected cell with omega-3 from
salmon oil plus. See the cute little fish swimming around? But, really, it’s no
laughing matter! Inflammation is the number one enemy of
our cells, which is why there’s overwhelming research behind the
importance of Omega-3s. In fact, as I was walking to the airport I came across
this issue of Time magazine and on the front cover it said: “The Secret Killer
The surprising link between inflammation, heart attacks, cancer, Alzheimer’s and
other diseases. And what you can do to fight it” Guess what! The only natural
solution in the article was, you guessed it! Omega-3! Considering how
important Omega-3s are, why gamble your health by taking just any omega-3,
when you can take a product clinically proven to deliver results?!
Our entire family takes Salmon Oil Plus, including the little ones who chew it!
It’s been clinically proven to deliver heart-healthy benefits such as: reduced
triglycerides by 17%; improved the ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids by 43%;
and it lowered inflammatory index by 68% in just eight weeks! This clinical
trial is important, considering a report came out recently showing that a lot
of fish oil is rancid/sour which actually causes oxidation and inflammation! So finally
you have an omega-3 you can trust, that will deliver actual proven results! In
fact this impressive clinical trial was recently referenced in research
published in one of the most respected medical journals in the world – The New
England Journal of Medicine by Dr. Emily Chu from the National Institute of
Health. So now let’s hear Nicole, a mother of six, from Washington State: “Hi, I’m
Nicole Blaine, a 43 year old wife and mother of six. Before NeoLife I was in
my late 20s, struggling just to make it through the day, to be a mother to our
children. I was so fatigued I could hardly get out of bed to do daily chores.
I also suffered from constant aches and pains, couldn’t sleep, experienced constant
mood swings, severe stomach problems and exaggerated PMS. After my doctor told me
to get on a good multi-vitamin and protein shake, out of desperation it seemed like
I tried every natural product available! And I even resorted to three
prescription medications. Thankfully a friend shared NeoLife with me sixteen
years ago, and within a few weeks I began to notice more energy. And over the
course of my next three to six months, all of my problems were gone. I am so
thankful to NeoLife for giving me my health back. And I can’t even imagine
going back to how I used to feel!” Let’s move on to the fourth product in pro
vitality. In addition to the gluten and GMO free grain concentrates, fruits and
vegetables, pure omega-3 rich fish, you’re also getting your essential vitamins and
minerals. And it’s more than just a “multi” It contains 21 micro-nutrients, vitamins
and minerals, to help bridge a dietary gap; plus phyto-enzymes for easy
digestion. Here are just a few of the benefits that people tell us: abundant
energy, natural genetic anti-aging function, flexible healthy joints,
youthful skin hair and nails, better sleep, heart health, immune strength and on
and on and on. The Pro Vitality really is the foundation for an energy filled day.
For even better results though, we recommend you take it
with a NeoLifeShake. the NeoLifeShake is the perfect breakfast for the whole
family. You can enjoy it as a delicious
breakfast, or any other meal replacement. My wife and kids love it. We all start
our day out with a delicious shake. Now what’s inside? First let me point out
that it’s 100% natural. It provides a proprietary blend of multiple protein
sources and it’s biologically complete, with all 22 amino acids needed for human
nutrition, not just a few like so many other proteins on the market. It has the
highest protein quality score of any protein I’ve seen on the market and has
18 grams of protein per serving. It’s rich in branched-chain amino acids, which
helps with building and maintaining lean muscle.
It has 20% of your daily value for fiber, and, get this, is glycemically balanced –
meaning, it supports normal blood sugar levels. This technology is very important
not only for diabetics, but also for weight management. In fact I have several
friends who are diabetic and have had incredible results with the shake. It
provides 25 essential vitamins and minerals, along with whole food
antioxidants. So it’s a complete meal replacement that’s perfect for the whole
family! So what’s NOT inside? No artificial anything; no high fructose
corn syrup; no preservatives; no gluten; no cholesterol; no saturated fats; no
hydrated or trans fat; ninety percent lactose free; and once again, no GMO
ingredients. It makes a perfect meal by providing your daily nutrition and
weight management, and it’s clinically proven in a real human trial to deliver
results. In just 12 weeks people saw body fat reduction of 10% across
waist, hips, arms and thighs. And not only did they lose weight; but more
importantly, they retained lean muscle mass which is a key indicator for sustained
weight loss. They also enjoyed heart health benefits such as 15% reduction in
bad LDL cholesterol and improved the ratio of good cholesterol (the HDL) to bad
cholesterol (LDL) which is a key marker for heart health. And these impressive
results from the trial were published in the Journal of the American College of
Nutrition. NeoLife really is your total health and wellness solution. We offer a
complete line of whole food nutritional supplements, of which only a few are
shown here. But keep in mind, the foundation is
always the breakfast pack which includes a Pro Vitality and NeoLifeShake. Now
before we get to wrap up, let me quickly mention two other products that are
also favorites of mine. How many of us find ourselves rushing through the day
looking for a snack on the go? Now you have the new life bar, a healthy and
delicious choice. They’re whole food and have all 22 amino acids; they are gluten free,
dairy free, no GMO ingredients 10 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber, and get this –
250 plus milligrams of omega-3s. And like the shakes,
they have glycemic response control technology, which supports normal blood
sugar levels. And how many of us find ourselves running low on energy during
the day? Finally we have a natural solution to these dangerous energy
drinks on the market! NeoLife energy tea provides instant
natural energy from green tea and one of my favorite benefits is a mental
alertness that you’ll notice from the adaptogenic blend of herbs. iIt promotes
fat-burning, has no artificial ingredients, is only 5 calories per
serving and you can enjoy it hot or cold. I like to empty a sleeve in a water
bottle and drink it a couple times a day. Both of these products make a great
addition to our weight management plan. To lose weight you’ll have two shakes –
one for breakfast and one for lunch, and then mid-morning and mid-afternoon
you’ll have a NeoLifeBar or a healthy snack, and a glass of NeoLifeTea. For
dinner you’ll have a normal, balanced meal. We have a weight loss success guide
that provides a simple, easy-to-follow meal plan for amazing results. So the
solution, as we discussed earlier, to turn the upside down wellness pyramid right
side up is a Pro Vitality, plus the NeoLifeShake. It’s the perfect start to a
youthful and energy filled day. So at this point, if you’ve learned something
new, or maybe you’re excited about finding products that are clinically
proven and deliver real lasting results; please tell somebody because it could
change a life, as it has for my family! You’ll notice the information we share
today isn’t like so many other companies, and I won’t name them, but they tell some
story about traveling the seven seas, and searching the latest magic pill potions,
juice of the week, or exotic herb from the Amazon rainforest, that claims to be
the latest Fountain of Youth. But in contrast, you’ll notice that virtually
every major health organization, the American Heart Association, the National
Cancer Institute, the American Diabetes Association, the World Health
Organization, and Center for Disease Control – all
saying what — we need more true, whole grains, fruits and vegetables and fish
which NeoLife delivers in a clinically proven and bio-available form. Now I want
to remind you once again that these products are not intended to prevent,
treat or cure any disease. You have heard stories of people who’ve experienced
tremendous results with our products which may even seem miraculous, but I
want to emphasize again the miraculous part is the human body and its God-given
ability to heal itself when we take care of it, and give it the nutrition it needs.
Now you know why our family and so many others around the world trust our health
to NeoLife. Now if you were to start with just one product, I’d recommend the
Pro Vitality pack which provides the nutritional equivalent of 11 pounds of
whole grains, antioxidants from 80 pounds of raw fruits and vegetables and veggies,
and 10 servings of omega-3 rich fish in every box. At this point though the
common question everyone has is: “But is it affordable?” I have good news! The
Pro Vitality is only $1.55 per day, plus shipping and handling, if you’re a
member of the Neo Life Club. And as far as the price of the delicious meal
replacement shake, let me ask you: “What would a fast food meal cost?” Probably
$5 to $8 – plus medical costs in the long run! But if you use the NeoLifeShake as a meal replacement, you’ll get a healthy meal and actually save
money. The shake is less than $3 per meal plus shipping and
handling. But again, that price only applies if you’re a member of the
Wellness Club. So you’re probably asking: “What’s the catch?!
What does it cost to join the wellness club?” Well let me ask you, how much would
it cost to join Sam’s Club or Costco? Somewhere between $50 and $100 or more, right? And that’s of course, yearly! The NeoLife Club is different. You see,
we’ve made joining our wellness club easy and affordable. We’re on a mission
and our mission is: to make the NeoLife Wellness Club a household name, as we
work to reverse the sickness trends that are plaguing North America. So let’s take
a quick look at the benefits of the club. You can join the club for free. And as a
club member, you’ll say 15% to 25% off retail cost. Now you’re
probably asking: “How do I save 25 percent?” Well it’s easy if you put at least one
product on auto-ship. You’ll save 25% off all your purchases
through the club. Now keep in mind, you can always change your order, add to your
order or even cancel your order, at any time, either online, or through our toll
free number. Now, one of my favorite benefits of the club is that you can
qualify to receive your health pack absolutely free, through our “3 for
free” program. If you select a health pack on auto-ship, and simply refer three
friends who also put a health pack on auto-ship, you’ll receive your health
pack free the following month – and potentially every month thereafter! Now I
should point out, you’ll never make a dime as a club member. But you’ll help
your friends by sharing your club benefits with them, through our free,
personalized NeoLife membership site. Your website is like Costco or Sam’s
Club membership card that you can share with friends, so they can enjoy the same
savings! Another major benefit of the club is you have the option to join our
30-day “Be Your Best” challenge and have a chance to win $1,000 just for reaching
your weight loss or fitness goals! At NeoLife, we believe being your best
involves more than a good diet and whole food supplements. Being your best
includes regular exercise and weight management. That’s why we gave away
$95,000 last year in our “Be Your Best” challenge in the
US and Canada. Once you complete the 30 day challenge, you can continue and win
even more with our 90 day, and one year Champion challenge! Now let’s do a quick
recap. The first step as a club member is to select a health pack. Our most popular
packs are the Breakfast Pack and Weight Loss Pack. They both contain the Pro
Vitality Plus, as well as the delicious NeoLifeShake which, don’t forget will
help you save money on your food budget. Plus give you a healthy start to the day.
Now keep in mind that, while we recommend everyone choose at least one health pack,
it isn’t required. You can always just scroll down and select any one of our
other products. The second step, which is completely optional, is to help at least
three friends by sharing your club membership site with them. You plus three
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exact same discounted price you are! The third suggested step, and optional as
well, is to join the “Be Your Best” fitness or weight loss challenge. Now keep in
mind that you can join one or both challenges.
Invite, or I’d say, better yet, challenge your friends to join you and to be your
best challenge. Together it’s more fun. So here are a couple stories from some of
our latest challenge winners: “Hi, my name is Shandell Thompson. I used to weigh
278 pounds. I’ve tried every diet out there. Anything that said: “lose weight
fast”, I’ve tried. I would typically lose 10 pounds, but I would gain back 20! As a
result, I suffered from low self-esteem, depression, and social anxiety. After six
months on NeoLife I’ve lost 63 pounds and I’m still losing more! I feel like a
new person, mentally, physically emotionally and spiritually. My husband,
David, is a Type 1 Diabetic and he’s on an insulin pump. Now after five months on
NeoLife he’s been able to balance and maintain his healthy blood sugar levels
and he’s feeling much healthier, noticing differences every day!” “Hello my name is
Carlos Tristan. Before I joined the NeoLife weight loss
challenge, I weighed over 450 pounds. But after two years on the NeoLife weight
loss pack, I lost over 250 pounds and lost 20 inches off of my waist. The best
part is, it’s been over a year now and thanks to the NeoLife Nutritionals, I’ve
kept it all off.” Before we wrap up I should quickly mention that, with the
recent launch of the NeoLife Wellness Club across North America, we are going
through what many believe is the most exciting period in this company’s 55
plus year history. If you or someone you know happens to be looking for an
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Club certainly isn’t for everyone, but if you enjoy helping others, there couldn’t
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disease trends plaguing North America. It was because of my belief in this mission
that I left my position as a State representative or State congressman to
help launch the new life wellness club across North America. After serving on
the Health Committee and the Diabetes Caucus at the Capitol I
become convinced that government doesn’t have the answer. And sadly, the
pharmaceutical industry is primarily about profiting from the sickness trends,
not reversing them. At NeoLife, we’re about educating the public, providing a
natural solution, and finally providing a community through the Wellness Club, that
supports sustainable healthy lifestyles. If you choose to join the club as a
promoter, you’ll receive the same benefits as a club member, plus you’ll
begin earning commissions on product orders from club members and promoters
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lots of promoters making an extra five hundred, thousand, five thousand, or ten
thousand plus, plus, plus per month by simply promoting the club. Now, in case
you or someone you know is interested in becoming a promoter of the club, I’ll
give you just a quick overview of our simple two-step business system to earn
an extra $1,000 a month with NeoLife. Some people do this part-time in their
first month. Now keep in mind that we’re talking about residual income. Residual
income means you put forth effort now and continue to reap the rewards by
earning an ongoing income month after month, and year after year. The reason the
income is so stable is because the products deliver results, which means you
have customers for a lifetime – just like my family who’s used these products now
for 23 years. The first step for a promoter is to simply refer 3 Club
members, who also refer 3 Club members each. You’ll receive your products free
the next month, and so will they. Three of the most popular ways people are doing
this is by hosting a shake party, sharing a sample pack, or simply inviting others
to view an educational resource like the one you’re watching. The second step is
to help 3 promoters do what you did in step 1. In this model, we assume that
everyone purchased a breakfast pack, plus one other product. The average family
uses more than this. By the way, couples will actually need two breakfasts packs.
That would more than double your earnings in this model. An extra thousand
per month is great. But for those looking to earn a professional six-figure income,
or multiple six figures, simply help six other people build the same two-step
business model that you just saw here, like you did, by duplicating the process.
It really never gets more complicated than that.
If you choose to become a promoter your first step is select one of our business kits. I think we’ll all agree that if you were
to start a franchise, or any business, you need to make an initial investment to
set yourself up for success. The great thing about a NeoLife business is: the
startup cost is very low. You can start with a Senior Manager kit, which provides
the best value, with a comprehensive success system, and business tools. Or you
can start with one of our lesser kits, that go all the way down to $75. The best
part is that when you start a business with NeoLife you have everything to
gain and nothing to lose. In a worst case scenario you’ll purchase a product at a
huge savings – well below wholesale – and use them yourself.
That’s what I call a win-win scenario! So, the choice is yours!
Option 1 – everyone should at least start as a club member and use our products;
possibly refer 3 and get yours free. Option two – join as a promoter and earn
part-time income, or a professional full-time income. It’s up to you. In
closing I’d like to remind you of a proverb that says: “If you have health you have
hope, and if you have hope you have everything.” Contact the person who cared
enough to invite you to this web health talk. They’ll be happy to help you join
the club either as a club member or promoter, and help you get started on a
health pack of your choice. Thank you and have a blessed day!

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