School of Medicine: Match Day 2017

[Gabriella Stamper] I know I’m matched, so it’s okay, but my places are so opposite ends of the country. I like everything, so I’m open-minded right
now. We’ll see! We’ll see what it is! Gabriella! [Gabriella Stamper] Very nerve-wracking. Gotta open it up! (Whistling) Open your envelopes! (Cheering) [Max Vale] It’s bittersweet. I’m excited, though. So I’m from Columbia. I’ve been here all my life, graduated from
Hickman, stuck around for undergrad at the University of Missouri, and now I’m here for med school too. So this is my big move outside of home. [Emily Rudloff] It’s really exciting to kind
of have everything we’ve worked toward come to the final goal, and to be able to move on and make plans for our futures. [Gabriella Stamper] I have been working on
this forever. My PhD, all of it. It’s so exciting to finally have a new chapter to start. I’m so excited for all the hard work that
I’ve done and for the adventure I’m going to have with my new family.

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