Science Translational Medicine

while we need to continue our efforts at basic research to uncover new and fundamental knowledge it's important to also focus on how this knowledge can improve human health in real terms often it's at the interface of disciplines that combine multiple fields of knowledge that translation of the deeper scientific insights that come from the lab can find their beneficial expression in patients that's what translational medicine is about the most efficient way to understand all streams of knowledge and create new knowledge with it that has a direct impact on public health there are engineers that devise new medical devices there are biochemists that devise new chemical agents that can be used as drugs there are computational biologists that devise algorithms that can improve imaging methods all these things are part of medicine but they're from widely divergent groups with different expertise the mission of the journal is to try to stimulate more effective science in this area by bringing the bear you know a powerful voice for innovation this journal Science Translational Medicine really truly reflects the need of the scientific community to focus on what we call the field of translational medicine why's that it's become very obvious that over the past ten years we've made an enormous amount of progress and discoveries of the basic level but as we've done so we've realized that biology is much more complex than we thought it was and this daunting complexity makes it quite difficult to take that knowledge and translate it to for human health for human patients so this translation used to be quite linear in the past I mean you you you could do it quite straightforwardly not anymore we're doing it now in part because of the increased interest in translational medicine that we see coming from organizations like the National Institutes of Health but from patient groups from basic scientists who want their work to get translated into clinical practice they need an outlet they need a place to talk about this important interface between basic and clinical research innovation happens when you bring different ideas and different approaches together in new ways and so this journal is a meeting place for those different ideas and it will pride in encouraging its reviews and in its editorials new ways of thinking about important problems so this journal will be centered around original research papers that make significant contributions to translating basic science results into improvements in clinical medicine which we're also going to be having commentary from experts in many areas that touch on translational medicine the regulation regulatory environment from pharmaceutical industry from patent law from people interested in legislation that doesn't exist today that's what this journal is going to do so if you think about it this is a sort of multi-directional process where basic research informs clinical research clinical research informs basic research by posing critical questions that need to be answered we want the journal to address problems that a broad group of scientists and physician scientists are interested in we want to appeal to engineers we want to appeal to clinical physicians we want to appeal to chemists basic scientists to people in pharmaceutical industries triple-s has published science for a long time and we do have another knowledge environment called science signalling everyone here at triple-a is very excited about it the partnership between translational medicine and triple-a ass makes perfect sense why as I said you cannot make progress in translational medicine unless you understand a the complexity of the underlying science and B the fact that it requires the collaboration of multiple disciplines and it requires people are willing to go out of their silos out of their comfort zone and break the barriers that sort of constrained them to their very narrow point of view well what organization really does that well truthfully s we expect this to be a tremendously important contribution to science because we will provide a forum will provide a venue where basic and clinical researchers can talk to each other you

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