1. I suffer from autism and the fact that it was represented as a neurological condition to be cured is extremely offensive and just wrong I’m brain isn’t wired wrong it’s different it’s part of what makes me me I have enjoyed the infographic shown but this statement is deplorable and outright wrong.

  2. when scientists learn to understand the brain, we will use 200% of our brain in 2025 and finally stop climate change, pollution, crime, etc… to the max (some to 75-95%)

    edit: dont you dare take away my autism
    asperger syndrome

  3. If that technology advances maybe at some point we'll make brains that are even bigger and bigger. Will these brains get smarter then us? And what questions can they answer. And is it even ethical?

  4. I'm sure if you were a brain in a jar experiencing a dynamic reality that took effort to make you had better be a thinker. The scientist that grew you doesn't want any boring dummies that wind up in the garbage disposal.

  5. I’ve had an amazing realisation: You need to be big brain to make a small brain, but only have to be small brain to make a big brain

  6. Technically we are just brains. Our bodies only exist for transport, sensory input, life support, and reproduction


  8. Scientist : consiousness, Memory, etc is in a brain.
    Religious person : Soul is the essense of consiousness, body is the vessel.

    Then this, if one person in future where this artificial brain has been perfected to be the exact same as human ones, just never has a way to allow us to confirm whether the brain is consious or not, aince it a brain, no mouth to talk, has a critical brain injury or cancer that is definetly uncureable or treatable and stupidly decide to remove it comoletely and transplant a new perfectly working artificial brain into him.

    If, what if surgery succesful, the person didnt die but survive and able to keep living on, what is the result ?

    A. It was the same person with the same memory, personality and dreams. The soul theory whas right.

    B. The person who awakes is not the same, since the old memory in the old brain didnt transmitted inti a new one but replaced, so does the person being replaced by a new entity, the artificial brain who lived in a jar of chemical all this time finnaly got a body. The science was right.

    C. The transplant was a succes, but the person survives become a vegetative state where the new brain didnt has the function the original one has(consiousness, ability to learn, ability to memorise, the ability to you know..etc). But it was a brain so the body is still alive albeit not responding just like a doll.

    Perhaps a new possibility will arise? We can now exchange for prostethic limbs should one limb gone. There are cyborg theory that maybe will be in the future but it just unable to replace the brain since it will age and died even if we had a whole mechanical body and organs, if artificial brain is able to be made, and there is a method of transferring our consiousness and memory from old and aged brain into a new perfect brain in its prime, will this be a form of immortality? Every time brain or other part of body get old just change spare part? Lol (of course i know this is unlikely, and if transferring consiousness is able to be done, then there will be body stealer who take over someone like a ghost possesion or worse, editing someone personality and memory, yikes.)

  9. If we have can create brain can we use it to control a robot. For example, like moving a arm or walking. And also opening and closing your hands.

  10. Am I the only one who finds this messed up on an ethical level? Sure the video briefly passes over this but how are we to know that these brains aren't experiencing some rudimentary form of consciousness?

  11. I understand why we want to know everything. But something's we shouldn't mess with. This and a.i. are a couple things we shouldn't delve into too far. After all This is our world. Not, well I'm sure you see where I'm going

  12. the small brauns show they live becouse at first time brain is born a soul is bond to it and now they have small brains bondet with normal soul

  13. Before 3 days i finished watching the anime. A. I. C. O

    And it reminded me of it and i hope something doasnt happen like the anime in the future

  14. We dont want you military guy to go! Dont leave infographics! Or if you create a channel too it would be better in addition to my daily YT

  15. Do a video proposing a seven seeds project

    sevens seed is a anime, in the anime a group like the navy seals team and kids are raised and trained to go to the future. what happens is there is a asteroid predicted to hit earth and wipe all humanity, the people who are trained are put into cryosleep , untill it's to wake up for a 100+ years.there super safes built everywhere to hold supply that stays in shape.

  16. I got the idea of the passage, we created a brain organiod via x process that matured like a human brain and has similar electric signals.

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