Sclerotherapy (treating spider veins) on the legs. For medical education- NSFE.

even a little more visible it's Mike over here I not even need this cargo we'll see it's my first time trying it out so you're gonna you know you can feel a little pinch initially right let's get some of these smaller ones here for us okay little pinch your pinch I kind of turned my needle so it's more tangential to the skin surfaces so we can get into this little puzzle you pinch sometimes the vessels are almost the same size as the needle so they're a little if they're a little bit smaller ideally it's of course if it's bigger there we go that one was a little bit a little bit tough very good that's a good one if you feel on to think gripping it's just the alcohol coming down falling down on your leg you all right it's a little bit of a pinch but not too bad see how it actually clears up even wider around it you'll see how they're connected here I can check this girls up a little bit you can see it clearing and farther down good you you um yours are satisfying because they are they they respond very well there like that but the perfect kind of size so if I just going to inject and keep it in there in a little bit oftentimes you'll see it just clear out slowly beyond you can see how they're all connected pretty superficial I decide to get right under the skin and get them so this irritates the vessel it's like a little kind of like a soap and it irritates it it's like sticky makes a vessel stick together so hopefully with that paired with your compression hose you got this one but let's get down a little power just in case remember where we field tripping is just water not red you're doing great so women and men can get this but we women tend to get it more because of hormones I think estrogen can kind of make them dilated more kids too the pressure on our abdomen kind of you know doesn't allow good backflow of blood back to our heart you know so that it causes the veins to kind of enlarge a little bit things like that sitting for long duration with your legs crossed you can see if you look back here the air gets inflamed that's actually a good sign that means it's angry you know it's kind of irritated by what I injected into that little vessel and so when we use a compression hose over there to cover it up it'll hopefully kind of the body will absorb that little vein that we don't need let me go ahead and get this one right here too it's kind of wriggly sometimes I wonder weirdly like that and they're small sorry I can't get up to a good one I also know you're tough I mean it's not that easy there we go fancy about the whole thing well these communal since on your knee I'm sorry jump a little bit those are some of yours are just talk about the pinch there somewheres are just a little too small for this there we go okay I interact a little since you're okay I want to see if I'm in the band by pull back see there's a flashback there in my hub so I know I'm in it next I pull back a little then I instruct and you can see it kind of turning different color going right into that little vein there those kind of turns darker and a little uglier you know as we're as they're healing I want to pull back and see it flush there we go they can take a couple a little bit more of a treatment they're good so that one might take a couple more because of the fact it's bigger we have to inject a little more on it okay take care of you okay let's turn a little bit sideways just Sarah that's kind of good at least you can't see it so much oh yeah you know what I tell people they just got to work out their tush so people aren't looking your legs just looking at your tush smart woman ah then a little self tanner goes a long way too with these here this is the one I'm sure so I try to get a lot of times the ones in front you know the ones that you could potentially see because obviously you know we are worse critics and a fee obviously you want ones it away up on our thigh or that we can't see so much unless they're really noticeable and ugly then we're not going to those are the last ones I'm going to treat we are the one this is the wall doing this because we don't like them so these are then I don't know I can get these so little little thin ones that I can get right into there and inject I can I can zap good


  1. Just had this done on the bottom of my foot. I was under anesthesia since the veins were in the muscle of the arch. I am still recovering from the surgery, hopefully it helps!

  2. This looks like a dream come true. Are there any issues with blood clots or other side effects? I really need to find someone in my area that can take care of this for me. I've just been a little timid about it.

  3. I get this done once a year and it is fantastic. Depending on the solution used to collapse the capillary there is no discomfort. These veins are gone but because I am susceptible to getting these new ones MAY form. It has been nearly a year and only a few have appeared. The doctor I go to prices this service relatively low because he thinks that this is a valuable treatment that can really change lives.

  4. Doctor how much does it cost for a treatment? I really want to help my mother ease her pain because of varicose veins.. 😢

  5. That is really nice. Someone had told me awhile back the little veins couldn't be treated. I see now that's not true.

  6. WOW! I've never seen this done before. It's like magic! I've heard there is a period of time where it may look pretty bad. Is that true? Is it eventually a permanent fix?
    I know you never answer questions. I'll just Google it. ☺️

  7. Is this real?!? Does it work with varicose veins too? Like make them not throb and burn? I've had spider veins since I was about 12 and varicose veins since pregnancy (25) I am 28 now and the compression socks work great but I still see them

  8. I have never seen this procedure done before. I could surely use it, seems after I reached 60, veins appeared in both legs from the lower leg down.

  9. I’m already getting this done and this is very painful I had to take several breaks my doctor said I was starting pale in my face but I can’t stop now I need to finish so who ever is getting this done good luck to u 👍 it’s going to be worth it I think, just keep thinking like that I am

  10. hello doctor, I always see your videos and I love them, I congratulate you for your success and solidarity with the people but you would not have so many followers

    I was looking at the method I used to remove the spider legs I know it is aesthetic but beyond that I would like to know how long and also told me that a new technique has emerged for varicose veins without a surgical intervention only a treatment like Hysterosalpingography that is no longer used but sometimes allowed to uncover if the fallopian tubes were obstructed

    Excuse me I do not present my name is Nora and I'm Tecnica S. in Diagnosis for Images of Argentina and I dare to write for the practice that is and especially charismatic, thank you if you read this email and if you do not answer you can use it as a new video if is that he did not do it thank you very much and again apologize for the audacity.

    Greetings from Argentina Nora.


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