Scorpion Safety First Aid for Scorpion Stings

SCORPION SAFETY AND FIRST AID HOW TO REPEL AND GET RID OF SCORPIONS hi it’s AlaskaGranny if you spend any time in the desert then
you might run into SCORPIONS it the Scorpion did you know a scorpion
is an arachnid they are three inches long they have 8 legs they have stingers on their tail and little small claws on their Feet they’re nocturnal and they like to eat
insects but they’re sting can be dangerous it’s not necessarily going to
kill you there’s only one variety of scorpion that might kill you but their sting is
very painful and it’s something you should want to avoid there are lots of things you can do to
be safe around scorpions the first is knowing where they live they like to live in log piles brush
piles rock piles so never store any of those items
against your house and if you ever are moving rocks wood piles brush piles those things be sure you wearing gloves long sleeves
and long pants and always wear leather gloves
everything in the desert has stickers if you’re in the house and shoes are
on the floor make sure that you pick them up and shake them out before you put them on just to make sure nothing climbed inside but if you do get stung don’t panic
because there’s only one kind of scorpion
that actually can kill you a scorpion sting can be
very painful and you still want to call your doctor but
you can put ice on a sting and you’re probably going to be fine if
you can you can help your doctor tell what kind of scorpion
it is if you capture it so if you see it in you not too afraid
stick something over it like a plastic bin and then slip a paper under it and
try to take it with you I personally I think I would try to get
big old boot and squish it because I would be afraid to do this it would
sting me again and that’s me also on of the cool gizmos that I
discovered in Arizona a black light flashlight scorpion UV flashlight like a black
light and you can shine it an all around
at night because a scorpion looks iridescent like a yellow
tennis ball if you find him in the dark so you can use
the UV flashlight to look all around and under the bed anywhere that it’s dark in the corners
in your closet and make sure there aren’t any scorpions that’s a good thing to take with you if
you ever go camping in the desert you can shine it around in your sleeping bag tent
around your chair and just to make sure there aren’t any
scorpions in your camp you’d be surprised where you can find a scorpion
another thing you can do to keep scorpions out of your home is seal openings that you have and they don’t like cinnamon get a big jug of it and sprinkle it outside your house and that is supposed
to repel them they also not like the
smell of citrus I wouldn’t place citrus peels around because
that’ll attract insects and they like to eat insects if you want to use citrus cleaner spray that around and that should keep them away it also can help to take
two tablespoons of bleach and pour it down each drain in your
house every week don’t be too worried about our scorpions
but be aware that they are there and we have to put up with the things that exist in the
environment where you live knowing what is there what the dangers are and how
to be safe can help us have a better day let
me know if you’ve ever had a scorpion experience Please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel


  1. Hi,I saw one in Oman a few years ago whilst hiking on the western Hajar mountain range. Nearly stood on it whilst traversing up a rocky slope. Not the nicest looking thing I've ever seen.. Certainly wouldn't want one of them in ur sleeping bag ,boots,etc!

  2. herein my area they are small like under 2 inchs. centipedes are a problem about 6 to 12 inches in your stated wood piles where they thrive green and gold brown looking 

  3. Living in the desert for a number of years I became aware of these nasty creatures when I was in the process of putting on my combat boots and I noticed one inside my boot, we slept on cots but kept our boots on the ground , the scorpions in this area were hard to see all you could see were the internal organs , you could see though the bodies of these species
    We learn to shake our boots and any other piece of equipment before we put them on..
    But to me the nastiest creatures were tarantulas, I recall during a combat exercise we had to spend several nights sleeping in fighting holes that were previously dugout , I noticed big holes inside the fighting holes , I found out that they were holes dug out by tarantulas , needless to say, I didn't sleep at all. Worst of all you were not allowed to kills these creatures or rattlesnakes

  4. I have lived in the same place for over 30 years and have never seen a scorpion inside before some major construction work nearby. In the past two days I have been stung twice by what I believe to be a scorpion now living somewhere in my couch. please tell just how many times a person might be stung in a row before visiting a doctor will be needed and also the best way to rid furniture of this little terror bug called the scorpion (like the submarine of long ago)?

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