Scripps Clinic Maternal and Fetal Medicine Physician Brad Dolinsky, MD

Brad Dolinsky, MD>>
High risk pregnancy is any pregnancy that technically requires more than the normal, standard prenatal care. So, both moms that have
complex medical problems, babies that have problems inside their moms’ bellies, Those are patients
that I usually see. Patients usually
get a referral from their primary OB
to have a visit with us. When patients
come to see me, they can expect that they’re going to come
to somebody who is going to listen
to their issues, give them the
best evidence possible and invite them
to come in to the plan of care
for them. We see patients before
they’re pregnant, when they have
a high-risk condition and they’re
contemplating pregnancy. We usually
give them information regarding what to anticipate with the pregnancy, what are the risks
associated with the pregnancy, and what sort of things
can they do to improve the chance
of a good outcome in the pregnancy. My desire to go into
high-risk pregnancy stemmed from
the fact that I really enjoy communicating
with physicians and patients regarding high-risk conditions and people are generally
afraid of pregnancy, it’s a scary time, and I really wanted to
provide them with a lot of information, and useful and
helpful information, and to help work
through problems that they have
in the pregnancy. We’ve definitely
become improved in terms of
ultrasound diagnosis, as well as
prenatal genetic diagnosis. [music begins] While I’ve been practicing, we’ve improved
technology of detecting babies that have
chromosome problems. We’ve had additional
blood tests and screening tests, all of these represent more information
and more complexity for the patients. And it’s important for us
to explain that to patients and go over because
there’s a lot of things that we need to learn. I love my job because
every day is a new challenge for me because there’s so many things
for us to learn and never is any single patient
exactly the same. Every situation is very unique
and we need to treat it that way. [music ends]

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