Scripps Health Internal Medicine Physician Ann Kuo, MD

>> Ann Kuo, MD:
I love my job. The reason is because I am
able to take care of patients in my general,
internal medicine role as a primary care doctor, but as the oncologic
internal medicine service line director
for Scripps MD Anderson, I’m able to be a part
of the innovation that the MD Anderson
partnership is bringing to Scripps. Being part of the
Scripps MD Anderson partnership means a great deal to me. There’s no other program
in San Diego right now that provides medical care
to cancer survivors. So, when patients get
diagnosed with cancer at Scripps MD Anderson, they will be meeting with a multidisciplinary team
that includes a radiation oncologist, a surgeon and
a medical oncologist. The oncologist,
the radiation oncologist and the surgeon will be
caring for their cancer. They will be working
very hard to either cure it or put it
in remission. My job, as a primary care
doctor, will be to educate other primary care doctors on how to care for
the cancer patient and the
cancer survivor. I think it’s important
that the internal medicine provider is part
of the cancer team because I think that the patient
has many other aspects [music begins] of who they are,
other than their cancer. My patients can expect
that I will put them at the center of every visit
that they have with me. I enjoy taking time
with my patients and my favorite thing
about being a physician is being able to hear
their stories. [music ends]

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