Scripps Internal Medicine Physician Stacie Ly, MD

I think everyone should laugh
every day to improve their overall health.
I think laughing keeps a person happy and that psyche does
wonders for the body. I think I would want my patients
to know that when they come in to see me as a doctor they’re
not getting just a professional but they’re getting a friend,
an unbiased ear who is able to help them with their concerns
that day. I chose to become a doctor
because I enjoy health care and taking care of patients. I shadowed a female primary care
physician back in high school and enjoyed my time with her. She became a great role model
for me, and I thought, “I could do this.
I want to do what she’s doing.” I chose primary care because
I enjoyed the long-term interaction with patients
and building that relationship over time and taking care
of them as a whole. I enjoy preventive medicine and
I enjoy taking care of people’s skin. I grew up in Denver, Colorado,
where sun is pretty predominant,
more than 300 days of the year, and sun precautions
were instilled in me as a child. Open communication is really
important because a patient needs to trust you
and you need to trust them, and so being able to tell each other
what’s going on without having anything hidden.
If you can’t solve something, I’m more than happy to tell them
that I can’t and refer them on
to somebody who could. Being honest and being open with them is definitely
a philosophy to strive for. I love my job.
I love interacting with patients, getting to know them,
and there is so much to learn from them besides what they are
trying to learn from me.

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