Scripps Internal Medicine Physician Zhaoyi Qin, MD

Becoming a doctor was my childhood dream. I grew up in an apartment next to the hospital
where both my parents worked at. My mom is a nurse
and my dad is a pharmacist. I always dreamed of putting on
a white coat myself. Being a doctor is simply
the best job in the world, because your daily jobs are
helping others, you constantly learn new things
every day, and you help other people’s life with your own knowledge and caring heart. Primary care physicians are like the
quarterback for your health care. You have someone to go to whenever
you have a health concern arise and you also have a place to go to for
regular check-ups. You have somebody to monitor your health
and advocate for your health. So it’s important to have a
primary care doctor. And also Scripps has
almost every subspecialty, so it’s very easy to find the expert health that my patients need within Scripps. I chose internal medicine because
I like its broadness. It touches on everything —
from head to toe, big and small, visible and invisible,
straightforward and complicated. It’s challenging and forever
intellectually stimulating. I chose primary care because I like the long-term relationship with my patients. I remember in my residency training,
I got familiar with so many of my patients that towards the end of three-year residency when these patients showed up at the clinic,
it felt like old friends visiting. And that’s something I hold dear to my heart and I would like to re-establish here in my practice here at Scripps. The doctor-patient relationship
essentially is a partnership. We share the common goal of defeating,
alleviating or preventing an illness. We take on this journey together. The physician provides guidance with his or her knowledge and experience, and the patient does the rest of much harder work — forming healthy life habits, eating healthy, exercising regularly, going through the tests and treatments. I think for this journey to be successful,
it’s very important to have ongoing, honest and open communication
between the two partners. And patients should feel comfortable
to share with a physician their thoughts, concerns,
difficulties they face, as well as any doubts or questions,
and vice versa. One thing a person can do in this
fast-paced world nowadays is to manage
their stress level. And I’m here to help.

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