Scripps Physician Specializes in Cardiology and Integrative Medicine

[start music] >>Poulina Uddin: My name is Poulina Uddin,
I’m a general and invasive cardiologist. I see patients both at Scripps Mercy Hospital
as well as Prebys Cardiovascular Institute in La Jolla. I became a cardiologist for a number of reasons
but ultimately it was because it was the field where I felt that I could actually really
make a difference in somebody’s life. It’s one of the fields that I felt provides
both an opportunity for secondary care; so somebody comes in with a heart attack or an
arrhythmia and you can actually help to solve the problem, but also for primary prevention. If you can catch these people before something
terrible happens to them or you can catch their family members, and really if you can
connect with the patients in the right way you can really improve their quality of life
down the road. I trained in in both general cardiology as
well as integrative and holistic medicine. I was fortunate to be able to do a combined
fellowship at Scripps Clinic and so, although I treat all disease processes related to general
and invasive cardiology, I also have an additional background in some functional and integrative
holistic medicine which just offers and extra tool kit for some chronic illnesses and a
lot of patients are very much interested in, I would say, adjunctive or alternative therapies
and luckily I’ve had a lot of exposure to that as well. And so if it’s appropriate I am able to
bring that into the patients care as well. I think all physicians and healthcare providers
have realized that you really have to figure out where this patient is coming from, what
is it that makes them tick, before you try to go ahead and solve their problem or treat
their symptom. You really need to understand the whole individual
and having that background really helps me to be able to do that so that I can tailor
their therapy or treatments in a way that it’s best served to that individual. With regard to what types of patients I care
for, essentially anyone who walks in the door and wants to see a cardiologist, but specifically,
of course I deal with valvular issues, coronary disease, arrhythmias, if people need pace-makers,
those types of procedures and care I can provide. I also spend quite a bit of time dealing with
lifestyle change and prevention. People who just want to be healthier, want
to take care of their blood pressure, want to lose weight, want to have increased functional
status overall. So I’ll take care of people who are both
sick and need help as well as those who are healthy and want to stay healthy. I’ve actually had the benefit of beginning
my training here, being trained by the experts in the world, and now I get to cal them my
colleagues. And from having such long-standing relationships
within the Scripps system I’ve been able to see the high quality of care that’s provided
here. Without reservation I brought my own father
to get stented in the Scripps system because I knew that this would be the best care that
he could get. The most rewarding part is when I see these
patients over time and it looks like they’re doing well, they feel well, and they’re
really enjoying a great quality of life. [end music]

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