Second-place submission: AMA Medical Education Innovation Challenge

hello we are second-year medical students at sidney kimmel medical college first medical school in the country to incorporate design thinking and fabrication into the preclinical curriculum inspired by our experiences we want to redesign medical education by empowering medical students to become tinkerers who understand problems and develop their own solutions today's medical student is a multi talented and creative individual but lacks the opportunity to incorporate the skillset into early training preclinical medical education gives us almost no exposure to the tools and devices of our trade and little to no room for creative engagement early on we experience pain points and challenges in many aspects of health care these frustrations are driven by pre-made solutions that were designed outside of the field of medicine and without the user in mind imagine a renal teaching block where you learn about the dialysis process and work to improve it by working closely with the patients and their caretakers this summer we work with patients in the ED to make their own blister packs at the bedside we created low-cost nebulizers for patients in Panama and prototyped a drone that delivers health kits to hikers if we had a collaborative network to iterate and prototype our ideas we could bring these solutions to reality we want to incorporate the methodology of the maker movement which empowers everyday people to tinker and create into the medical school curriculum will develop important skills including deep empathy clarity of purpose and interdisciplinary collaboration let's use tinkering and thinking outside the box to fuel patient designed healthcare

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