Secretary DeVos – Visit to Nephron Pharmaceuticals in SC – Pledge to America’s Workers

Our economy is on fire. There is no better time to be an American
worker than right now. This month, we’re celebrating the one-year
anniversary of the President’s Pledge to America’s workers and I’m visiting Nephron Pharmaceuticals
in South Carolina – one of 280 companies that have signed the pledge. It’s inspiring to see firsthand what this
company has done to invest in its community and educate apprentices and interns, many of
whom have become full time employees. In fact, since signing the pledge, Nephron
has hired 400 new workers. I love the way they’ve taken action to embed
lifelong education into how they do business. America’s students need more business and
education leaders to partner together. With the economy booming and more than 8 million
jobs open and ready to be filled, it’s high time to break down the silos between education
and business. Students need the freedom to prepare themselves
for successful careers. With more options to learn new skills in new
ways, America’s workers can develop their talents and help make our country’s future
that much brighter.

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