hello everyone welcome to my channel
Maki dr. ritujain or artist topic – Maps a bodkin in sahih who wore her a
homeopathic medicine selenium Metallica the selenium italicum whomever take
medicine chaos full Sun carry map coordinates are you joking for the
imported medicine and what pathetic man viscous symptoms or India Topkapi coffee
hockey hockey is sorry status Kiara sucked I have you get selenium McCallum
and Jota jockey before the important element with a blue body Helia as a
supplement piece for use chaos at the selenium for who gives good deficiency
keep as a civic i sorry symptoms they his after him Lucy medicine here opcode
symptoms k accordingly medicines the prescribe he’s a tea from apathetic may
or Kin Kin symptoms may act Kirti hero Ozma Polyakova kataoka haha a body mad
Katia the subsample mi October Tongass get physical symptoms he physically weak
a patient Casa de Chi Delta high selenium medicine car secondly film
avatar ghee opto selenium medicine came mantle symptoms cast a hope in him then
fills ke baad asked if 12 what the important symptoms so they both have
actual symptoms of sexually weakness before huzzah g’day akiza thesis clearly
say important see maybe what effective medicine ho TM then escapist
Constitution medicine ho ta or is he seeing a base play these are Thea
constipation before the factory Madison ho t urinary symptoms way before the
effective medicine ho t here which throat infections be it so has not
important what they him or satis up hair fall maybe before the factory my descent
hurting him the in sorry Suzuki detail my up Co do me his Kazakh scheme
modality with on your cue ho tyke is reason Kimmie the CSRA symptoms they
case nothing here movie elements Reba donkey or this case
earthy last my up course kid doses or Patel CK bar ma RI and querido him to uh
since uh biggie bury me up Cohen Montana’s REO undertook this video
missile when irrigator or Giovanni medicham copy that subscribe nahi kiya
have to buy like on this of subscribe Kelly’s a other option are taking Mary
video skill like clinically notifications are comb filtering him
though II’s on taste of separate physically patient gas at the high rate
that say in your medicine come to physically Agora Skoda occupational
Kofi’s make up the inhibition cutter Behati
comes or we could a weakness karate factory medicine queue Quixote a
weakness I have a physically no chairman telling you she was sexually weakness so
you have to know me before the factory was at the end so physically be patient
brought this other week dick idea that comes Oh dick idea that the blah blah
what the heck hot Piroska sucking away the hydrating him so heavy right there
sati said Brian as much lever skin maybe dryness dickhead ETA except up your face
pale so face comida Hadassah oily cheap cheap Osawatomie hot pair extremities
devotee muah TV comes over to him to come zone you back you see disease get
bad me I got lovely cymatic typhoid fever Sarah equities is selling a
whiskey bath patient what this other comes over week hose up ahead this is a
physically Behati comes on the highway that I have it’s Chris Hatice at the
couch is risky important symptoms are physically weakness Scavo be both
important to bow hair AB k Hamish’s sexually thoughts on eyes for
masturbation carnage ischemia see me what these are the physically weak the
hi date I am then scale average or physically is mythic has at the
constipation and a bath you with you the constipation he was important what the
heck though yeah haha Joe have you just say my neighbor diet dryness that he’s
out there so dryness has come movie bazooka guys Kosuke kasi bie
Swati Sade hard motion be bizarre the hoga he symptom some compare curse at a
brownie a medicine say to Brianna medicine maybe is take two symptoms they
case up they’d brightness the keys Athiya poor elementary canal me mouths
who cowhand just a new dryness keep it it’s a stool before sook our hard at
that leakiness could differentiate yes after a geeky importance is symptom same
the other input into symptoms back to the hydrating a mental symptoms acai
daring at Omaha Breanna kids I guess selenium medicine
prescribed these are the a or brown yuck of these are thieves / manipular video
when I have I was up the exactly can compare he as a certain hopper to
constipation be Behati hard whatta a hard stool Botha have hardness other
longer barstool Jota he passed the name is Kabaddi difficulties wati wati
pressures in apartheid Prussian e ke baras owatta heckuva hopper osco
mechanically be at courteous qostoul coke Nikola
diagonals are the hardness was a theist told me three symptoms they kiss at a
caper mechanical lijo have removed karna selenium kill a lava Joe Hisaishi ah
maybe they Kazakh those are medicine maybe they Kazakh helical you have four
important within skate important see symptoms occur of course ahkmenrah here
or mental symptoms match Kuriyama bus selenium medicine he brought the
effective Oh kids okay okay constipation but he cares of TM am i bad Kowalski
urinary symptoms may the urinary symptoms means oh hey hopper
involuntary urination and McClurkin urine apnea to janab at the patient agar
later at the Khyber urine apnea Peru jothee involuntary use at the hem or ke
Baras my sense they he shot they put signs the elements of the hadith in
uremia grab checkup karate those may up Co whose sedimentation slick hiding him
those key possess a PK by problems ho Tina or involuntary urination kiss Asik
a bus seaman be involuntary the Kazakh involuntary Sigmund the Kazakh Kafka
because Arthur ke baare apnea future ahead ok Ibaka
Miyako importance joy impotency symptom selves myako explained coruña he or
stool K type ABQ katanas are the hardest to do with their pressure they discuss
seaman law so that I have the Oh strain baby in volunteerism in the Quezada have
then I’m a bath curtain urinary symptoms of stool symptoms came back me I’m about
to cut your throat symptoms Pam the throat symptoms worse make his Ithaca
throat people hamper dryness a and dry cough
Hawking her hoarseness a buzz of the hoarseness Katya
Cassie’s apathy or scale lava be regular days maybe bohemme Shah Hawking Carter
at that much lucky the abuse cuckoos bollocked a bar they’re such a perk we I
ask of all night Omaha Misha Oh cupcake sake Auriga softly Arthur a cappella
throat cough you scurvy dog a bolt Baga syrup singers who take hey teachers what
a Cajun Caillou’s voice guy uses a Dakota though oh no homie augury
symptoms they kids are taking hamesha of Cobo lisa polygon assure you can you say
pal a aber hawk Kepner to hit a throat
cochlear carnivore Tehama show swing uppercut fossa Wallach tire the mo
Hawking symptoms is no booth important him or what the effective so have
medicine Harper huzzah T hem the body factor medicine hose obviously
magirock a throat symptoms a masker and had the hoarseness the cathedral take us
up a Hawking symptoms occurs after him so Harper selenium medicine whose keys
are sucked here I’m a bad caronia skin next mantle symptoms okay moving before
the important symptom with their mantle symptoms
the mantle is overtaken upper berth V code is a key – starting number that key
weakness Kaka how thick is Athiya physically the keys at the mantle Avios
actually be the key Sathya – man Tel Aviv us other patient V code dull whatta
memory both me Katya could be yog the here at the high schoo or weakness zu
theable part name a hurt sees me Pavitra that me business so Cara qu’ici beeper
debuts gotta have leaky sky it important symptom before the important symptom hep
peculiar symptom hey boy hey hey kids OB boost ahead through skin sleep before
the important aim at Lascaux dreamy sleep our team AHA sorry no patience
batata yah Mesa joconi now Athena gets up named hatate him Sonny Kim is a Sony
noncorporeal active fresh new look that this may be slippery meaning the OTS hey
both ear licking Oscar juice of Nia they once is okay at a zoo they never
bullshit I am didn’t our cheese’s do bull you know rock now supplement they
Thank You kya kiya boogie I have those who supply our tents up no my watch is a
reminder thingie okie is a pool here or its key to mantain weakness Monica
reason what that cause what the heck Karen booyah he both a akibo hotties are
the sexual active una both is a sexual thought soon of masturbation karna in
sorry reason keepers say be Bobo hotties other Vico that mentally affair hot
lovely Samantha bee Maya Rahu this gay bar sales commentary weakness I have the
mental symptoms to sleep are the important within him agree mascara to
have a selenium medicine mahaki sleep escape these are sucked in your take
neither sakti be my repo I’m a bad kuruvi mantle sentence que badness K
subsets main important symptom whoa hair up important see symptoms it
was kebab me I put here for pigeon curry to hear model it is babe so important
see me before the factory medicine ho t hey important see sexually weakness make
humo TM there’s a second Manipal elements but Iowa he patient Joe Jota
have fought each other week Jota a physically mentally
in thought Cisco hamesha all technical just actually thoughts are there at the
hey hottie mantle was active at the house actually but physically to hotel
performances Kimball cool he care path ahead bill could be performance then he
can make grandma theory table what ahead of what parish homage at the Harris
Kasim enjoy whatever all-time joy in volunteer at the hobby which would jot a
seaman or in Spacely cub javabat ahead service or I had green make a purse
actually active on evil cement you J ahead or it brought the important
symptom may be peculiar symptoms sake patients addictive batata joy beeper to
have a female patient females a basket a bhakta semen loss was at ahead to
Mahabharat effective medicine was a theist selenium must’ve ate Masada
Carnegie would you say but Spencer he brought other masturbation Carnegie
verges abyzou Mahad is actually week whose are they impotency whose RTF
Posada a bad if habits keepers si waha per be both effective medicine hose
appear selenium the selenium medicine in sunny symptoms my new skis are such a
theory Rizzo’s they kids out there but Elsie to my last Miyako bath Kurumi his
potency me use Carnahan Pope oh my bad courteous Kate so have faith or
impotency working his semen loss what the heck stool K tiny babies Johanna
paskevich semen loss was at the hailer use a bad cat they were closed up take a
bath battery by to rajagaha manually because of the massage the hair
are sexual thoughts are things about Sookie the Baja Papa these are the so
here loss was after has cement to in sewage else a mosquito ads organ so
things on idle organ so theme for TV comes over or Dulwich art they hear lose
was up to him though is whether same haha o impotency they Kazakh ham augury
reason him potency cupcake Omaha Parvati fact a medicine hose out the assay in
your medicine so selenium medicine pill or BK saris on curry here Suki or the
effect so Pelican sorry seizing a video may complete cannot possible in here so
impotency symptoms a karate match parent oh haha Behati effective OTE here I’m a
bad cut to your skin here call symptoms babe so here falling peepee potty
effective medicine whose RT Jessica bad Kiwi Hickey he Harper so heads ah Harper
be up impotency the criteria MATLAB Monell imbalances be they kissing it
which male hormones testosterone ski car maybe they kiss a geek you kidney sorry
the reasons many bad key we hear those key was just say he lost because at ahem
so here los perros M&A androgenic alopecia get up a video but I am when
you’re half our money but Rio I think it CB reason say there were Harper up to
have male symptoms may happen imbalances or tinnitus cures a hair loss they cuz
at the head to see what they say happen here fall the Hazara selenium 40 factor
medicine whose Artyom or hair fall be thick has occurred to you have a
physical it nazar the week hota hai towing score deficiencies we go thing
here doing happens over here law so tattoo yeah okay ask outta here los que
la vaque beard cahier law Sona I broke a hair loss on a body here law
Sona sathi such a congenital area KB here loss on a fall Munna
so II all over body can hear fall kilowatt effective medicine who’s out
here or reasons pay so many Appa physically or important see patients
symptoms the time he is carries in more thing here or you see with this echo
here loss raha at Omaha Baja thief active medicine was a thief here fault
kill him so am i bad courteous keepers modalities pay the modalities came out
the modality much luck in Jesus’s key problems birds are your kimchi so say
problems may our omelet I have kisi be taking problem saying haha I’m taking he
he’s selenium medicine K patient come mortality aggravations over they have
over to his son saying her me say hot father say so in season Harper patient
what these are the parish on what I have yes Cassatt other alcohols are ballot i
of schema this a whiskey problems burns out to him other was other sexual
thoughts at they opposed give me the service key problems birds at the most
efficient because of the Kalitta bad habits bizarre the wachati is giving us
a be sorry problems were sucking him so he mean reason what they escape roblems
k but honey guru give Adam a hot weather maker Muma sunlight mega directly Chavez
attacks Pozzo tohe pesky problems birds arty him then
Iram congedo select ahead though Aramis coat and Ichiro select I am a clever
girl wrote hand up on appeal it the heightened Imam expose miss Ellis at the
hair the hopper Behati score relax or relief locked I have up K symptoms map
the August a commodity match very the karate factory medicine
here take medicine selenium skip of Charlemagne’s your bad curuvija reason
hotel Cyrus’s okay the reason is being a he’s a substance other they K something
impotency but what important what he here form was important with that
contribution what important with that the his IDC is a piece goes to head
bahasa that alcohol a gorilla hair or hamesha sexually because other active
retirement le ortho ski with the same piece re problems the he’s at the him a
me lastly is krd who doses pay or potency pay those selenium medicine keep
potencies who use key Sathya whoa use Kirti you middle potency use
care team at 11:30 and 213 214 see me before th here so they kiss up to him
Joe Harper be aapko Joe has selenium medicine cave deficiencies that he’s re
here to Harper is good for a thirty-foot he’ll see me use garage after Papa
mental symptoms of the prominent within his sexual symptoms are they important
or their but it’s good to hundred pretends he may use garage at I have the
physical symptoms of the Qaeda Tatum had 30 Potenza may use curse at them two
keys huh Yogi’s selenium it assignment has okay both important happy body kill
yep though yeah cover cut the hair people
sorry regulate Karthik which functions may help Kurt ahem they say get thyroid
function score amulet can you maybe help cut the hair Appalachia and the oxidant
hair selenium medicine 20 accidents kike me when he gives a sort of physically we
comes out suka Alana body car to a bee-zooka reason so thinketh of selenium
pin officials see key values in the case of death Omaha Paris cook 30 potency may
use correct about the effective up to him though 30 potency me hi you
scurrying or 200 Potenza me use receptive then wind over the few skiers
are sucked a super-awesome or depend 30 happy severe to your
condition making a hook it’s not oh then I clip then that they never whap the
chronic condition a huge condition now sped up and Goethe ham though years of
symptoms are there came a square a selenium clip selenium – unless at the
hem or scale obviously before the effective of what important my decision
look aside it is a video macabre karna possible the here like in Oscar video a
focus a lot is John Kerry Casillas selenium medicine key like Turkic
command khaki or zarubin a ago or Saudis are sure key though as greatness a Pico
thank you thank you for watching


  1. Night falling ki best medicine. two months se problem hai. damiana Q aaur avena sativa Q kaam nahi karta hai. 2 to 3 days me DHARKAN ke SAATH ho jata hai . Please best medicine and doses

  2. Mam I need your one help…. Can you tell me…. My age 25…..mera sabhi Cimtom milta hai
    200ch Kitne dino k liye lena parega????Kitna bottle???

  3. Meri maa ko Chalne me hafni hoti hai only. age 58. Kabhi Kabhi bhaut tez rahta hai. Please best medicine bataye and doses. FERRUM METALLICUM 30 and Calc phos se phayda tha. ab nahi hai. Kabhi phayda rahta hai kabhi nahi karta hai

  4. patla dubla hota harj per sukhe sexual thoughts ana sukhi khansi throat munh sukha constipation involuntary urine sedimentation s se men bhi. involuntary stool ke time bhi involuntary urine ho jata dry cogh hoarseness hoaking kuch phansa hua lagta h mental symptoms mental weaknees memory weak

  5. peculiar system sapne ate hain jo bhool gaya h wo sapnon mein ate hain sexual active hota h masturvation system impotency mein bhot hoti h se men loss hota h. bhit zyada masturbation karta h semen ladki se baat karne mein genitsl organs loose ho jate hain hair fall bhi hota h harmonal imbalance hota h aklopeacis physically weak defeubcy desease hona h modifiers kim chheez se problem badh jati h garmi bad jati h decysk habits had jate hain sunlight

  6. thanda paani thanda haraa hawa sexually active fosse potency middle 30 and 200 potency 200 mentak ang physical regulate karta h anti oxidants h kitna gussa chronic ya acute

  7. Kya mam ye dawai hair fall Ko rokega aur Nye Bal ugayega, kitne dino tk es dawai Ko khana pdega,mam Mai kisi v prakar ka Nasha nhi krta hu

  8. Welcome mam, mam I have 35years old, mam koi aisa medicine bataye jisse body Ka zaruri vitamins ki kami ko recover kare, jaise uske sevan se calcium, D3, iron……. Etc ki kami ko puri kar sake.

  9. Welcome mam, I have 35years old, mam mai construction company me job karta hun, mujhe pareshani ye hai ki mujhe pasina auro se jyada hoto hai, par sabse problem ye hai ki pasina we karan understatement Ka kuchh bhag (white baniyan) Ka colour pila ho jata hai aur wo wash se bhi puri tarah saf ya white nahi ho pata hai, plz karan w ilaj bataye

  10. ये सभी लक्षणmatchहो रहे है,करीब30वर्ष पुराना रोग है,उम्र 50वर्ष है।इसे कितनीpotencyमै कितनी बार,किस प्रकार व कब तक लेनी है

  11. क्या200 potencyको सुबह शाम daily रोग ठीक होते तक लिया जा सकता है।एकDr कह रहा था कि acid phos200तथाselenium200कोहफ्ते मे1 doseही लेनी चाहिये,क्योंकि इनका असर1 doseका1 हफ्ते तक रहता है
    कृपया confusionदूर करें

  12. Hi Dr please I want to buy selenium 200 drops from you please if you can send me the link where I can get selenium please keep in touch many thanks

  13. Dose is not clear ,please tell again how many tablets or drops to be taken morning and Evening .Thank you .

  14. Dr. My penis bends upward like a bow while fully detected. Problem in inserting penise inyo female organ. Plese advice me cane i use selenium 200, what would be doses.
    Is there any other medicine.

  15. I am 29 yr old …mujhe selenium medicine kitne din tak or kis potency me leni chahiye.aapke bataye gaye selenium k symptoms hai mujh me

  16. Welcome man, mam I have 35yrs old, man mujhe peshab karne ke baad semen ka kuchh karta aur peshab ke sath dhatu nikalta hai, jisme mujhe dullness aur weakness hai, SBL brand ka selenium 25days kiya but koi faida nahi huwa, plz sufficient homeopathic medicine bataye, mujhe isse jald thik hona hai

  17. Madam …mera erection weak he …mein homeopathy ka treatment le Raha Hun … selenium 30 and damiana Q Dia he doctor…is it sufficient… doctor told me that it will take 4-6 months for cure…but I want quick result

  18. Very useful , kindly advise helpful medicine to get rid off Surti a kind of tobacco, यह तम्बाकू और चूने को हथेली में अंगूठे से रगड़ कर बनाया जाता है और फटक कर मुंह में होठ और मसूड़े के बीच रखकर चूसते हैं

  19. Dear Sir,

    Please take
    thousands of my salutations to your lotus feet. I'm from Bangladesh. My mother
    is 56 years old.  She is seriously
    suffering from osteoarthritis in her both knees more than 10 years. Two years
    before she has taken “ BJAIN’S OMEO ARTHRITIS”. Now both knees are freed from swollen condition but feels
    serious pain in booth knees. Have any medicine that will create cartilage
    and synovial fluid in the knees? If Have any, please suggest me for curing
    my mother knee osteoarthritis. I'm waiting for your significant message.

    May God Bless

  20. Sister if anyone is taking avina sativa already then can he take selenium ? Please reply …I Will obliged to you

  21. Madam Charan sparsh , Agnus cast , selenium, staphysagaria , Damian'a , sabal serruleta tribulus terrestis Lycopodium in San me unique difference kya h for impotency me Jo other medicine me symptoms na mile

  22. I have used selenium 3x for spermatorrhea. But didn’t got any result. Please tell suitable potency. My problem is: Seminal discharge during stool. Only during stool.

  23. Selenium tablet form me bhi milta he kya,jinko sirf hair fall he vo bhi le sakte he kya,chahe vo healthy ho

  24. Ma'am first of all thank you so much for your advice, i am unable to find out the medicine from online can you please help me .

  25. क्या S30 को पानी के साथ ले सकते हैं या नहीं plz reply me !

  26. Good afternoon Ma'am I am male age around 40 from last few months I am feeling that I am having a problem of premature ejaculation plz suggest me that I can take this course if yes what will be the doses please help me out to live a happy married life. Thankfull to you your viewer please reply me as soon as possible Dr Ritu Ma'am

  27. Tnx Dr.
    Dr. Mujhe selenium 200
    = Dr Reckewegand co. Gmbh. D-64625 Bensheim made in Germany=
    vala product mila hai Kya yaha use kar sakte hai

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