Self Doubt and Anxiety

alright I'm back for take two again talking about self-doubt this is causing me to have some self-doubt especially around my technical skills at this point I really do have to figure this out if I'll be calling Verizon and figuring out what's going on with my phone and maybe coming up with another maybe using an iPad so I apologize again for the break in the broadcast and life hey dawn sorry again I was just saying that clearly this has given me a little self-doubt a little lack of confidence on my technical skills but I'll work through it and figure out where I'm gonna go so again this is to take to talking about the five traps of creating self-doubt we're on the last one I talked about you know the first one is hesitation the second one is hiding or shying away the third one is that being really hyper critical of ourselves the fourth one is that helplessness that we have and the fifth one I just began talking about things don't I appreciate that and you know the fifth one is really that anxiety and again if these are making sense or the previous ones made sense to you please let me know and so anxiety really stems from worrying and all those worried thoughts you know that we have we worry about our future we worry about what people are gonna say we worry about you know our past and that real strong anxiety can actually lead to you know panic and that's our body's reaction to it and lead to a panic attack and people can really get stuck in those worries and if we worry too much it really stops us from taking action you know because we worry we can't do this or what people are gonna think and it's really a bit of challenge again when we have those anxieties but again we can't get stuck in them and so how do we move beyond that you know the anxiety and the worry thoughts are really really critical so again in the next five weeks we're going to be talking about each of these five traps of self-doubt and so again the first one is hesitation the second one is hiding or shying away from things that we want to do the third one is being really hyper critical of yourself the fourth one is helplessness and the fifth one is anxiety and so if the any of these resonate with you please you know give me a thumbs up give me some love let me know that they make sense to you I think all of us I have them at different levels and some of us more than others and some of them more than others but in the next five weeks we're going to be delving into each of them a little bit deeper one at a time and then really talking about strategies that you can use to really overcome them and so that you know by the end of five weeks hopefully we'll have some great strategies because we have to get beyond hey baths thanks for coming back on what to talk to you you can give me some tips around this technical difficulties that I'm having I might need you to just get an iPhone they might work better than my Sam song and so Havering glad you joined me this is take two because I had some more technical difficulties but really talking again about the five traps of you know that creates self-doubt thanks for the love appreciate it and so the first one is that hesitation it's hesitating doing what we need to do the second one is really that hiding and shying away from what we want to do and the fifth one is being hyper critical of ourselves the fourth is that feeling of helplessness and sticking in helplessness hey Irene and the fifth one is that anxiety and so again the next five weeks one week at a time I'm going to go into each of these topics and really talk about each of them delve into them more deeper and talk about strategies most importantly so this coming Thursday at 9 p.m. mountain time I'll be talking about a health and wellness topic and then this Sunday at 8 p.m. Central time I'll be talking about strategies to thanks Beth appreciate it to build a business online and then every Tuesday at 9 p.m. mountain time I come online and talk about mindset and for the next five weeks we'll be delving into each of these topics in much more detail so I appreciate you sticking me even though I've had technical difficulties and I look forward to seeing you again on Thursday evening at 9 p.m. Central where I'll be talking about some health and wellness topics thank you have a great night and really start be thinking about some of these different traps that can create that self-doubt which ones maybe make us you know shut down because Beth you are right you know nothing shuts us down more than self-doubt and so really kind of keeping forward is really an important thing so appreciate all the love and I will hopefully see you all joining me on Thursday evening thank you so much and have a great evening no matter where you're from and again I'll see you on Thursday evening 9 p.m. mountain time thank you so much boy

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