1. I am shocked by many comments here – some are mocking him and laughing about him. Don't you see the absolute tragedy and seriousness in what he's talking about? It scares me when I look ahead and see the consequences.

  2. Although i dont agree what he said about the medals .if the guys working hard just for medals ,then he is stupid. dont care if you consider the medal worthless or not.

  3. Hell, I wd generally tend to agree, but he does not even attempt to make a cogent argument! In the '50's, the older generation thot gyrating hips and rock n roll were going to be the end of civilization. Wasn't THAT a dopamine rush! Before that ..swing dancing, the Roaring 20's, short skirts, that ever appalling pre-marital sex (!), violating prohibition, later, marijuana, sit-ins, again with the new music……and more pre-marital sex .I guess we'll always be jealous of youth. Was it Oscar Wilde who said it was wasted on the young?

  4. Is knowing what you want and being inherently incapable of it really "entitlement"? If so then color me "entitled", if not then there needs to be a different word.

  5. Its the market society. Its the extreme use of what they call "free" markets. And children and workers are products of the "free" market economy.

    Its the fucking liquid society. Fed up with this fucking liquid society that is the result of the apply of free markets to all sides of society, aka the free market society.

  6. Let me get this straight: Millennial’s are the way they are because they’re been catered to their whole lives and the way to fix it is to cater to them in the corporate setting?

  7. For years I’ve been telling people, in the future depression will be the biggest killer. Gradually it’s happening.

  8. I don’t know who this dude’s talking to, but it’s not me. 26 yo out of college. Tired of toxic magnets.

  9. Simon is a canary in a coal mine. His speech is an important warning for the rest of the western world and the possible downfall of it

  10. Honestly, I have zero sympathy towards this. What is being said is that we have to adapt to them because they are incapable of adapting and will kill themselves…
    Fuck you for making such a threat, which is exactly what that is. You either do this or else.
    Well here is a fun fact about our society, which is abit different than others…you have the right to die here.
    When someone kills themselves, it is on them. It is not the parents doing or their peers doing or their jobs doing…it is theirs. You are responsible for your choices, no matter what conditioning you've had. You've been coddled and told you are special, without doing anything to make yourself anything…and you believe that? That is on you, no matter what!
    What you are insinuating is that they are too stupid to know that all their participation awards are bullshit! You are saying it is on us to now continue to coddle them because life is hard and they are weak. Absolutely NOT!
    The saying goes,
    "Life is a bitch. And then you die."
    Your EMPATHY does not make you virtuous. It makes you an enabler.

  11. Sick and tired of this guy's spiel. He doesn't know anything special. Just another spokesperson selling anti "the other guy" vagueries. There's no substance here. This clown is beyond useless. Maybe if he'd been given a participation trophy or two, he'd stop bitching about other people getting them? Do ya think?

  12. To me, all this adds up to a lack of self-discipline. People cannot sit quietly, alone by themselves and be content. People cannot dig into a mindless job and get it done. (Cooking, cleaning, jobs around the house) Self-discipline has to be acquired and needs to be acquired.

  13. The career is a part of life; it isn't necessary that an individual will have the same career their whole life.

  14. Simon is incredibly gifted with his intellect in the multi-faceted way he understands our current culture. It seems his fears (if I may call them that) for the future are founded. My personal feeling is that he cares very deeply.

    We are now "a nation of Techno-Idolaters…" according to my professor in college. In other words, it is as if we worship our technology. If you go to another culture and see someone meditating for 8 hours a day, you would think that's their spiritual practice. What does our culture do for 8 hours a day? We look at video screens in so many places: phones, TV, etc…

  15. Oh boy, this was in 2016, and now its 2018 and almost over! People are seeing depression as something to post and make jokes about it! Suicide death rates is rising and growing, and mass shootings in public areas have never being this consistent

  16. I agree with his analysis, but not his solution. He suggests that society must change to continue to coddle these adult-babies. Better we cut their umbilical cords, boot them out of the nest, and let them fly or die.

  17. We can also ask … who created this actual “culture” of being in hurry?? Just the millenials are in hurry or the whole world speeds up and that’s a stimulus, not just the effect. This is all twisted and one sided what he ranted. There is also an issue with journalists cos they are somehow unable to ask much more complex, wider questions to extend views on some subject.

  18. Heh, but as a PARADOX I can say that many of these so-called mentors (self-proclaimed) they create many DELUSIONS in people’s mind. They tell that everything is possible, u don’t have to have any talent, any knowledge and even u shouldn’t go to school. Everybody can do everything and be everybody as he or she wants and also it can be achieved in 3 months.
    About that impatience among the millenials : be aware that HR departments create that sort of thinking. They just tell to people about impact on a business, performance, goals etc. So consider that who creates all that BS.

  19. Filters= deception..Ya hes right..this is a bomb generation.Not only the youth are victims of this..Exactly why I got off of FB..Huge curse behind "the social faces".The gap between the millenials and old school are the 70s babies(40-50) generation..We are the middleman to save and preserve generation X…

  20. I absolutely 99% agree with what was said on this video. The ONLY thing that I disagree with is where he said kids growing up these days are "not entitled. But, they are impatient." I disagree. Kids these days DO have entitled attitudes AND they are impatient. Otherwise, great video!

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