Self-medication of antibiotics – Video Abstract ID 203364

assalamualaikum nd I am sitting on a geography here formerly a student of national affairs of the state of Malaysia on behalf of provided Hart and his team of national offensive estimation we are conducting a study of investigating practice and my University students at the Malaysian national defense university on some medication of antibiotics some medication of drugs to indicate symptoms is a common global area helping with brilliance of health services but many drugs example antibiotics our prescription only some medication of antibiotics is an irrational use of drugs contributing to microbial resistance increasing health care costs and higher mortality and morbidity this study aimed a sell some medication antibiotics University student the method is this was a cross-sectional study conducted on medical and non-medical student of the National Defense University of Malaysia evaluate the instrument was used to get a data ethics approval was of deep random and universal sampling was adopted and SPSS 21 was used for data analysis as for the result 649 students participated in the study for the 8.5 mil and 51.5% made out of 8 39.3% will fall to 7 keeping antibiotics basically doxycycline kratom I see where they're antibiotics most use with the majority reporting no adverse reactions cost savings and convenience were the principal reasons for segmentation antibiotics which were mainly obtained from local retail pharmacies despite medical students particularly the more senior having better knowledge of antibody used and non medical students 89% of our research participants responded practicing sub medication antibiotic was good our acceptable practice as for the conclusion some medication antibiotic is a common amongst Malaysian students and despite understanding why self medication and dividing is unwise even medical students serenity thank you

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