Selling My House with Home Staging

If you want the highest price for your house, you
need to understand that buying a home is an emotional experience. You’re not just selling your house… you’re
selling a lifestyle. Your clutter, personal memorabilia, and things
that are very unique to your taste… interfere with that… Because when they look around at all your
stuff… they see you — not themselves. Think of your property… as a hotel… Make it clean… uncluttered… and neutral….
so it appeals to a large segment of buyers in your market and so everyone viewing it
can feel at home… Uh… Everyone but you! Once it’s staged and de-personalized…. it
may not feel like yours anymore…. Which is another reason to get it sold faster! If you can start thinking of your current
property as someone else’s — and start thinking of the one
you’re moving to — you’ll start feeling better about it! Home staging is not just about getting a higher
price — which you will… It’s also about getting it sold fast… so
your life gets back to normal… And you can continue to Build Your Wealth
Around Your House. ™

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