Sem Sono: Como Acabar com Insônia Sem Remédios para Dormir!

Learn how to use green tea to treat
insomnia! Sleep like a baby is something that millions
people around the world would like to catch up. Despite being so natural, why sometimes
are so hard you can sleep well? Before using one of the numerous remedies for
sleep that can produce side effects unpleasant, check out a natural way
falling asleep. There is a little known treasure in green tea
which can work in conjunction with chemical of your own body to provide an alternative
healthy. What is the mysterious property in green tea
that can leave you peacefully dreaming and wake up feeling more refreshed? It is an amino acid called L-theanine. Of all the species of plants that contain it,
there are only two safe for consumption: mushrooms medicinal and Camellia sinensis used to
the manufacture of true green tea. Black tea contains more of this natural aid
than green, white, yellow or tea regular green, but those sensitive
to caffeine should drink yellow tea or green instead of black to achieve a
night’s rest. To get the maximum results from L-theanine,
Let the melt for at least 7 minutes. Green tea is very famous among the teas
to lose weight, but see other benefits tea for your health. What are the impacts that L-theanine promotes
in our body when we drink green tea? 1. She enters the brain and alters the neurotransmitters. 2. It stimulates the production of serotonin and dopamine,
which naturally reduces anxiety levels and stress. 3. Triggers alpha brain waves, warning them
to replace the stress tranquility. 4. Stimulates cognition and memory without increasing
blood pressure and stress. 5. In the time it reaches the small intestine,
its molecular integrity is still almost 100%. 6. Promotes healing of stomach ulcers;
7. It helps to protect the liver and promotes healing
damage related to alcohol; 8. Combating cancer cells to inhibit
tumor growth and improves efficiency chemotherapy;
9. Eases symptoms in patients with schizophrenia;
10. Can help prevent stroke
cerebral hemorrhage and subsequent cerebral; 11. It helps defend the central nervous system
against degenerative diseases, including disease Huntington. For this reason green tea is more than
one teas lose weight, but also a great ally for people with insomnia problems.


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  2. minha filha tem um ano e dês mês e ele não dormir bem à noite o que eu posso fazer pr ela dormir bem

  3. Eu gostaria que você falasse sobre a canela de velho é um chá já ouviu falar e eu gostaria de saber como se chama aqui no Nordeste Se é canela de velho???

  4. natureba tem alguma dica pra parar de fumar???
    sou tabagista á 15 anos e nao paro já diminuí bastante mas quero parar de vez

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