1. Healthcare reform is an investment in the American people.

    Do you know who doesn't want health care to pass?
    1) Greedy corporations
    2) And people who are influenced by the corporations agenda.

  2. "government control of your body"
    Tell me exactly how the government will control your body, its a complete LIE.
    Again let me say that this is an OPTION. What does the word option mean to republicans? Option means that people who wish not to partake in the program can stay out. Those that want to benefit can also have that OPTION.

    Words such as "government control," "takeover" "death panels" are nonsense words that incite fear and plays into the subconscious of people who are misinformed.

  3. I highly doubt it. You want cradle to grave government control of you life, then move somewhere else. I will not. I am going to stay and fight this unconstitutional take over.

  4. I have no insurance and I do not want this bill to pass. It's not about those that have insurance wanting those to not have it. It's about freedom to live our lives as we wish. The information you provided is just pure scare tactic. You want to live under government control of your body, then move elsewhere.

  5. Health care reform is not a government take-over. People with private health insurance can keep on having their insurance. Health care reform is for people WITHOUT health insurance. It is completely immoral when people with insurance want to deny other less well off people any insurance.
    Don't you get it!
    40,000 Americans die every year because they lack health insurance. This is worst than the Iraq war and the Afghanistan war combined.

  6. This senator does not represent Texas!
    The best interest of the American people is to pass Health care reform!
    About 40,000 American people die every year because they lack health insurance. Texas has the highest rate of uninsured Americans.
    "Kill the Bill" rhetoric is inappropriate and offensive.

  7. Great stuff kill the bill is right! And the turn and walk away tolal hands off my AMERICAN health-care system. Got it? I SAID HANDS OFF HEALTH CARE… OATH-BREAKERS your vote counts ,KILL THE BILL.

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